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Romance Short Stories
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# Article Title Author Hits
1 Fairy Charmed Life James Manning 1183
2 Charlotte's Web Charlotte's Web 2169
3 The Runaways Frances M. Thompson 5998
4 Ebb Tide April Winters 3033
5 Backpacking in Jersey Walter Giersbach 2413
6 Staple It Together Nick Palmisano 2632
7 Why Did You Leave Me? Saul Greenblatt 8269
8 In a Heartbeat April Winters 7361
9 Suicidal Girl Ryan Thomas 6980
10 Gently Used Catina Noble 5102
11 Perfect Young Couple L. Henry 12117
12 The Wake Up Call April Winters 6528
13 Black Veil Cassandra Jones 6336
14 Camouflaged April Winters 4331
15 Blind Living J. H. Bográn 5213
16 The Great Pretender D. A. Cairns 5670
17 Pools of Red Hayatecooper 6790

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