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Jonathan Fletcher, a retired WASP (White Anglo-Saxon) male, was driving his new Lexus listening to Rush Limbaugh. No matter what the left wing drive-by media reports, he believes El Rush-Bo’s concise analysis cuts right through their liberally biased anti American agenda. Jon relies on Rush to always use facts to fortify his beliefs. The ultra right wing toxic cocktail radio mixture of Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage tides Jon over until he settles down after dinner to watch an evening of Fox (Faux) News. Needless to say, he was ecstatic when Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election.

Jon has done quite well for himself. The retired widower of 20 years comfortably lives in an upper middle class bucolic suburb of New York City.  He is a loner, surrounded in his isolated bubble by a few right wing politically like minded friends and associates.

Both Fletcher children are college educated and married with exceptional careers. Mimsy, his Medical Doctor daughter is married to a well respected lawyer in Florida. His son Christopher is also married and is the Founder, President and CEO of a successful Silicon Valley Tech firm.


Jon has signed up for a summer “Survivalist Camp.” He consumes copious material from far right wing websites to remain updated and prepared.

That’s the playbook tactical blueprint of the right wing. They micro target older male caucasians like Jon with right wing laced patriotic rhetoric. You know, same technique: Liberal or Conservative - Shit in - Shit Out.

But who is  Jon Fletcher?

Jon has comfortably lived and benefited through the last third of the twentieth century as the evils of a racist/homophobic society bent on ecological and environmental destruction have been rampant. He has resisted the truth as an adult by finding solace in right wing talk radio at first, and then the 24x7x365 Fox(Faux)News Network.

Today, Jon is firmly set in this far right wing ideology. He is what liberals call a “right wing nut.”


Most of Jon’s last year has been spent at the gym under the tutelage of a personal trainer. Jon is now in top physical shape (for a man of his years.) He arrives, ready to go, at the American Patriot Survival Center (APSC) located in an isolated area of Montana.

Unknown to Jon, the APSC has done unprecedented extensive background checks on all their applicants. Only a few are accepted for the advertised “training.” Of those accepted, only a select group of those participants will be advised of the true nature of the APSC. Jon has been selected. He now has the option of becoming a Selectoid.

Just what is a Selectoid?

A Selectoid does not just train, as APSC advertised, to be a survival “Prepper.” He/she also becomes a Patriot Social Warrior as well. Then becoming the perfect weapon against the encroachment on American traditional life by the liberally tainted and corrupt related complex of the federal government, most corporations and academic interests.  This is just the outlet Jon has been looking for.

One of the most important elements to become a Selectoid is gleaned from the extensive background investigation.  This important element concerns relationships. Mostly a specific relation to someone in industry, business, education or government. This relationship person should define a clear and present danger to the republic: As perceived by Admiral Remington M.Smythe, of course.

Who is Admiral Remington M.Smythe?

“The Admiral” is defacto and hidden Supreme Commanding Officer, Director and Founder of the APFC. He runs the operation. He comes from old money and still has plenty of it. But he is never seen or even directly interacts with any staff or applicant.

The Admiral roots trace back to The Mayflower. This, all part of a fictional, shady legendary biography which portrays him as a patriotic American businessman who remains anonymous, for the sake of the cause.  His existence is composed of nonexistence.

Remington M.Smythe is obviously not his true name. To perpetuate his hidden and misguided nefarious plan, The Admiralhides the fact that he is a Harvard Medical School educated Clinical Psychiatrist with an additional Ivy League Phd in Clinical Psychology. He possesses a substantial  genius level intelligent quotient. The Admiral is also a self proclaimed historian and his roots do trace back to The Mayflower.


Jon had finished his initial training. Upon returning home, for the past two weeks he has been in constant telephone contact with his APFC Mentor.

Unknown to a willing and compliant Jon, his mentor is a trained Clinical Psychiatrist, not just another senior APFCgraduate. Jon is subject to telephonic psychological indoctrination employing hypnosis. Their conversation is parsed with vague and ambiguous generalizations and an avoidance of any sequence of instruction. It can pass for normal conversation if ever intercepted.

