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February 2004

 Jason was very tempted to go to the ladyboy bar, named 'Jenny's'. The music was always very good, a buzzing crowd, and some stunning looking lady boy's were there as well. He looked up and saw a load of girl's, well men, dancing on poles and around various parts of the bar. In all honesty they did look amazing and could understand why a lot of men, from all over the world, fucked these lady boys. Tall, slim, always fuckin horny, and some were very attractive after responding very well to the hormone tablets they were on.  

 He wasn't drunk enough to venture off with one of them, he'd made that mistake a long time ago and wasn't intending on doing that again. JJ quickly put that thought to the back of his mind and walked onto the escalator up to the 'Floor 1' nightclub, not the most creative name for a club, but who cares he thought, it was full of sexy women. 

 'What was there not to like?', Booming music, great vibe, beautiful girls, everyone smiling and happy, dancing, drinking. He often felt that sense of excitement about walking into any such establishment whilst in Pattaya. 

 Some couples were openly kissing on the dancing floor, whilst other men were walking around to find their partner for the night. Whereas other's were quite content to stay with their friends until the last moment, simply walk up to a girl, say 'Short Time', meaning fuck and go, and that was it. 

 Whilst viewing the neon lit club he was met with many smiles, waves, ladies in short skirts (that could have also been men). Ladies with large breasts, small breasts, stumpy, chunky, and skinny. He was still kind of sober and was aware he was probably being too choosy and decided instead to let nature take its course, having a good few drinks would help. He sat on a stool close to the bar and happily watched the evening unfold, whilst the dance music played, and watched the score of women come and go. This was fuckin great he thought. 

 Even though Jason had never been married he could understand why so many men, together with their spouse for perhaps 15-30 years,  and miserable, felt like their lives had completely transformed after coming to Thailand.  

  'I can't believe I didn't know about this place before', or 'What the fuck was I doing being so married for long', was a common one, often followed by ,'To that bitch'. 

  He found the theme was pretty much all the same no matter whom he spoke to. Westernised men; American's, Canadians, Europeans, Australians, Kiwi's, and even South African's came to Thailand, sold their homes and business's back in their host country, or at least gave it to someone else to run.  It was like the Thai women were the best advertisement for the country themselves, and yet everyone agreed, they really didn't grasp the significance of the place until they landed. 

  To Jason it was like most men had an awakening, became pussy hungry teenagers again, and went a bit insane. Everyone heard about the horror stories of ex-pat's losing everything, Thai families taking all their money, police robbing business owners. Yet even though people heard these stories, Thailand had grabbed hold of them so much they chose to ignore the obvious, listen to their dick's, and move over. 

  At that moment he felt a tap on his shoulder. He really must have zoned out as he had drunk two large bottles of Singha and was on his third. Feeling quite typsey, he looked up at the men standing in front of him. A middle aged man, slim sized, mustache, beady eyed, and slightly unshaven, grey hair on top and the side, around 5"6. The other guy was around Jason's age, maybe late twenties, probably early thirties, slightly overweight but broad shouldered and carried it well, he estimated height to be about 5"10. He had a more rounded face, slightly olive skin, brown hair, and a few tattoo's on his arms.. Both were dressed in T-shirts of various colours, and had white jeans on.

  He immediately thought, 'Pair of queer's' but after a second noticed two Thai ladies hoovering just behind them, smiling in his direction. 

  "Any idea of where we can get some pill's from Geeza?". Clearly a Southern accent, most likely, didn't sound like Burlond so thought it must be Kingshires or Crownsthorpe. Both looked quite keen for them and explained their 'Wired' appearance. They wanted to keep feeding the 'buzz' he thought. Jason raised both arms in unison, in almost a crucifix position and replied "Sorry lad's, can't help ya".

  "Oh fuck, what you want to do?" The older fella looked at his mate. The younger guy just shrugged his shoulder's. 

  "Where are you from them mate?".  Again the older guy.

  "Brookbourne", Jason lied.

  "You fackin don't sound like a Brookie, you fackin lying you cunt". Laughing, and tapping Jason on the arm to inform him he is having a laugh. 

  Convincingly Jason said "I'm from the posh part, Lyngford, we don't let any scumbags from Brookbourne in........ or any cunt from down South near there either", nodding at both of them as he said it, laughing.  

  "Ha ha ha you caaant, fanny cunt.  You wanna drink you posh Brookie cant?" Again the older man seemed to be in charge. 

 Before he could answer he noticed the two Thai ladies coming over, asking for a 'Jack D n Coke'. Jason opted for another spirit and asked his new friend "Sang Som and Coke please".

 "Look at this polite CAN'T saying, Please", saying to his mate, whilst looking at Jason "You're not in Fackin Lang ford now". and they all burst out laughing, as it was clear he got the name wrong, but he clearly didn't gave a fuck, it was Thailand, anything was possible.   

