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ACT I _____


In an old apartment full of mandalas and ancient pyramids, posters around Kate, a 60 years old woman turns on a camera and sits in front of it. Behind her goes an image projection of a magic world from the well-known RPG game and soft music plays in the background.


Greetings, my dear disciples of the

Intergalactic Society. Today we have

special guests from the planets

Joroshula, Epinomenia, and Gautania to

congratulate everyone on a happy New

Year or the beginning of a new era.

The floor is given to Araghula from

the planet Joroshula...

(changes her voice)

...Hello a race from a planet, that is

very important to me...

An old cat walks behind Kate and starts looking into the void, into the outside of the window while Kate continues her speech.


I hope everyone will find the truth as

and our we are not alone in this world

alien mentors wish you to bring new

people to our society.

Kate turns off her camera and uploads the fresh video on her website with about 1000 followers. She comes to the kitchen and says:


Come here, Kennedy.

The cat comes to her and she feeds it. After she takes off her glasses and goes to bed. By going to bed Late starts to talk with one of her alien friends consciously.


I can hear you, Elabuga.

There are a lot of science alternative books around her and the variety of stones, which are fake by their nature.



In the large hall there sit about 50 people and wait for something: some people chat, some people keep quiet, some people check their watches. In front of each other Kate comes in new second-hand clothes on a stage and starts her dialogue with the audience. We can`t hear what she is saying exactly, but all of the people listen to her with a huge curiosity: some take notes, some don't even blink at all. During this Kate shows a presentation with some aliens and galaxy pictures in it.

By the end of the presentation, while Kate is surrounded by her followers, one of the listeners comes to her by interrupting someone else, who tried to get an answer from her.


Do you think I should do absolutely

everything to encourage other people

to join our path of the truth?


No doubts, you will be pleased by our

creators from Gautania for doing this.

Everything depends on you.


Thank you, Cassiopeia, you opened my


John leaves the conference hall and Kate traces his path by her sight as he exits the hall while she continues to chat with other people.


ACT II ______


Kate finishes cooking an ordinary dinner and sits on a couch to watch a very stupid TV show about romance with her cat Kennedy.

Someone starts to knock on her apartment and Kate comes to see who it is through an eye-view: nobody outside. She opens the door and sees a letter that was left in front of her place. She opens it and sees the phrase: "Thank you, all . Kate turns the letter around but doesn't find any is done" more information, even about who gave it to her. She throws it into the garbage with some other letters in it already.

Kate comes back to the TV room and falls asleep while watching it. Kennedy stays with her for a while but notices a bird outside right on Kate`s balcony, so he comes there and starts to look at it.

Kennedy tries to catch the bird, but the window`s glass doesn't allow it to him.


Kate wakes up from the knocks on her door: this time the knocks are extremely loud. In a hurry, she wears her dirty bathrobe with some untasty flowers and stains on it and runs to the door as she even forgets to wear her glasses, which she left on a shelf. She steps on Kennedy`s tail and the cat starts screaming. She tries to calm it down but the knocks become louder and louder, so she leaves the cat and continues her run to the door. She hears:

You open right now, or we break in!

She looks at the eye-view and sees two men in police clothes. Kate opens the door immediately and the police enter the apartment.


We have an order for your arrest.

(shows the document)


But... I didn't do anything!

Kate takes the document from the police but is not able to recognize any words in it without her glasses: everything


looks extremely blurred especially while her hands shake a lot because of the nervousness. She rubs her eyes but it doesn't help at all.

As she looks backward to find the glasses and understand where she left them, the police continues:


She didn't do it. Ha-ha.


This is the main problem, madam.

According to the protocol, one of your

apprentice, also known as John

Dunglas, killed...

(after what the phrases become


Kate falls down on the floor. She looks at her feet unconscious but then gets distracted from an opening door`s sound that came outside.

She sees that Kennedy is in the hallway of the common apartments` area and looks at the open door that goes right outside to the streets. Kennedy leaves the house and runs outside to a street. The bright shine from the outside doesn't allow Kate to see in which way he left exactly.

