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In a teeny tiny forest, in a teeny tiny land, there was a beautiful Walnut Tree reaching the stars with a majestic stand. This tree was not normal, it was a city of peace, where teeny tiny fairies lived happily and free. It’s fairies weren’t normal either, they worshipped nuts, and not just any nuts; but the Walnuts of the Tree.

Their national flag was a Walnut, with wings, very, very beautiful, teeny tiny fairy wings. Every inch of its city, was covered in nuts; swam around in NutLakes, and ate delicious NutCakes. Tiny old fairy men, with tired old wings, walked around with their NutStaffs, along all of the NutPaths. The fairies sung a long, beautiful NutSong, with big NutDrums, making a powerful NutTwang.


The fairies of the Tree, ate nothing but nuts. Baking NutCookies for breakfast, and some NutToast for lunch. For dinner there was NutSoup, and drinkers had NutPunch. The teeny tiny fairies spoke nothing, but of nuts. Youngsters went to NutSchool, while oldsters played a NutFool.


But I am not here, to tell you about fairies. Tempting it is, to keep this thing going, but there’s one special fairy, this story is showing. Her name was Lilly, and she was allergic to nuts. The only fairy, in their entire little world, that had no possible idea, what the taste was of nuts. But she was a fairy, of the Walnut Tree, there was no way she could ever, let her secret be free. She had to figure out a way, for her self to keep it. She learned how to bake, how to cook; how to fake. She pretended to love them, like the rest of her people. She read ancient NutScripts from before there was evil, learned what to say, for the sweet taste of nuts. And she learned all the NutSlangs, just for the fuss. After years and years of suffering, life in the shadow, she heard a story, from the three eyed night-crow.


It was a beautiful night, in the teeny tiny forest. Lilly took out, for her usual night-flight, under the beautiful moon, outside of the Walnut Tree. After counting the stars, four times in a row, she heard the song of the three eyed night-crow. It lowered its flight and sang Lilly’s name. The teeny tiny fairy, with the big sad secret, was surprised by the song of her very own name. She offered it a seat, that it gladly took to. The crow’s reputation of seeing hidden truth through its third eye, that no one else could did in fact, turn out to be true. It talked to Lilly from dusk till dawn, and from dawn till dusk again. She told her a tale of a powerful wizard, that could make her secret become very untrue. She couldn’t believe her ears, was she really going to be able to eat nuts for real? Would she step out of the shadow, with her widest smile, and a bag of NutChips, close by her side. Could she finally talk to common townspeople, make a real friend and forget how to pretend?


The thought of this life, she was so sure was perfect, made her want the wizard to un-make her defect. After planning the trip to the Wizard’s Hall, she took a good deal of nuts, to eat when she finally had the guts. The trip took a toll, on her teeny tiny fairy wings, and her teeny tiny fairy legs were visibly trembling. The map from the crow had made it look so easy, but she’d do whatever she could for what she wanted so deeply. After months of walking on her teeny tiny legs, and flying over dozen seas with her teeny tiny wings, she dreamt of the feeling of the sweet NutBeds. She had slept in trees, and her feet did almost freeze. She’d almost got eaten, by a great flock of bees, and was all bruised and cut.


But with effort and courage, her life was about to change. She would never be the same, because she actually made it. It was thanks to her wings, and her wings only. Because without those she would have died in the ocean. Her trip had been hard; nothing was harder. When she finally saw the Wizard’s Hall proud on a hill, she realized how her spirit was completely out of order. She hurried up the hill, which to her, was a mountain. When she reached the top, there it was; the most beautiful hall with the clearest fountain.


After days of some rest, she had her first guest. It was the wizard him self, with a challenge in a game of chess. If she may win, the process of cure he’ll begin. But if she may not, she would owe him a lot. After a struggling game, of magical chess, Lilly had won and smelled the success. The wizard walked out, to start brewing in his cauldron.


After anxious waiting, he came back at last; she reached for the flask, he said “not so fast”. There was a prize to pay, that he did not mention. She had to give up her wings, to his forever retention. Before she could protest, he snapped his magic fingers. Her wings disappeared, and she heard lightning and thunder. All went black for a very long moment, and when she woke up, she was alone and broken.


She did not know, what her wings did behold; they held her spirit, her dreams, her feelings. They were her identity for being a fairy, her strength and her beauty that she used to carry.


Lilly was alone, alone in the dark. With broken spirit, lost dreams, hollow feelings. No one could see that she was a fairy; carrying none of her strength, or her beauty. She had no idea what was where, in an unknown land, with not a singe nut at all, anywhere. The harsh truth did hit her, like a bullet does a deer, when she finally saw everything clear. She was crying, without a single tear. Her wings had been stolen, she’d never get home. She would never taste nuts. Her heart was a stone.


She would die then and there; cold, and alone.




Bio: I'm 16 years old, Icelandic. Write a lot of poetry, along with creative writing. Photography, mostly film. Currently studying at the International Baccalaureate program, as a Physics major, along with HL Math, HL Psychology and Visual Arts, for a college diploma.


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