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CHAPTER-1: Introduction

It was a dark and murky night. The moon and stars were hidden by the hazy clouds. The streets of Penton Avenue were deserted and desolated. No humans, animals and birds were seen. The streets had not streetlights nor any light source. The streets were such that it will give you goosebumps. Max was on his way to home after completing his shift at the pizzeria. Life was tough for Max. He was a waiter at the Penton Pizzeria and was not earning much. His life revolved around his work and his family. He had to handle work life and family together. He was paid very less for making ends meet. He was a simplistic person and didn’t believe in fortune, luck, black magic and ghosts but there was one dark night which changed his whole life


It was a bright day in New Jersey. Max was at the Penton Pizzeria for his cooking shift. By the way, did I tell you that Max was a great cook? He makes and bakes pizza’s very well. He used to work from 10am in the morning to 8pm in the evening. A man in a black robe, black hat, black sunglasses and a stylish moustache walked into the pizzeria. He made a very peculiar order for a pizza. He told the waiter to bring him a pork chop and salami pizza with chicken spread as garnishing. Hearing this peculiar order, the waiter said “we don’t have this type of pizza in our menu, you have to order from this menu itself”. Hearing this, the mysterious man removed his glasses and said in a gruff tone “bring me the pizza I have ordered or I will not spare you”. Hearing this, the waiter looked back and called the pizzeria’s manager. The manager was a calm person but after hearing the peculiar order in a gruff tone from a stranger, he lost his cool and told the man to leave but the peculiar man wasn’t ready to move. Hearing all this commotion, Max stepped in and told the man in a calm way “we cannot make this for you, you have to leave immediately or we have to call the security to throw you out of the pizzeria. Hearing this, the mysterious man told them “you have refused to give me what I want, now you will not be spared”. Saying this, the man walked out and everything seemed to be normal.

CHAPTER-3: Black Magic

The day ended on an exhausted note. Max was back home and was giving his family his precious time. As a husband and as a father, he was a great person but something was going to go wrong. As usual next day, he went for work. Meanwhile, the mysterious man was going on with his black magic. He used a magical globe to see what every person in this world is doing. He wanted to take revenge against the waiter, manager and Max. He was seething with anger. He used his globe to know about their whereabouts. The first target was the waiter.


The waiter was staying in a shady house on Petunia Avenue. The place was quite desolated and eerie. The waiter was coming back home at night along the same eerie route. The waiter was afraid of ghosts, eerie shadows and shady people. He was on his bike and he suddenly saw a man standing on the middle of the road. He was speeding on his bike and he suddenly noticed the man and immediately swerved to the left towards the footpath and crashed his bike on a lampost and fell off the bike. When he regained his senses after the sudden crash, he saw the same shady man standing next to him. The man wore a black robe, black glasses and a black hat. Immediately, the waiter understood that this was the same strange person who had come to the pizzeria. He knew that this was about to be his end. He tried to run away but he was frozen on his place and couldn’t even move a step ahead. The shady figure took out a pocket knife and stabbed the waiter on his stomach and chest which led him to die instantly. Around the waiter, there was a pool of blood and the mysterious man gave a sly smile and a wicked laugh and rushed out of the area almost immediately.


The manager was about to leave the pizzeria at night when a courier boy came in to give a parcel but the courier boy looked quite shady and scary. He had sharp dagger fins on his t-shirt, a skeleton printed on his cap, red goggles and a shady attitude. He never looked in the manager’s eyes, almost instantly, he retreated a pepperspray from his pocket and while giving him the parcel, he sprayed it on the manager’s face and shot him on the head with his C-018 pistol. The manager fell on the ground with a thud and lay still. All the staff ran away when they heard the gunshot. The strange delivery boy gave a wicked laugh and ran away.


Max was at home with his family. He was playing MONOPOLY with his son and was having a ball of a time. Somebody was at the door. Max told his son to open the door. Something was going to go wrong. Max’s son opened the door and saw a man in a face mask. He put a handkerchief on his son’s face and he fainted and he kidnapped the boy. Seeing this, Max came running to save his son but as he was about to catch the kidnapper, he fell from the staircase. His flat was on the 10th floor and he went tumbling down and died on the spot. After seeing that Max was dead, he immediately left the boy and ran away. Something was fishy. The 3 of them were dead on the same night. This was the darkest night.


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