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Arthur Phillips was a successful businessman in the town of Bayland. He had an ammunition store with all kinds of weapons for the war. Bayland was a place known for death, bloodshed and war. Arthur was always worried for his family. He would pray that nothing wrong should happen to him and his family. Bayland was always having civil wars which often lead to violence and disputes. This is a story of Arthur Phillips’ murder. Read on to find out more about this mysterious murder.

Arthur’s shop was open from 8am in the morning to 7pm in the evening. He had a really big store with all types of weapons you can imagine. It was almost 7pm and Arthur was about to leave his store. He told his staff to close the shutters of the store by 7pm and leave for home. He was a pretty well to do person. He had an 8 year old son and a 15 year old daughter. He sat in his car and exited the parking lot to hit the main road. As he was nearing his house, he saw few people gathered around a bike. He got down from his car and went to see what was the matter. As he neared, he saw 2 men fighting with each other. Both of the men were wearing full face masks and had weapons with them. Arthur tried to stop the fight. In this manner, he tried to separate both of them and one of the men lost cool and shot Arthur on his chest with a C-781 pistol. Arthur died on the spot. The murderer fled from the scene immediately on his bike. All the people who were gathered around ran when they heard the gunshot. Arthur was soaked in blood from his own body.

His wife was waiting for him at home. Arthur would usually come home by 8pm as his house was around 1 hour away from his house. It was already 11pm and Arthur had not come yet. His wife was starting to panic and woke up the kids. She took the decision of calling 911 and get to know about Arthur’s whereabouts. She dialled the number on her phone and spoke to the police officer and narrated the entire incident. Police started looking for Arthur all around Bayland. At 2am, they finally found Arthur’s body covered in blood on the road. They called up Arthur’s wife and told her about Arthur’s death. She was crestfallen and heartbroken. The police called an ambulance to take Arthur to the hospital to see if he had any life left inside him. Sadly, the doctor couldn’t revive him. Meanwhile, officer Rogers reached the crime scene to investigate.

He looked around the crime scene and saw tyre trails on the road. He could make out that the murderer could have fled the scene on a thin tyre motorcycle. He looked for footsteps and blood trails which could give him a clue about the murderer. He called in 2 detectives, one Indian and one French. The name of the Indian detective was Indersingh Kukreja and the French detective’s name was Scott Ashton. Scott was a 5 star rated detective and Indersingh was a junior and a new detective. With the help of a magnifying glass, they looked at the tyre marks closely. They wrote down the observations and gave it for inspection. After the inspection, they could make out that the tyres are made by CIAN TYRES. With 2 junior officers, Detective Kukreja and Detective Ashton left for the tyre company’s office. Once they reached the office, they showed their ID- cards to get entry into the office and talk to the head of the brand. They showed the observations to the boss and asked him to get the unique tyre code and help them get the details of the person who installed these tyres. The owner cross checked with the company’s servers and found out the details of the bike’s owner. They noted the details and left the office. The house of the suspect was close-by. Once they reached their, they prepared their guns for defence and for threatening the suspect. They rung the bell and waited for someone to open the door. The door opened. An old man opened the door. The detectives showed their id cards and gained entry into the house. They started rummaging through cabinets, drawers, sofas, beds and more. According to the description given by eye witnesses during the crime, the detectives got to know that the murderer was wearing a black full face mask. As they were looking around the house, under the bed, they found the same mask. A peculiar blood odour was coming from the mask. Now the detectives were sure that this murder was done by the old man. They took him into custody and the case was solved.



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