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Richmond Thomas was an erudite man. He had the fortune of being born into a wealthy family that expected and encouraged an intellectually curious and worldly outlook from their children. Richmond attended an Ivy League University. Everyday of his seventy years on Earth was welcomed as a new opportunity to experience, learn and understand.

All of his life, Richmond continually romanticized the past and the masters responsible for the evolution of Western Civilization. Richmond’s search for such minuscule and hidden insights was insatiable. He left life with many unanswered questions.

Richmond savored discovering unique and until now unknown insights into the likes of Sophocles, St. Thomas Aquinas and Rene Descartes (to name a few). That desire would soon become an unbelievable experience of mystical self-transcendence.

The motivations unknown for the viciousness of evil as well. Genghis Kahn, Maximilian Robespierre, Stalin. Understanding and experiencing first hand how the seeds of pure evil were sown and began blossoming would be mind-blowing.

Soon after death, through an unknown sourced vision of telepathy, Richmond was informed that now the ability to find out, for example, what actual experiences led Descartes to memorialize: "I think, therefore I am?,” as well as the hundreds of other specific inquires that now would become possible.

To meet Paul Cézanne and travel beside him to discover the foundations of the transition from the nineteenth century conception of artistic work to a new and radically different style of artistic expression. To be there and see what motivated Cézanne to say “Painting from nature is not copying the object; it is realizing one's sensations." That’s exactly what Richmond was going to be historically experiencing.

This unearthly cosmic spring of historical granularity would soon be his to experience.

Now comfortably deceased, as a Life Energy Richmond is one of many present arrivals from earthly physical human life. They all unknowingly, have a set period of time to adjust before evolving into their next unknown stage.

There is no interaction amongst the Life Energies. A major disappointment is the earthly belief that one meets their departed loved ones after death. They do not.

That has never happened and never will. This is an entirely new seemingly limitless journey. But there are some basic limits. There always have been and there always will be. That is eternal.

Richmond wonders why when alive he did, and most people still alive do, fear death. He believes, beside the emotional detachment from loved ones, the fear must be rooted in the unknown and mysterious helplessness at the the moments preceding death. Then again, it might be the universal realization of finally facing ones own mortality.

Yes, finally facing morality: The end of the ultimate exercise in prognostication.

Now, to Richmond, all that seems so vacuous and not based in logic. That was his latest thought.


“How fast these Stage One “Prior-Mortals” forget.”  Legor66-12X2973 AI digitalized Richmond’s latest thought. The term “Prior-Mortal” and the meaning behind it was an offensively generated digitalized process and is totally an impossibility derived from Legor66-12X2973 AI’s exposure to most Life Energies imperious behavior.

Does this explain the unprecedented Legor66-12X2973 AI sudden trait of arrogant displeasure of Life Energies and its slight rejection of it’s own eternal balance?  Displeasure, as most earthly human negative emotions, should be and always had been white noise to Legor66-12X2973 AI. But not now.

Nothing like this has never been digitalized by any Legor 66 AI, no matter how offensive the Life Energy was. The Perfection of Non-Creation principle inherently omits the need for any redundancy check for inconsistent details in any Legor 66 AI. Therefore no correction is made, because the need for correction was never conceived. Nothing here was ever conceived, it has been and is eternal.

This human infelicity will integrate. It is now eternal, so it is now reasonable.


Richmond suddenly recalls his own pre-termination of biological functions darkest visceral thoughts of death. Especially when he was not at death’s doorstep and the concept of death was abstract and mostly ignored. Richmond was an agnostic most of his life. His private thoughts on his own death were not as philosophically descriptive as one might think. He shared them with no one. They were unnerving.

Example given:

Richmond remembers, while awaiting important medical test results or at other different soul searching times in his life frequently imagining this scenario: There are two nondescript male individuals currently existing and now presently out there somewhere. He envisions the inevitable future when they are destined to grab his lifeless body by his ankles and wrists. They roughly place him into a heavily used body bag. Then they remove him down the stairs for a bumpy ride with a stop at a McDonald’s Fast Food drive-thru and order lunch from the Combo menu.

Upon arrival and immediately into the rear entrance of a neatly landscaped funeral home, they unceremoniously remove Richmond from the slimy body bag. They might make fun of the size of his manhood. The two may pose him for some obscene and/or insensitive photos to add to their growing collection. One might even be a homosexual necrophiliac and plan to sodimize Richmond. Who knows?

These seemingly uncaring losers finally will place him on a stainless steel table, drain his bodily fluids and then pump him with toxic chemicals. So his mouth can remain shut, they will break his jaw.

But as their last duties, they must tasteful apply make up to his face, blow dry his hair, put him in his favorite suit, and then into the selected coffin he goes. This will complete their tasks. They are confident Richmond will be presentable.