Jon has now eagerly returned to Montana for his Selectoid training. The Selectoid training will be conducted by an even more surreptitious group of instructors. The training is based on intense psychological conditioning with a specific manipulation of emotion.


Jon is paired with another Selectoid Recruit. Liz is an attractive age appropriate widow from New Jersey.  Her late husband has left her financially secure. She has no children. There is a mutual attraction between the two. Initially, they share what little spare time they have together. This relationship encourages Jon to be more of a success at becoming an outstanding Selectoid.

As previously stated, the training is intense. Jon’s emotions are being carefully manipulated to align with the needs of the APFC. His progress is monitored and micro-altered.

When Jon has a fleeting thought of starting to feel like an indoctrinated “Hitler Youth,” his conditioning immediately and automatically eliminates the thought. Jon’s small family now becomes distant, less important and even sacrificial to the APFC. Again, somewhat like a German child driven to inform on his parents to the Nazis in World War II, and feeling justified and proud by doing so.

Jon and Liz successfully complete training. The bond between Jon and Liz intensifies. Jon secretly conflates his devotion APFC with his relationship to Liz. All going according to the scenario laid out specifically for Jon by The Admiral; which was conceived well before Jon even knew the APFC existed. Jon was, in fact circuitously, but actively recruited.


As formulated by The Admiral, the plan now has Jon and Liz exchanging bodily fluids on a regular basis. She is one of the many anchors in the continued emotional control of Jon the APFC requires to complete The Admiral’s plan.

The APFC has been doing deep research on individuals involved with a highly secretive intelligence matter of staggering international concern. Jon’s son Christopher is in a leadership role with a coordinated effort by career government bureaucrats and likeminded industry leaders. Their plan is to subvert the Republic without regard for democratically elected leadership. This involves the end of the constitution as most Americans know it and the rise of a new Shadow Governmentcontrolled by a Military Business Industrial Complex. It would grab control and disregard the conventional constitution by coming out of the shadows as saviors of the Republic.

Jon is chosen(even before he knew the APFC existed) as the point man to save traditional the constitution. He is unaware that his son Christopher is one of the major stakeholders in the aforementioned plan to end traditional constitutional government in the United States.


It appears Christopher is the only one to date that has met in person the “father” of this constitutional subversion game. The Chest Master is the only Multi Trillionaire alive. His vast wealth, reach of power and identity are universally unknown. Somewhat like The Admiral, (a shady character of noteworthy non existence.)

Christopher has been groomed for this since his college days by his benefactor, The Chest Master. An excellent student with a genius Intelligent Quotient level, Christopher was recruited and sworn to secrecy. He was also, literary promised the world by The Chest Master, whom over the years has psychologically usurped Jon’s role as father and confidant to Christopher. Wealth and power beyond all comprehension will be Christopher’s, that it is ,The Chest Masters promise.

According to plan and as previously mentioned, Christopher has finally and recently met his unknown benefactor and mentor, The Chest Master. Christopher’s mentor purports to be planning all this so Christopher will eventually become hisliving legacy. The plan has always been a constant prepping for Christopher’s ascension to political power and ultimate control.

The Chess Master’s alleged reasoning to provide mentoring to a young Christopher is his own inability to conquer mortality. He has always bestowed wealth upon Christopher as an anaphrodisiac for unquenchable power. The Chest Master nurtured and financed Christoper’s Silicon Valley research  firm which will play a major role in the planned power grab.

Of course, Jon was always unaware, and still is unaware of The Chest Master and his diabolical machinations involving Christopher. Christopher shares exactly the same unawareness of The Admiral and Jon’s situation.

Over the years, Jon never paid attention to the slowly growing distance between father and son he shared with Christopher. Jon being unaware the riff started on shaky grounds in Christopher’s childhood. They are both are now ignorant as to how it had been insidiously nurtured by The Chess Master since Christopher’s early college days and beyond.


