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Your time had come

the immortal parasite,
hovered and stared
hollowed-eyed darkness.

I held your hand

A bowed head,
buried deep in grief,
keeping beat
to dying breath.

The refrain

a rhythm
fraught with fear 
fighting God's will,
in vain.

A wistful smile

Your heart
yearning to stay,
your spirit ordained to leave,
reading the script of my soul
you offered solace,
but found me broken.


You searched through wisdom's veil,
the glimmer of hope
long since hooded
in dark clouds
clutching at life
through last gasps.

A signal

Your chest
weary from heaving
eyes awash with love,
between a sigh and a
parting tear,
you took your leave.

So often now

I watch the hours dissolve
in faded memories,
your going was not the end.

Clasped hands

A conduit for 
breathing new life
until we meet again,
when I will wipe
the parting tear
and tell you
one more time,

I'll always love you."


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