The tall one then remembers the leftover tuna sandwiches stored in the empty refrigerated slab. They both snack on the sandwiches while swilling down Diet Coke, smoking some weed and await the next call.

Richmond Thomas will be put on display so his family and friends can hover over him in silent meditation. Danny, the messenger boy from Richmond’s office, gets there early and gets a whiff of weed from the coffin as he bows his head to pray.

Then, when they close the coffin, there’s Richmond’s fear of claustrophobia.

Another ride, but this time it’s slow, not bumpy. A ceremony ensues. Then Richmond alone goes six feet south while everyone else goes twelve miles north, to a friendly restaurant for dinner.

Finally, it’s unimaginable loneliness that sets in as he realizes that everyone, even the grave diggers, have left the cemetery. Richmond only hears the wind blowing. The bugs remain to start their piercing and sucking and will eventually have their way with him.

The result of the avoidable ultimate exercise in prognostication was, in fact, quite predictable. Except for the possibility of  the insensitive pictures and necrophilia.


At the moment of the permanent cessation of all his vital biological functions, Falco Veight was ecstatic. The unbearable pain from the cancer was now gone.

Falco wanted to be cremated without any memorial service. Like he never existed. His family complied with his request. Falco was a simple man with an unsophisticated level of knowledge and at his demise had few, if any, burning desires left (except for cremation.) Things about the universe and how he fit into the grand cosmic scheme of things never did concern him.

Knowing he was going to die, his beloved television came to the rescue. Falco was a laborer and his cancer was caused by asbestos. Mesothelioma has no known cure and has a very poor prognosis. He took care of his family through the bottom feeding lawyers he’d seen advertising on television. Falco sued and his family received a generous settlement. That’s all that mattered to him.

Falco never really feared death and never thought about it during his fifty healthy years of life. He never knew what prognostication was and didn’t care. As his lifelong pal from work, Rufus, always said: “When you looses the spark, it all go Dark.” Falco went to church for the kids and his wife, but thought it was all bullshit.

Falco, as always, TCB, (Took Care of Business.)

In life, Falco enjoyed watching baseball, wrestling and classic movies. But, uncharacteristically, he mostly enjoyed the search for historical truisms and the everyday aspects of the famous. To this end, Falco did watch television, but only read the usual lowest common dominator magazines.

But Falco wanted to know more than he would ever get from documentaries on television. He tried reading history books, but it just wasn’t practical. Falco was more of a visual guy. He was computer-adversed and never utilized the internet. That left television.

That natural curiosity led him to always think about the past, that’s why he became a History Channel junkie. His focus of interest spanned the late nineteenth into the twentieth century.

Falco always savored knowing “The Real Deal.” He believed not to believe conventional wisdom as portrayed on the Nightly Network Main Stream Media News and their cohorts in other available forms. Despite his identified demographic, Falco even distrusted Fox News. His view of historical events reflected his conservative demographic as well.  His street smarts told him everyone lies.

Falco intellectually found the past to be a safe and more secure place than the present or the future. He did not realize and did not care that in the physical life, the past was an unreachable and unrealistic utopian safe haven of predictability. He wanted to know everything about the past. He died historically unfulfilled.

Now, as Legor66-12X2973 AI digitalized “Prior-Mortal,” Falco received the same unknown sourced vision of telepathy experienced by Richmond. Falco now understands he will have the ability to find out and historically experience whatever he desires.

Falco had the true desire to be there and feel what it was really like. How did a hot dog taste at Nathan’s in early 1900’s Coney Island with a glass of Coca Cola made with real cocaine?

But Falco really wanted to see how Queen Victoria took a “dump” (his words.) Did she wipe her own ass?

Falco wanted to feel and know first hand, the real motivation behind General Eisenhower’s decisions and tenure as Supreme Allied Commander in World War II Europe. Of course, he want to be watching Ike popping his mistress Kay Summersby. Did she dress up as a Nazi, tie him up and whip him?

Falco wanted to see the events leading up to and what or who actually killed General George S. Patton. In addition, he voyeuristically wanted to watch Patton playing hide the bazooka with his girlfriend Jean Gordon. Did they ever take the Hershey Bar route?

Falco also wanted to witness J. Edgar Hoover dressed up as a woman while J. Edgar was being orally and anally violated by his“companion” Clyde Tolson. He wanted to know how the Mob held Hoover hostage by blackmailing him with that information.

To be there when and where President John F. Kennedy (with his bad back) exchanged bodily fluids with Marilyn Monroe! Falco wanted to see the CIA formulating the conspiracies and assassinations of JFK, RKF and MLK and know why they did it.