Things are rapidly moving into alignment. These elements include, but are not limited to, major disruptions in governmental, business, and military operations. Another important element includes currency manipulation. In addition, paid social eruptions and staged terrorism will be timed to create world wide chaos. The Chess Master believes the time will soon come for action.

Jon’s psychological indoctrination is complete. The relationship and enormity of The Chest Masters exact actions still remain unknown to him, but somehow are within The Admirals sphere of knowledge. The Admiral’s staff quietly informs Jon of the information contained in The Chest Master’s agenda and his probable role.

Jon believes his own action is planned to become the spark pre-empting the ignition of  The Chess Masters alignments. The consequences of Jon’s action would be even more devastating  to The Chest Master’s forces than the assassination Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria prior to World War I.

Jon is finally informed Christopher is highly involved with the plot to subvert the constitution. Jon is more than likely be called to perform an abhorrent action involving Christopher.  It does not phase him one bit. He is determined to “do what he has to do.” The psychological invasion of his mind is complete as is its control by The Admiral.



There are two distinctly similar plans pitting two surrogate warriors on the road to a fantastic confrontation between major megalomaniacs: The Admiral and The Chess Master.  This confrontation has apparently been years in the making.


Jon and Liz spend the evening at a deserted New Mexico luxury ranch cabin with a contemporary fashionably elegant and sophisticated motif. They arrive at the cabin where a five star world class dinner awaits them. The servants leave them to spend the night dining on the veranda   sharing the solace of the desert. They retire for one last night together in peace to forget their mission and enjoy each other.

Jon awakes at Six AM. Liz is gone. He removes the electrodes from his forehead as he spontaneously realizes he is back.As per instruction, Jon sits down in the spacious media room and turns on the DVR. After carefully reviewing the thirty minute reentry psychological indoctrination, he quickly showers and finds the keys to the white Bentley convertible parked in front of the cabin. The month has gone by so quickly.

Jon grabs some of the continental breakfast in the kitchen and leaves for the there hour drive to the airport to board the private jet back to New York. The CD with more reentry psychological indoctrination plays automatically as he drives.

Only a few selected individuals have experienced this closest thing to this Westworld of the mind. With amazingly realistic sensory experiences, but limited time, this psychological scenario vividly crossed over to reality. It is a litmus test for this candidate, Jon Fletcher, selected to implement The Admiral’s plan at a yet to be determined date.

The Admiral uses the Westworld technique as a tool to palpate people to believe they are capable of executing realistic scenarios that some day will come to fruition in reality. The Admiral knows, with this elaborate pre-test, Jon will“Do the right thing.”


The Chess Master bids Christopher farewell and oversees his protege boarding one of his  private jets for to return to the United States. As the jet ascends into the deep blue sky The Chess Master picks up his scrambled satellite phone and selects a number. Jon Fletcher answers and hears - “Jon, this is The Admiral, I believe the time has come for us to meet.”

Jon the perfect fall guy stooge and Christopher the perfect protege stooge, both exquisitely manipulated for execution of the perfect plan. No need for revisionist history. As always, The Admiral or as he is unknown by his other nefariously shadow un-reputation, The Chess Master, will anonymously be pulling strings and benefiting by leaving his mark way into eternity. The Fletchers will go down, and be put down, as infamously as Lee Harvey Oswald was.

He still admires the mysterious man who took out John F. Kennedy. “No one knows who he was, but I’m going to be a bigger mystery man when I pull off my world wide Fletcher Plan.”

“That’s just what I do,” he amusingly muses to himself, “Playing both extremes against each other and coming up the winner: It’s Vegas Baby, and I’m the House, I never lose!” Liz enters with a cold plate of luscious lobster, shrimp and other more exotic items for their enjoyment.       They move to the open air balcony to watch the sun set into the beautiful Caribbean, sharing their knowledge of whatever seismic spasms they will start within the next week. Both without a worry in the world.

“Just call me The House” he thinks with an awesome sense of perverse satisfaction.

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