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You wake up, you find yourself to be in a strange place. You stand up but all you see is a never ending void of white. After walking for awhile you noticed a door in the midst of the white void, you feel anxious as you grew closer to it, it somehow reminds you of something but you can't quite remember it.

As you stand in the front of the pitch black door you reached to the door knob seeking to find an exit, but what you find is not an exit but the memories which you have tried to forget, bitter memories that has caused you grief and sorrow, the memories which should've been locked away in the deepest part of your mind. As you get overwhelmed by the sudden remembrance of your forgotten memories, you feel the guilt and all the pain that's been building up inside of you.

Out of sheer panic you looked back searching for the door you just entered in but it's nowhere to be found, you feel an eerie feeling in your back, a cold hand embraced your shivering shoulders, it whispered "why did you do it", you recognize the voice and you unconsciously said " I'm sorry it's all my fault " over and over again.

You woke up feeling anxious, you feel as if something happened. You sigh a relief knowing it's all a dream but you think to yourself, what's the dream about in the first place again?


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