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Marty woke up early today.  Sleeping was a bit harder ever since Daddy went away.  Marty slowly petted his cat Ryder.  The cat purred and brushed his face lovingly and aggressively against Marty's hand.  Today was a school day.  Marty couldn't stay in bed all day petting his cat.  He lay a while continuing the petting and then stood up and searched for some clothes.  Mommy used to put his clothes out for him, but she stopped doing that a while ago.  Marty figured that she must think he's big enough to get his own clothes out.


Mema's Deceased

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It was four in the morning, but muggy as only Florida in the summer could be. Jetlagged, I couldn’t toss and turn in my bed any longer. I sat up, staring at the shadowed reflection in the warped mirrors that lined the walls. A single closet light highlighted the harsh edges and cast strange shadows that caught my eyes and sent a frisson up my spine.


Maude's Deceptions

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“If you feel that way about me, don’t come to visit,” Godfrey James yelled as the guard led him out of the Trenton Prison’s visiting room.

Alex James grit his teeth. After an argument with his estranged brother, Alex didn’t relish battling the rain to return to Manhattan. He’d be better off finding a cheap place to stay and getting something to eat. He could head back to the city the following morning. Good thing his boss knew that he was here. Ashamed of brother’s incarceration, he’d told Mr. Alcot that he checked in on his ailing aunt every Friday afternoon.


Kinky Norm

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It’s not often I’ll go down that way these days, especially not since they built the bypass.  But whenever I pass my old school, squeezed in between Saint Augustine’s Church and the new 24-hour Tesco’s, the nostalgia grabs my arm and twists it like a Chinese burn.  I glance across at those three storeys as if I still expect to see the flat-chested eleven-year-olds metamorphosing into high-heeled young women.



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Father Parthenios, abbot of the monastery of Our Beatific Holy Lady, was a 75-year-old man, of middle stature, lean with an all-white long beard. His long hair, tied in a knot at his nape and thinning on the crown, was covered with his monk’s cap. His clear blue eyes emanated a kind of sweetness bordering to holiness. His worn out frock had become threadbare and bleached with time. He peered into the sky and shook his head.



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Just because people have a romanticized notion of prom, doesn’t mean that it isn’t magical.

I stood in my room getting dolled up.

I dashed over to the mirror that hung on my bedroom wall above my dresser. I smiled at my reflection.


Ethical Dilemmas

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Jonas Gerrig sat on the tan colored couch in the newspaper office, anxiously waiting for the newspaper reporter to start the interview.  He fidgeted back and forth while the man assembled his background information.  The 73 year old chemist and licensed medical physician didn’t like the idea of being interviewed by a novice, non-technical reporter but it was important for him to get his story out to the public.  With advancing non-operable pancreatic cancer, Gerrig had only months left in his distinguished life.  His research needed to be documented in various news sources so that his work on intelligence amplification could be continued.


The Community

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I had finished my shift in a call centre, which was located in the city, and after dealing with innumerable complaints from angry bank customers, I was relieved to get a seat in the overcrowded train.  As I settled down into my seat, I slowly began to relax as the train slipped by familiar suburban stations.

After falling asleep, I suddenly jolted awake, fearing that I had missed my stop.  The sun was still shining brightly at 6 pm, due to daylight saving, and as I looked out of the window, I was surprised at the unfamiliar scene before me.

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