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Romance Short Stories
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# Article Title Author Hits
1 Goodbye Rose Trevor Abbud 598
2 Higher Love Chuck Foster 1012
3 My Love Was Taken From Me Saul Greenblatt 2733
4 In Search of Mr Right Anne Goodwin 2493
5 What if? Kate Edwards-Kearney 5835
6 Polygamy Frankie Rembly 3162
7 The Worst Hangover Adam Kluger 4676
8 A kiss is but a kiss Karan Mummigatti 11848
9 For Mike Geoff Aird 4215
10 Rainy Windows Alissa West 9581
11 Dear Harold Lorin Lee Cary 5925
12 The Pill Charlotte Hayden 6881
13 Fairy Charmed Life James Manning 9398
14 Charlotte's Web Charlotte's Web 7220
15 The Runaways Frances M. Thompson 13375
16 Ebb Tide April Winters 6304
17 Backpacking in Jersey Walter Giersbach 5577
18 Staple It Together Nick Palmisano 6498
19 Why Did You Leave Me? Saul Greenblatt 18632
20 In a Heartbeat April Winters 16073
21 Suicidal Girl Ryan Thomas 14381
22 Gently Used Catina Noble 10060
23 Perfect Young Couple L. Henry 25605
24 The Wake Up Call April Winters 13613
25 Black Veil Cassandra Jones 11585
26 Camouflaged April Winters 7893
27 Blind Living J. H. Bográn 9679
28 The Great Pretender D. A. Cairns 12017
29 Pools of Red Hayatecooper 12023

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