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All genres, all writers, all here.

Here, on we publish only the highest quality stories from great writers around the world. To have work published on is testament to the finest writing ability. Once published, we share your success with others, announce your achievement on Twitter, and give good writing, great publicity. The site receives in excess of 300,000 page views per month and is the number one site on search engines for various genres.

We have a category for everyone. So why not sharpen your skills, your pencil and your wits and commit that story to paper? Give our followers what they want to read and get your name in front of thousands of readers every week.

Best of luck in your writing endeavors.


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Featured Stories

Written by: Ian Fletcher
I “Another cig, Jen?” “Yeah. Cheers, Daz.” Darren took out two Marlboros. He handed one to Jenny, lit it... Read more..

Written by: Liam Campbell
The fading smell of vomit mixed with disinfectant filled Chris’s nose as he made his away along the aisle to take his... Read more..

Written by: David Tell Jensen
A grey-bearded man stood at the foot of a monstrous waterfall, his legs spread wide in a strong stance and his head tilted... Read more..

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