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“Is this your first time in there?” The older Felgrey (female Grey) “registered” to her younger Felgrey companion floating in the adjoining Personal Dimensional Transport Easement. “Yes, it is. My time has come” the young Felgrey responded.

“Well, good 12trivatious74 trying to adjust to it, because I never did.” The older Felgrey modified her registrative level from “Actpont47” to “Actpont3” while simultaneously registering an “expresensation X32776” to maintain a sense of privacy.

They registered a few more friendly “subsanticons” regarding typical Felgrey concerns about visits “in there;” “in there” being Earth. The younger Felgrey then began to register in a somewhat fearful, yet prescient way. The registers she proffered were all quite innocent compared to what she was really going to experience. The older Felgrey self registered that all too well.

The older Felgrey saturated herself with expensive absorptions of “Telaxcrow” to regulate her anxiety “greyeurons” as she registered to her new causal acquaintance some of the obscene and objectionable tasks only female Greys have to unfairly endure.

The younger Felgrey registered alarm at midlevel “Actpont36.” She then registered the companion rumors absorbed during her last “sanchion” at her “Educative Easement.” But nothing she had registered was anything like what she was currently registering from her travel companion.

“The Humans have had a liberation of their Females, when is ours coming?” The older Felgrey registered at “Actpont50.” “Maybe we should incinerate our “Gelbtofs” in registered protests?” she added; Self Registering what she witnessed human females historically did to their sacred garments in the Earth’s 1960’s similar  beginnings of their female liberation struggle.

Her young companion registered an “expresensation 69VCX187” of shock!  “Gelbtofs are the sacred garments of all Felgreys!” she self registered. “Next, she’ll register that Felgreys should stop “astrotasering” their anal pilings!” she self added. But the younger Felgrey kept her “scarmonie” rage to a comfortable and socially acceptable level of “WEI786YRT.” After all, she was registered to respect her elders.

“Level-Low, My tasty “Arugspine,” I’m just trega-transposing my anxiety.” The older Felgrey calmly registered, “You’ll do just fine.”


There have been limited and scattered, but unified, immolating protests from Felgrey registered “infonauts” at Greynation Flaitzoin Central. They register to demand the Elder Greys (all males) hasten the crucial modification attempts to placate the felgreys at the Metamorphic Metric Conversion Center.

The Elder Greys had to now register this business seriously. Gender issues never were a problem. Now the Elder Greys have to deal with what was once historically registered as bureaucratic “dungpetrodorkiki.” No longer can they politically kick this “smerdlump” down the “borapath.”

In recent numbers of escalating sanchions, more and more returning Felgreys have registered the Metamorphic Metric Conversion Center as well as the Greynation Flaitzoin Central as Sexist. (Borrowing a highly used female earthly expression the Felgreys have now registered and retained.)

A new movement, its status and progress comparative to a similar human female liberation movement on Earth circa 1960’s AD was now registering in the general “nararegtive” of the population.


“And all this....for the collection of human male belly button fuzz?” The older Felgrey was leveling off on her telaxcrow intoxication. The “autoclavvertivre” would reengage her to a appropriate tolerance nectar level of accepted civility. The poor older Felgrey, her tolerance nectar level lowered as she aged past her 175th issued sanchion.

Their traditional “Felgdistorti Trek” to Earth continued as they reluctantly and finally reached the Metamorphic Metric Conversion Center. This is where the two Felgrays parted company. They registeraly exchange soulful expresensation BXN765’s.

Tosheila registers her older travel partner a fond goodbye as she slowly floats down to her assigned “Selectoid.” She is self registering this voyage will be nothing like the revaporized perambulates she so fondly remembers and enjoyed as a young innocent little “greyhild.”

“Bring extra nasal inhibitors, humans normally register highly offensive, but doing what we’ll be up to, it will register worst than when a Grey turns Green upon sanchion termination,” was the older Felgreys last registration as she floats away to her assigned Selectoid.


The Conversion process works in limited ways. All Felgrays are converted as close in age and metered levels of their Felgrey rated current appearance (age) as historically registered by the ancient Deity Grey, his holiness, Lanurorio. This conversion mirrors the similar traits of the organic human female counterpart they will become.


Tosheila reflexively self registered simultaneous revulsion and shock with an extreme Expresensation XXX6969 at her potential human female form. But that’s only because all Greys register human appearance repugnant.

Toshelia enters the Conversion Centripetal Force: A sacred Grey ancient pious entity, (that‘s the political untouchability of this situation for the Elder Greys.) It is variably programed by Greys and makes her body follow a curved conversion path to simulate the human female.

The Process is painless and is now complete.

Tosheila, is a functioning organic human female. She is remotely registered with what she needs to know and what she needs to do to successfully complete her mission. She is transported to earth.


