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The Law Offices of O'Ryan & Greenblatt

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It was morning, and Jean,  the receptionist for the law firm of O’Ryan and Greenblatt, unlocked the office door and then went to her computer. As she turned on her computer a man wearing a turban entered the office.

“May I help you, sir?”

“Yes, you may.  I am Mahahahehe, a practitioner of Yoga.”

“Really?  What do you do when you practice Yoga?”

“When I practice Yoga, my physical body does nothing.”

“How can you do nothing?”


The Sanctity of Home

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We watched the moving truck pull up next door. We were still in our pjs and looking down from our bedroom window. My brother, Wilson and me high-fived each other and got silly because we were finally getting rid of the bully, Norman who’d been tormenting us for years. We knew mom and dad were happy too cause Norman’s parents had been annoying them for years.


Charlotte Dark

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There is a woman who lives across the way from me and her name is Charlotte Dark.

I think that during the time I have known of her existence I have become so enamoured by her that I can no longer explain my feelings.

She has become an obsession in my life to the point that I can think of very little else.


The Chronicles of Vassi

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Leora’s adventures and her mother’s voice led her to a distant land called Eirene’ and there she fell in love with the forest of Twigor. Here Leora came to a great tree, which bore the fruit of fertility. Leora was famished and desired to eat of the tree. After she took from the tree, it died as if been struck by death itself. After some time, Leora felt her womb move and in time swell.
Many suns passed and many moons glowed. On a scorching hot day Leora was taking refuge in the forest of Twigor, under a great rock. The forest of Twigor had many great trees, standing atop the hills. Some trees were ancient and were given names by Leora. A great tree stood on the hill of Gothanas, she named it the Old Bark, and she often paid visit to it.


Game Over

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I continued tapping my feet on the ground while staring at my college professor.

There was nothing more intimidating than meeting a teacher during office hours since most professors thought too highly of themselves because they were a lot less enlightened than they realized.

“I’m sorry.” Ms. Cork reached for her mug, taking a large sip. “But I’m not going to change your grade. It’ll remain a B-.”

I furrowed an eyebrow. “Are you kidding me?”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not going to change my mind.”

Tears came to my eyes. “But I did the extra credit revisions. Doesn’t that mean anything?”


The Other Side

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“Dinner’s done.  Come and get it,” Joan Carr called, and her husband, Jack, and their sixteen year-old daughter, Diane, came into the dining room and sat down.

“Mmm. Everything looks scrumptious,” Diane said and put food on her plate.  “Say, did you hear bang about ten minutes ago?”

“I didn’t hear anything,” her mother said.

“I didn’t hear anything,” her father said.  Could you tell where the sound came from?”

“It sounded like it was in the wall. There it is again.”

“Hmm.  Honey, I didn’t hear it,” her father said.

“I didn’t either,” her mother said.

“It must have been my imagination,” she said as she ate.


So They Say

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I stretched myself mentally to the point of no return. The voices all around me seemed to enclose my inner being, caged it like an aggressive animal, and then poked at it with sticks heated with fiery embers. I was lost in myself as the world twirled about me aimlessly, and pointlessly. It was life amongst me. My daily torture… it had to end.

I fought to the day I broke. Shards of myself shattered in all directions leaving the bare infant of truth… how I wished for ignorance. I was the foreign bug set loose upon society. Left with nothing but truth I ambled effortlessly down the dark roads of mind and soul. Knowing what I was to find, fearing it, loving it, I walked stridently. With my head held higher than any hero I felt dead.


Innocence Lost

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Christie looks up at the neon sign.  It flashes the word ‘Joy’ in alternative red and purple lights.  Pulling her full length leather coat round her on this wintry night she pushes open the door,   noticing the small CCTV camera positioned above it.

Christie has been around.  Late thirties but could camouflage the faint lines around her eyes and mouth with years of expertise.  Attractive in a gaudy way, the plastic surgery and Botox had softened her features and fought off the ravages of her nocturnal lifestyle.  Under her coat she wore her uniform; a black basque one size too small which pushed her surgically enhanced breasts up so that they spilled out over the top like two milky mounds. 


Pancake Eyes

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George picked her out of the line-up.  The line-up meant the group of hookers on the corner of Maple and Flour.  Given its proximity to the interstate exit, the area invited the drifters who got tossed aside by those who really knew them.  Some honestly wanted a better life, but most wanted to stay in their cycles.  George embraced his own cycle.

She stood under five feet and like the others, wore a tight top and a loose skirt for easy access.  Only her eye shadow caught George's attention.  He pictured the caked on mess of cobalt blue hard enough to require a chisel for its removal.  George grinned, pointed to her and opened the door.  She climbed inside like a kid running to greet the ice cream truck.


Queen Anthea

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The little Princess Stephanie dropped the red ant into the vibrant nest of black ants. The mass of black ants turned on the solitary red ant and within seconds had torn it to pieces. Her eyes lit up and she smiled to herself.

She walked around the large expanse of garden, before she came to a beautiful butterfly perched on a leaf. She crept slowly to it and cupped her hands around the insect. She returned to the nest and dropped the butterfly into the swarming mass of ants. The ants overwhelmed the butterfly and devoured the poor thing with their strong jaws.


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