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It’s a clear and important phenomenon. Ava advertisement.

Ava holds her sketchbook. She thinks that she needs to learn Java. Although she has some data to research, she is tired with her screening eyes. Ava lives in a city with tall buildings. Ava opens her sketchbook, finding the pages with some cited knowledge, then covers the pages on her face when she falls asleep. There is a reference list. She thinks that she can breathe in the energy from the shades improving her work efficiency when she wakes up somehow. Her mom buys her white pyjamas while she is waiting for the pyjamas. Ava closes her eyes. Everything sinks to silence and darkness. After a while, Ava sees her in white pyjamas. A white shirt and a white trouser. She doesn’t feel how it feels because she doesn’t know yet. 

She is in another city. In her memory. In her dream. Ava now knows how it feels because she wears it. If you like mind puzzles, buy it. Buy the nabi brand products. As Nabi says, “Embrace Your Coziness” and “Sleep tight”. 

Ava is going on a trip. What does a trip need? Ava needs her white clothes and a white suitcase.  Half-filled white suitcase with white changing clothes. In the dream, Ava receives her white suitcase. It’s a small one which could be taken on the plane. There is no talking when she receives the suitcase. The other day, Ava is about to leave the city. Where is Ava going? Heaven, a place all white. Before the flight, Ava has some visits. 

Ava is in white walking on the street. There hasn’t been anybody.


Ava didn’t see any of her important people but had an astonished early park walk. Because the gooses, ducks and birds woke up so early or were woken up so early, and they were not quiet. Ava just wants to say thank you and goodbye. From her personal idea, it could be a support at least it won’t cause any damage under silence, but animals talk. So, she is astonished but it should still be silent to her important people. She just saw a black car. She thought about signatures, maybe photos if she can meet them. It was a silent visit.

Ava goes somewhere picking her white suitcase with her. Ava knows a jewel store. Although the Art Pop-up has clothes, jewels, bags, and talented designers, Ava knows there is a store where she can view some adorable jewels. Ava thinks the shop’s glasses could be securer, or just designed to look. The store attracts many visitors with long time attention with the adorable jewels on the glass displays.  People stopped on the street as time stopped at the store. Ava walks in the jewel store in her white pyjamas. With a white suitcase. It is the smallest size that can be taken on a plane. Ava is here for a visit. A long-awaited meeting. Cheer for valuable friendship. Posters and bakery. Ava meets her friend with half mentioned behaviour but non-mentioned date. There are scarves, clothes, and many jewels. “I want to fill my suitcase with the jewels.” Ava thinks. 

Ava with her filled suitcase walking on the street. There may be people on the street or may have not. But Ava met her friend at the store.

Why white? Because it describes her inner pure kindness. That evening, after living dramas, Ava is on the plane. To heaven. 

She writes something,

------- people,

I sincerely write this letter on a plane. 

Time sinks and time flies. Destination approach. Long certainty. Economic growth. Business Cycle. If life can go safely as predicted, would you join the community? What life is, suddenly influenced. It is easier getting tired on a plane. All the air is off the head. A training session. Focus on nothing. Air pressure takes energy. Then in chess, and out of chess. Can’t take in air, still sleepy. Accountability appears for work.

Ava, from heaven, with a reference list.

Ava pulls her sketchbook. Sits up and opens her computer. She misses the helicopter and shining lights, eye to eye.


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