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It was A gloomy evening in the month of December in a village of people who earned money through cotton picking, poverty graph was at its peak in this sector. There was a little girl named “Anna” who had sparkling eyes dreaming of all things that other children had, as a kid she had fantasies about fairies and chocolate house. Growing up in a poverty filled environment years passed by and she grew into a beautiful lady and was very happy that she will be able to live a wealthy married life but unfortunately, she got married to a lower-class man and all her hopes died again.

one night lying hope less on her bed “anna” who was a wife of a very poor but a loyal man who hardly was able to provide one meal a day to his family. She actually was the daughter of a poor farmer as well. she blamed herself unlucky in the boundary of money and luxury.

This beautiful girl was fed up of longing for things. She had happy eyes but filled with tears. years and years are passing and there is no sign of happiness in her day her husband was diagnosed with last stage cancer and was on his death bed and he was the only person who managed bread and butter of the house and she was in a state of mourn with no future left for her.

At this point anna was turning quite selfish and all she wanted was a luxurious life she did not care about her husband’s illness and left him alone to die on his own. This incident put her in a state of deep shock as she was unable to accept the reality that her husband has no life left and this made her anti-social and her emotions got numb after this shock. she was least bothered by norms and society. She collected all the money and jewelry she had been hiding from her family and set up on a journey to find herself a life she always dreamt of.

Walking and changing taxi’s she travelled to seven different cities, spent all the money she was carrying with her self but it was obvious that the money she thought would never finish had an end. Months later she was out of money and was starving.

She thought it was her end of life but she never thought that all her unlucky past will one day make her the luckiest human of the planet. there was a king’s palace which was open for all the public to visit. She entered and was stunned by looking over everything made of gold. not a single bean was there which was not made of gold. she looked at herself in a mirror and made herself ready to do something out of the box. Step by step with shivering feet she was walking normally and suddenly picked up a gold brick and ran as fast as a cheetah. This made her think that she is the most superior woman of the world as nobody caught her and now, she could buy everything she wanted and could live a luxurious life which she wanted for her entire childhood.

Dancing through the whole way she was all up in the sky thanking God for helping her and making life beautiful for her, she went to a jewelry shop to sell the brick and in return get lots of dollars, she knew that this money would be enough for her remaining years of life.

As decided, she got the money and was crying out of joy. She immediately passed through a village which was very much like her hometown. She had a flashback of everything she had left behind, her hometown, her sick husband, her poor family, she was walking in the state of nostalgia when suddenly a loud voice of a man said “hey, be careful there’s a deep hole in the ground right there”

She abruptly stopped and looked down, there was a dark deep hole in front of her in which she was about to fall and could have died, she called the man who saved her from falling and asked her in a very furious but wondering manner: “why is this hole right in the middle of the pathway, can’t you people get it fixed! what if I had fallen into it, I would have died with all my money which I just earned!”

The man replied: “lady! Consider yourself lucky that I was there to help you otherwise we have a myth attached to the pit from centuries “she asked with keen interest in return: “what do you mean by that?”

He replied: “in our village whosoever is guilty of anything may it be a crime or something unethical either he is buried alive in the pit or the person falls into it on his own because God knows everything, we humans can hide our bad deeds from other humans but not God so he punishes the human by accidently making him fall into this pit, there are more than thousands of people who are within this pit”

Anna was in a complete state of shock when she heard this, she realized how inhuman behavior she had just because she thought money is everything may it be from any source. she looked at her bag full of money then “she looked into the dark pit and found her own image”

She started crying out loud, she sat on her knees and asked God for forgiveness, she realized that she had everything, money, wealthy life and all that she once dreamed but she cannot buy love and happiness by the money she has. She blamed herself to be the darkest soul with the ugliest heart, and said that she was a living corpse of a human her whole life she was never happy with what she had. She used to steal and hide valuables but never made It known to her family that she was a robber with a pretty face her entire life, and this pretty face would do no good for her in her life after death, her deeds would decide what kind of a life hereafter she would have, the dark deep pit made her aware of how ugly she has been internally and she found an image of how dark and selfish thoughts she had. She decided to go back to her family and tell them the truth and ask them to forgive her for her behavior .she threw the bag of money and asked the village people to forgive her and depicted all the truth of her life ,the villagers took her to the king and told about the robbery ,the king ordered to throw her alive into the dark pit as it was their law .she joined her hands in front of the king and asked him to let her meet her family once, the king sent two of his soldiers along her ,as soon as she reached her hometown she came to know from the other villagers that her parents committed suicide the next day when she left her husband and ran away ,she was unable to even speak and not a single tear was falling from her eyes as she was very guilty of her acts. She asked the soldiers to take her back and she was no longer in her senses, they reached the village and Anna said these words aloud

I am a sinner, a murderer, a robber and a pathetic daughter and a bad wife, money can buy you everything but not happiness, don’t consider the glitters of the present world everything like me because God will never have mercy on you, this life is temporary”

She was thrown into the pit right after this and today after a decade her body might have decayed but her words were carved and displayed in the same village for everyone to learn a definite lesson from Anna’s life story.


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