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In a Druid´s soul: gold of rainbow. A druid wanted to go into a forest and pick some fungi, to cook a magic super decoction from them. In the Druid´s soul: the Golden Fleece.

He gathered some mushrooms such as the red-capped scaber stalks-fungi, a boletus rufus and a good foxy bolete. In  dear Druids´s soul: a joy of butterflies.  He met on a path next to an ancient Zeus-altar, a lovely wildcat.

The tender druid and the animal wanted to speak. In this Druid´s soul: dreams of muses. The wildcat wanted to tell the druid his riddle. It was difficult: what is the most amazing star in a romantic heaven?. In Druid´s soul: magic wing of Ibycus-cranes. The druid answered false, it was a morning-star. A Rhodes-star was true. 

The druid had to give the wildcat the scaber stalks. In  dear Druid´s soul: tears of luck.  The herbalist met on a path near an ancient stream of Apollo, the dreamer, a boar from distance.  They began speaking later. In Druid´s soul: amber from angels. The boar told the druid his most magnificent riddle. The druid had to say, what is the best shooting star, with which he has ever dreamed.

In meek Druid´s soul: brightness of the Augean stables. The druid answered falsely: it was this in the German mountain Harz. The boar said - true shooting stars before the rainbow. The boleti rufus for the boar. In the dearest Druid´s soul: diamond of history. The druid met later, on ways into a cave of the god Hephaestus full beauty, a wild shrewd fox with golden eyes.

The beings wanted to speak. In Ovidian Druid´s soul: shooting star at dawn and dusk. Having welcomed, he told the kind druid a puzzle. It sounded mysterious: what comet dust is the most dazzling in the whole world?. In Druid´s soul: herculean stars. The druid answered falsely: it may be a comet dust in a fabulous, kind evening. At a native heaven was true; the foxy bolete – given to the fox.

In tender Druid´s soul: fungi of eternity, the sempiternal being of time. The druid lost fungi. He was happy – Artemis showed him – as a good man – path to an amaranthine glade with many honey agarics. In soft Druid´s soul: wings from Your heart. At home the druid may have rested and he cooked the decoction from the honey agarics, which gave him eternal strong – wing of the spell and charm, an apollonian picturesque sword.


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