Tosheila is now Kelly. Physically she is a human female. The autoclavvertivre is inserted in this organically grown human female reproduction with an alert. It engages when it is time to return. She hopefully will have collected enough belly button fuzz at that time.

According to her research, Kelly should have no problem seducing male humans to engage in that disgustingly human bodily fluid exchange filled act. Those barbaric bodily waste functions still disgust her as well.

Kelly remembers she must terminate the male and then remove belly button fuzz. Live belly button fuzz is detectable and of no use as Gnurr (fuzz from the protective inserts on human garments is of no use or substitutable as well.

She forgets to eat. “ Nutritional absorptions” are not possible in this human form. That’s the pang she occasionally feels mid body. Human’s must orally consume gross items to survive. Kelly consumes only Donuts. She’s strangely fond of Donuts.

“All humans love donuts. Why are they specifically likened to law enforcement officers?” she wonders.

Kelly must continue disposing of generated solid and liquid biological waste byproducts. That remains disturbing.  Especially that monthly vaginal emission and its prior mood altering “PMS” session. But the sexual experience is definitely the worst.

She longs for the future “tri-sanchion kantupction” with “Squidlap,” her dedicated one. When Kelly returns with the required amount of human belly button fuzz they can consummate and start their “faltatitude.”

“Thank Lanurorio, this process is only necessary every ten sanchions.” Kelly sighs.

Kelly estimates she must engage at least thirty males to acquire the minimal amount of belly button fuzz. She’s picked up a helpful tip from her casual study of human anatomy.


During verbal foreplay at the alcohol dispensing terminal (Bar), she knows to ask if the male has “an inny or an outty.” The innys have the most belly button fuzz available. Why be violated for nothing?

Kelly is quite successful.

“I am a lovely looking conduit.” She says to herself looking in the mirror at the female human wast elimination chamber.  Then, she sadly remembers her older travel companions anxiety. She now is aware of how human females age and how it becomes more difficult to seduce males.


*Kelly’s Casual Observations*

Kelly saw it in their two human male vision receptors (eyes) when she orally sodimized them, her oral cavity filled with their shiny, erect and throbbing swensenbenders.  Some of these retrograde lifeforms stupidly give their “manhood” nonsensical  “identicords” (names) as well. This sex thing was now becoming an easy, yet still quite revolting task to accomplish.

Surprisingly, humans have the ability to register without the vibrating unnerving and primitive noises (speech) they use to communicate in lieu of the more expressive and advanced form of Grey registering.  Luckily the “shcrumchip” installed in this female reproduction simultaneously turns my Grey registrations into incoming and outgoing oral human speech patterns.

The nasal inhibitors help but in no way eradicate the repulsive, sickening and nauseating mixture of sex, alcohol, tobacco and that omnipresent putrid body odor emanating from these humans. But as the humans say:“You do what you got to do.”


Kelly is always quite alert when the exhausted males peacefully fall into their satisfied post sexually conquest altered state. Drained of their seminal energy, that energy (in its liquid state) is now inside her.

She now has their power.

This is when Kelly takes out her Exacto knife and slits their throats from audio receptor to audio receptor (ear to ear ) with the precision of a robotic Grey “mediflocker.”

As the red circulatory liquid drains, Kelly gets dressed and prepares to leave. She skillfully removes the belly button fuzz from her dead semen injector and places it into a plastic prescription like bottle.

Kelly quietly departs the scene and calculates the “sanchions quielaptives” until she can return her human reproduction body and depart Earth to join Squidlap.

She fantasizes about their mutual stimulation of photons from excited atoms by lazar registration. Then climax of mutual absorptions from her self harvested and coveted human dead male belly button fuzz. All done by the cover of a beam of coherent monochromatic light. As this last human who violated her simultaneously moaned and so savagely grunted; while he climaxed and ejected his seminal juice of life:  “Who got it better than me?”

“Yes, you’ll be dead in a few minutes” Kelly would always think to herself. “The only good human is a dead human.”


So after this last one, Kelly exits for donuts at a truck stop on the Interstate. Kelly has acquired a taste for these donut things. She starts with a Boston Cream filled donut. As she bites into the donut the cream overflows her mouth as she becomes aware of being surveyed by a hefty Cowboy trucker.

She is learning to tolerate the taste of human body liquids as well. They’re salty, yet not sweet as this Boston Cream filling. The sensation she is now experiencing with the first bite of this Boston Cream donut filling is kind of like when one of these humans explodes with seminal fluid in her oral cavity.

As the Cowboy sidles up to Kelly, she meets his vision receptors and she seductively registers and it translates into human audio while slowly licking the Boston cream from her ruby red lips: “Hi Cowboy, Inny or Outtie?”


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