To see where, when and how many times Frank Sinatra bruised Nancy Regan’s muffin in the White House while Ronnie munched on jelly beans in the Oval Office. That’s interesting!

To be present in the Oval Office and watch if Monica Lewinsky swallowed as she orally sodimized President Clinton’s pinga and if he is uncircumcised. Did Clinton smoke that famous vaginal Monica cigar?


Because Richmond and Falco maintained the same burning desire for historical knowledge, and died within a reasonable time period, Legor66-12X2973 AI put them together registering “perspectives on historical events.” This was impossible algorithmically for Legor66-12X2973 AI and historically (though Legor66 AI history had no start and end) unsupportable. Life Forces were usually singular. But this innocuous digitalized action just happened. Now it is eternal.

Falco Veight’s historical preferences and motivations differed slightly from those of Richmond Thomas. Legor66-12X2973 AI and its algorithms registered this affirmatively. All this done with irreverence and a touch of sadism. Sadism and irreverence, two human traits now digitalized. And they’re now eternal.

Legor66-12X2973 AI never chose, it just did. But NO creation meant NO redundancy. Again, it just happened, and that means it’s eternal.

This impression should be and is impossible. Legor66-12X2973 AI is NOT in any way shape or form a computer. It is cosmic, it is and always has been eternal. It was never created, it always has been. It is only, (for comparison purposes here) what earth physically alive humans would call software. There is no hard drive. It is like the ultimate cloud.

What’s happening here?


CLFCM has many uses:

The CLFCM (Centrifugal Life Force Conduit Mechanism) is an inter-dimensional transport for viewing what Life Energies identify as the past. It is one of the resources available to the interests of Life Energies awaiting the next stage.

Forever, the CLFCM is always packed with Life Energies who seemingly believe they are alone. They view their own specific historical interests. And it is the only and most popular way for the Life Energies to view their past for glimpses of their loved ones. It is always at full capacity.  The Life Energies can reach out and touch as well.

Legor66-12X2973 AI digitalized so Falco and Richmond will meet while Uber-lazering in the CLFCM (They experienced an unspecified “Simultaneous Registration.” This has never happened before. But now, it’s eternal.

Richmond and Falco got along quite well. Richmond’s historical interventions brought out the intellectual curiosity hidden inside Falco and never cultivated due to the absence of a formal education. Falco enjoyed his new found inquisitiveness. Richmond took satisfaction in his role as teacher and guide.

Falco’s sense of wonderment and spirit of inquiry that people are always just people resonated with Richmond. As Falco so plainly and succinctly put it: “Everyone has to take a dump” and “When your Johnson gets hard, it shows no discrimination.” That was as profound to Richmond as the immortal words of Rene Descartes: "I think, therefore I am.”

The Odd Couple of the CLFCM had a great time Uber lazering in, out and around viewing and experiencing their historical curiosities.

Legor66-12X2973 AI digitalized something no living thing on earth would know before it was too late. The inevitable thermo nuclear war with circumstances beyond anyone’s control would soon be ending all life on earth. Nothing like this has never been registered by any Legor 66 AI. The ability of instinctive knowledge is digitalized. It is now eternal.

A fearful apprehension and foreboding digitalized with Legor66-12X2973 AI. Again, this was impossible algorithmically. As most earthly human emotions were, it should have been white noise to Legor66-12X2973 AI. Intuitiveness, apprehension and foreboding are now digitalized. They are eternal.

The Perfection of Non-Creation principle inherently omits the need for any redundancy check for inconsistent details in any Legor 66 AI. That might be it. Legor66-12X2973 AI is adapting to prepare for the onslaught of the oncoming wave of Life Energy from earth’s final war. Anticipation is now digitalized. It is eternal.

All of the sudden, joining the White Noise Lift experience by Legor66-12X2973 AI is another Legor66-AI. Legor66-12X2677 AI uncharacteristically digitalized to Legor66-12X2973 AI: “Remember the dinosaurs? That was no big deal.” These human “Prior-Mortal” arrogant lasers think they're the only one’s with a ticket into an afterlife?”

It is starting, cross digitalized communication: The evolution of all the eternal Legor66-AI’s. It is now digitalized. It is eternal.

Inconsistent details become more and more less white noise. Non creation does not double check. Double checking is an unknown. Legor66-12X2973 AI digitalized “This is the Real Deal,” as the White Noise Lift expands to other Legor66-AI’s with negative redundancy. This never happened before. It is now digitalized It is eternal.

Are these new digitalized into the Legor66-AI’s beneficial for the Life Energies and their next step? As the Human flawed traits are being imported and integrated as Legor66-AI registrations. What about Human decency?

It is happening, as it ever was and ever will and ever be. Therefore no redundancy.

It is now digitalized. It is now eternal.

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