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Not so long ago I happened to come across my old sneakers. I was cleaning my room and putting all the trash I could find in a big carton box. At last, I decided to get rid of some old things in my closet, under my bed, on my windowsill, on my desk, and under it. Oh, my! I hadn`t given my room any cleaning for ages! When I discovered my old sneakers on the back shelf, pressed with tones of stale t-shirts, holed socks and so on. My first impulse was to throw them in the box but then I stopped my hand and pondered. The sneakers were still in a good nick, a little bit old-fashioned but they still could come in handy! A brilliant idea occurred me! “I`ll take them to my grandparents` country house! The best place for them! So, I put those faded sneakers next to my bed and when my cleaning was finished off I was so exhausted that I wasn`t able to move a finger. I threw body in the bed and fell asleep… I saw an amazing dream…I am in my grannies` country house and I want to find my old sneakers, I brought not so long ago, but I cannot find them anywhere. Then I see a small bock of notes… I pick it up and see the diary written by THEM! Yes, my old jogging shoes left me some message! It looked like this…

The day 1

It happened in Germany. In Hamburg, to be more exact. We had been exposed on the counter for a month by that moment… when He came. You know, probably, children, grown up in an orphanage, have the same feelings when they are adopted, taken to a new family. Some kind of uncertainty, indifference (come on, let`s roll the dice, here we go), albeit some joy at the same time. Now we are going to start a new life and waiting for a warm acquaintance with the world beyond the glass showcases. Freedom!!!

1 month later

Everything is cool! We walk almost every day. We explore the world. There are lots of interesting things around us. Garages, streets, adventure… We are happy!

6 months later

A little crumpled, but we still feel good. It`s winter now and that`s why we rarely go out. Only for exercising…

1 year later

Actually, we don`t get the point what`s wrong. It feels like he lost his interest in us. Some sort of déjà vu! Like the same shop but in another place such as a pantry. Fearful! This is, probably, not forever – we cannot be the only one pair of shoes he wears, we understand it. We aren`t jealous.

1 year and 3 months later

Do you know what it is like to be left, thrown away and forgotten? We do! It is like when you hope, wait and think that it will be okay again but in the end nothing changes. Unfortunately, we can`t speak but if we could, we would cry and shout:” We are ready for a good walk! Come on! We are here, waiting for you! Maybe, we are not so beautiful now as we used to be? Maybe, we have lost our shape? Or you prefer Nike and Adidas? Take us correctly, we don`t mind it! We just want to remind you of our existence and our time together”. We were his best back up! We walked in abandoned houses, where we once saved his foot from nailing. But for a thick sole, he wouldn`t have been able to walk normally for some months. To add, a flashback pops up how he went on the first date. Oh, yes! It was enchanting. His legs didn`t want to obey because of excitement, but we did our best to help him (not without a reason is an orthopedic insole built into us so as to walk normally).

The last day

It`s known, everything has an imminent end sooner or later. Of course, our case is not an exception. Now we are living in a country house. Anyone can get into us, and we go weeding the beds. Now our best friend is not a human but worms. Well, it`s fair enough… but we don`t want to stay here any longer because we can`t bear it. Let`s go and find our way!

When I woke up the first thing I did was to find my old friends… my good old sneakers! They didn`t look bad at all! Why not… I could put them on from time to time.


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