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Today I want to write about a nice story about OutSpace Consulting Pvt Ltd. that hired me to work for a Space Age Aeronautics Frontier (SAAF). To create a new vehicle and technology for managing their database, missions, research and exploration endeavors. And a mansion with a Laboratory, surveillance and a Library full of books on various Subjects and fields of Mysticism, Science, History, anthropology, archaeology, astro physics, Universe and symbolism. This is to support a widespread array of research missions to coordinate with the agency for an in-house scientist cum anthropologist jaasoos who can help them create and manage a new era of top secret and private missions for aerospace and research


 Satellite to Manned Mission

From the Authority of Space Age Agency, it has given me the duty to explore Alien life and the connections between various aspects of archaeology, magic, herbs and other aspects of physics, evolution and bio-Ecosystem.


The space age agency has also asked me to create some machines to send for extended missions of exploration. At least concept design and blueprints to share with the team on the other end to secretly manufacture and function in the right direction. >>


I received the following email message from OutSpace Space Age Aeronautics Federation (SAAF) :


OutSpace - Space Age Agency has requested you to create -

An isolated Observatory Base with all the required necessary resources and facilities in it, including libraries, research pod, incubation cubicles... and is situated in a well natural surroundings for isolation. Situated high enough atop a hill to bring clear viewpoint of sky.

The appropriate telescope bought or designed by hand with huge grass-fields, surrounding the whole base with a solar powered system of its own, powering the house and connecting it with the mechanical, wiring, components of the interior of buildings included in base."


> My unique vehicle designed by my own hands by blueprints and design in my garage, will take me towards my Mansion base - parked in a tunnel like entry into the side of the base laboratory extension of the mansion neatly integrated into the housing of the chambers. And parks into a hall of a lab where it resides gloriously in a stride tilted to the side -

And complementing its entry, integrating its connection syncing with serves surrounding it.

  •>    The exterior of the home base has a spotlight yard in its perimeter projecting spotlights around for night time illumination.

     It helps the perimeters with its ultra-high precision Radio Thermal night vision sensing with audio and visual sensors. The library itself contains a collection of books on many subjects like

Science, Astronomy, Physics, Mysticism, Philosophy, occult magic, historical structures - archaeology, Astrophysics, Symbolism, Robotics and Artificial intelligence.

I am well equipped with their latest servers which have state-of-the-art upgraded technology that is integrated & connected to a secret satellite connection, along with integration with the household system of internally wired circuits situated atop an isolated hill grassland area, well fenced and protected with a barb wire and laser beam system, along with a perimeter cameras. House itself is a square spread multi-chamber mansion cum laboratory dungeon construct along with inbuilt physical and internet library full of resources that are necessary. With a underground garage for the next Generation of vehicles and drone tech, it’s necessary to integrate the subconscious mind with conscious to produces the vast conscience and exploration quality.


Now I am going to disband and turn it into Space Age Aeronautics Frontier (SAAF).


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