  It was one of the Thai ladies, looking at JJ's drink an remarked

 ''Oh Thai Rum hey, mmmmmmmm make you go boom boom all night". 

 To which the pair of them nodded in unison and began laughing in high pitched voices. Again Jason looked at the pair of them. Both older than the standard freelance girl's he'd seen about, very attractive though,  both had enhanced breasts. Yet neither of them were that old that they couldn't get a man themselves, they both looked good. In Jason's opinion a lot of the popular, and business minded freelance girls, learnt the English language very quickly. It was to their advantage if they understood humour, and knew how to flirt, and make use of their bodies, hence being so popular. 

 Once he got handed his drink it was actually the younger of the two southerner's who asked Jason, "What's your name mate. . . . and here why you by yourself then". After putting his hand out and saying 'Jason' he explained about his friends already going off with some girls, then immediately asked.  "What are your's then?"

 "Richard", the younger guy, and again shook hands with him, the older one being called 'Ken', shaking hands only slightly, which he didn't like.  Jason observed Ken seemed more pre-occupied with  calling the Thai ladies over and introduced them as '"May", who seemed to be with the younger Richard, and "Pom", who was with the older Ken. 

 "Jason, mind if you watch the girls whilst we go to the toilet and look for some pills?", to which he shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head, indifferent to what they really meant. 'Please make sure no-one takes our girls'. 

 He did notice Ken looking at his girl friend, or wife, he wasn't too sure yet, and said, maybe a little too openly "Alright Lave", to which she smiled back, and nodded.  Jason did think to ask himself 'What's going on here' but also realised he was a little tipsy to give a shit.

 As the lads went out of sight, Jason again looked around the now packed nightclub and began to get a little excited about taking a lady home, all night.  He really did like the one in the short orange skirt, high heeled matching shoes, and long long hair. Much to his frustration Pom stepped in his view and smiled, asking the standard polite questions about where he was from, why in Thailand, why a good looking man like him didn't have a girlfriend. To which he replied "I like to fuck a different one every night". 

"Oh so you like to be a butterfly hey, naughty farang". This time May is laughing in unison with Pom.  He continued to be distracted from all the ladies in the club. 

 Suddenly he got this sense, from the periphery of his vision, he was being watched. Without looking he could see Pom was intently staring at him, whilst May also looked around the club. It was like they acted on cue or something. He didn't react, he waited and watched that bit more, but yes, she was staring intently at him. 

Jason didn't find it uncomfortable, just a little weird. Here was a Thai girl, who was with a man, now eyeing him up. 

 This time he starred back and before he could even mutter a word the very sexually looking Pom said "I like you. . . . . very much". 

 He got flabbergasted, and the music totally zoned out of his hearing whilst he focused on his new Thai 'friend'. He noticed May was still not looking and clearly part of this duo. 

"What do you mean, you like me, what about your boyfriend.. . .  . I mean Ken?".

"He my's ok, no problem" (a common saying he heard many times in Thailand), and she waved her hand away to suggest it was a common thing that they did.  Before he could reply she stepped a little closer, and whispered into his ear and went on "He knows I like. . .  straight away, big strong man. . . . we both like you. . . you like me?". Without letting JJ reply she continued, "He likes to watch, he will like to watch you be with".

 She stroked his arm as she said this and immediately he knew it was a set up right from the start. Pair of fuckin crazy swingers he thought. 

 Having already drunk the Sang Som he again looked at Pom, she was fit, very well dressed, quite elegant and not too revealing clothes on, lovely long hair. He could tell from the shape of her body she was very sexy.

 Again, he looked at her face and it was almost as she was purring sexuality, and appeared really horny. Her dark brown eyes really pierced into his. Jason did guess that maybe Ken couldn't put a good 'Shift' in and rather than loose this very sexy looking lady, he let her fuck other men, well maybe he got off on it too. 

 "Yes I'm up for it", knowing it could go in any number of ways. 

Almost on cue Ken and Richard appeared back in their company. They looked very happy so Jason assumed they found some pills. 

 This time Ken purposefully looked at him and asked "Alright, you ok with what she asked?". To which Jason nodded and smiled, trying to hide his new found fondness for this Thai swinger. He looked at Ken and saw him say "Alright lav, happy, wanna go?".  To which she nodded.  They both looked incredibly happy. 

 JJ checked the time, it was only 12.45am, very early by Thai standards. He once again looked at the quartet who were now going down the escalator. He was behind them all. JJ felt drunk enough to go along with whatever came his way, aware enough that he had just been propositioned by someone he didn't know, didn't know where they lived, or what they were about. 

"Fuck it", he muttered to himself, his sense of adventure once again kicking in. 

Bio:  Another excerpt from Chapter 14 in the Naughty Boy Series. JJ is all alone in a club, Pattaya, Thailand. With eyes on a lady he doesn't suspect that he's already been targeted by someone else.  


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