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She balked at his witticism and he endured her attitude. Before they could sort out their feelings, aversion tripped into infatuation. A month after their first face-off in a conference at The Taj they were in bed at Sonia’s house. Rajiv was Sonia’s boss.

Sexually enterprising Sonia is no more.

Sonia seduced Rajiv. He pampered her waywardness.  It was an exciting ride till Medha instinctively discovered this muse in his life. Sonia cuckolded her hubby. The affair was rapturous, but still not worth risking conjugal bliss for.

Rajiv sought to end the affair while Sonia wished to sail with the winds. They went back to The Taj for the final talk. The party was over.

Then it happened. Staccato...gunfire!

Sonia sprang up to cover Rajiv. A bullet hit entered her head. Rajiv froze.

Commotion brought Rajiv to his feet. Wiping blood from his wrist, he ran.

Next day his wife was watching the news. “That bitch is also Hussain?" She said.

“It’s Sonia." He murmured.

“Thank God, I reined you in on time; sheer premonition.”


Bio: Author of the novel Andy Leelu published in 2012. Currently works as a  senior media professional in Mumbai.


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