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March 02, 2021
Crime Stories Andrew Hughes

Bottom Of The Mine

Little Jimmy Haggle stumbled out of the mouth of the Lancaster Mine. Clouds of dirt rose as his weathered boots smacked the earth. A black duffle bag bounced precariously on his back. He came to a halt, panicked and exhausted. The white van was not on the…
March 02, 2021
General Stories Roy Okosun

The Binge Drinker III

Three Kelechi arrived at the hospital a few minutes after leaving the police station. As he entered and heard cries from a room, his heart was in his mouth. But as soon as he saw Chibuike in the reception hall, he was relieved. “How is Nónso faring?” “He is…
February 28, 2021
Flash Fiction Ryan E. Hagan

Everything Is Wonderful

A bell rings, struck by a metal protuberance designed for that singular purpose. Gym shoes squeak across white-and-black tiles. The customer’s mouth is agape, both from exhaustion and wonderment — for everything is wonderful to her. Ireshi slides into the…
February 28, 2021
Horror Stories Callum Chuck


Bleeding from the wounds on his face, Tyler sprinted down the path, unable to see, or hear through the consuming night and howling wind, he just kept moving. “Run!!” his mind pleaded, not knowing anything past that primal instinct to live. Breathing hard and…
February 26, 2021
General Stories Nicholas Tomsko

The Voice Of The Valley

McCullum spat on the dusty earth and raised his monocular to the golden horizon. A faint speck slowly blossomed as a galloping horse drew closer to the lawless valley town. A sorrel mare appeared, carrying a lifeless rider that flopped about with each gallop.…
February 26, 2021
Flash Fiction Dhananchezhiyan


In Tamil Nadu, there was no general entrance examination for admission to medical studies four years ago but the general entrance examination called KEET has been in force form the last four years. This makes it difficult for many lay people to enrol in…
February 25, 2021
Crime Stories Charles West

The Texas Way

“I am afraid the Governor won’t be able to see you today,” the receptionist said politely. “This is unacceptable,” the man said. “Promises were made. I helped the governor get elected, you know. He is a friend of mine,” the man said, positive the one time he…
February 25, 2021
General Stories Hunter Warmack

Where Were You?

Oliver stared down at me, sweat dripping from his nose, and an empty sort of despair from his eyes. “Where were you?” I couldn’t fully grasp what he was asking. What on earth was he talking about? “Oliver please- “ “You’re every bit to blame as he is.” Oliver…
February 25, 2021
Mystery Stories Addison Pamment

The Bird In The Thorn Bushes

“Where is James now?” A question among the welcoming party of the boys’ own mother. His aunt, Elizabeth, stares across the empty plains of land across their property. “he must come back at some point, mustn’t he?” She asks her husband, the boy’s uncle, “he…
February 24, 2021
General Stories Saif Aly

The Things We Leave Behind

After my grandmother’s death, we found drawers filled with knick-knacks her pilot son would bring her. Is it our anxiety to not forget and not be forgotten that makes us collect things? Did you read about what Mrinal Sen’s son has done with his parents’…
February 24, 2021
Flash Fiction Russ Bickerstaff

Her And The Paper

There's sunlight streaming in through the window. The morning sun seems to be getting comfortable about the prospect of it being morning. There don't appear to be too many clouds outside to obscure much of anything. I'm lying on the floor next to a paper, but…
February 21, 2021
Mystery Stories Saniya Khakwany

Unexpected Turn of Events

Time had flown by quickly; every year, Sasha would make New Year resolutions, but she would fail to achieve every year. This year she thought to make a list that was easy to accomplish, but again, the year was about to come to an end, only a few hours left,…

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