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"Yes, now and forever" It whispers, followed by incoherent profanity...

The figure approaches the house, through the window it stares.

A grin appears on its face, "The time is near" it murmurs.

It walks to the back door of the house and walks in like it’s at home. Silently it floats up the stairs and enters a bed room. It pulls up its hood and pauses, it listens for a while to the soft breathing. It walks over and leans over the bed. It raises one arm forward, with the other it reaches into his robe and pulls out a cruel shaped ceremonial knife with kill written in blood all over the hilt. It pauses and then suddenly screeches as it slashes its wrist. Blood spurts all over the silhouette, There is no movement in the bed.

"Blood for the Blood God," it screeches.

Blood drips down the figures arm as a dark mist slowly engulfs the room, revolving around the shadowy figure slowly. The gash starts to close up and as the figure examines it’s now healed wound. The body in the bed suddenly sits up and turns its head to the figure robotically, his eyes glowing red.

"The path of destruction" the little boy says in a soft voice as he stands up.

The figure gleefully nods his head and starts to walk. The figure walks out of the room, down the stairs and through the back door of the house. The figure doesn’t look back once and the boy walks silently, lifelessly behind.

The boy listens to the figure as it gleefully mumbles incoherently to its self.

"Blood for the Blood God" it rambles over and over again more and more excitedly each time, sometimes jumping with joy.

Through the dark misty forest they walk together. The blood moon smiling at them as they arrive at an opening with a stone chair in the center, the boy walks over and sits down. The figure excitedly looks at the boy with anticipation. The boy stares off into the distance with a blank expression on his face.

The figure kneels and says "How may I serve you lord" as he removes his hood. Revealing a grotesque disease ridden face.

The boy with eyes glowing crimson red looks the figure in the eyes and utters "In death"

The figure now noticeably alarmed yells, "but, but, no, buu--t.."

He tried to flee, the space around them darkens and the black mist pulls him back and forces the man to kneel.

"Nooooooo!" he sobbingly screams.

A blood red circle surrounds the figure, markings form on its body and they too start to glow red. The figure is stretched out and across the circle without effort, left trapped and unable to move. The mist darkens further and engulfs the figure.

It wails "baahhh" as blood spurts out of the glowing markings in every direction.

It screams whilst its bones are being ripped out through its skin, they all snap and turn to dust, the remaining matter then explodes over and over again dispersing it over the vicinity. The cycle is repeated over and over again, the figure appears, it screams as it fades away only to come back again.

"Just a few more times" the boy says as he smiles and licks his lips.

The area around them is now soaked in blood, the boy snaps his fingers and the circle as well as the figure disappear into the abyss pulled in by long thin shadowy hands.

The boy looks into the abyss, he smiles. Countless eyes open and stare back, a huge toothy grin appears and then disappears. The boy catches movement in the corner of his eye, something dark, and something unexpected. The abyss closes and shadows move towards the boy.

Another red circle has started to form around the boy, the stone chair turns black and starts glowing with red markings. Ominous shadows form all around and cover the boy in a blanket of crimson and blackness. The boy remains seated and a grin begins to fill his face. The blood in the surrounding area starts to float towards the blackness slowly, then quickly. The blood dances with the black mist around the boy, then it dissipates into the blackness.

Slowly the darkness subsides, blowing away in the wind as it picks up. The wind reveals a black silhouette which shatters like glass into dust, leaving the boy sitting there with a grin on his face. The boy stands and a black torso emerges from the top of his back, the shadow leans back and stretches its arms. The boy starts to smile as the surrounding area starts to decay.

"I am complete" they say together at the same time as they walk towards the city, everything around them withering away.



I am 22, I work in information technology. I am new to writing stuff and this is my first story.


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