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Featured Stories
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# Article Title Author Hits
31 Buckwheat Frankie Rembly 2148
32 Monk The Cop Fighter Frankie Rembly 1483
33 Death Calls Gerald M. Adams, Jr. 1847
34 Hare David Gregory 1506
35 Army of One Spaceship Denny E. Marshall 1566
36 Unprecedented Adam Kluger 2437
37 Mortician's Nightmare J. Davis 2515
38 Do What You Gotta Do Frankie Rembly 2354
39 Curse of Perception Kenneth L. Gibbons 2644
40 He Created Art - Horror Saul Greenblatt 2027
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Featured Stories

Written by: Eric Scott Booth
Oh how I hate you... You who stands in everlasting judgement. You who peers into my soul and reveals every weakness, every... Read more..

Written by: Cameron Trenholm
Alice sprinted down the dimly lit hall of the long forgotten building. The walls were scratched to pieces and the hardwood... Read more..

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