The noises of the traffic outside becoming louder and louder, the sunshine coming from the outside incredibly bright. She starts to call Kennedy, while the police take her to a car and drive away, but her shock from the events breaks her voice too much and it becomes more like a whisper:


Kennedy, come back...


Kate sits on her bed in silence. She looks at her roommates: a very built masculine woman Erin (around 30) and a very dirty one in very short clothes Mia (around 20), who didn`t have a shower for a while: they play cards on cigarettes.


So, what did he do?


First, he named his car after me -

Erin. But after we broke up he renamed


it to "Iron Man".



Kate walks to the window with the ceiling on it and looks outside: she sees a cat walking around the garbage bin, but it looks different from Kennedy's appearance. She starts to cry and her roommates stop their game for a while.


What about you?


My mentee killed a person.


Everyone says similar things. However,

I will be honest. I punched my husband

right into his balls with a knife

after he cheated on me.


Keep calm, Erin. Better join us in the

game. By the way, what is your name?



All of that time Erin tried to look right to the window to hide her tears, but then turned around and joined Erin and Mia in their card game.

Moments after, Kate forgets about all of her troubles and enjoys spending time with her prison roommates.

By going to bed Late starts to talk with one of her alien friends consciously. Mia notices this through her half-way sleep but doesn't do something to interrupt it and simply clothes her eyes.


Kate, Erin, and Mia walk in circles outside as a part of their "morning exercise". All of them are exhausted and eventually put their sights on the water drops coming from a roof after the rain.


(whispers to Kate)

Did you hear that today...


She interrupted by the prison opening gates' loud sound: a huge amount of male prisoners entered the prison`s pavilion and joined the women in their morning routine.


They will join you today as they have

a construction on their side.

While Kate continues her circle way walks, Mia secretly gives her a piece of paper while nobody of the watchmen looks at them. Kate opens it and reads: "Hope to see you soon. Ben the Alien".

Kate turned around and noticed a much younger man about 40 years old who stared at her. She hides the letter in her clothes immediately. During the walk, she destroys the letter in tiny pieces and secretly throws them away.


Kate, Erin, and Mia play cards together. Someone screams in the background. The window is covered by snowflakes so it's impossible to recognize something through it.

Suddenly, from one of the pipes that was led through the room, appeared strange mechanical sounds. All the roommates start to look at it and wait for something to happen and eventually it comes to a moment, where a piece of paper appears in front of them from the pipe.

Three of them come to it and Mia opens the letter, that was attached to it and written on toilet paper:


"To my last month`s new soulmate..."


Should be to Kate.


"Kate. ...I am ." not alone anymore

They eventually start to chat about something very encouraging and emotional to them, but we don't hear what they say exactly: we can see how they laugh and sometimes go to tears. Only the outside noises of the wind, which become louder with time, and the weather with snowflakes that cover their window more and more.



Days change one to another (can be shown through the window that is sometimes covered by the snow and sometimes not, as well as though the light intensity coming outside of it).

Kate puts the letters in the pipes and receives the response letters over several days. She reads them with a smile, but we don`t know what she reads exactly (shown through the cuts to the weather and the light, which were described before).

Kate receives another letter. This time she reads it aloud without any emotion:


"They let me out."

Kate and her roommates go into tears even each one stays separate by their space. By the end, each one hugs the other.

In the middle of the night Mia wakes up from Kate`s whispering:


Take care of him, Minogaloshua.


Ben walks through a very crowded street. He looks extremely exhausted. Suddenly, he sees Kennedy walking around one of the shops. He stops in front of this shop and breaks the windows of it. After this, he simply sits down in front of it and waits for the police sirens` sounds, which become louder with time.


Ben is driven by the police in their car.


That was your last time, buddy. To

waste your trial period in this way...



I just wanted to see her again.

Ben leans back on his seat and falls asleep.



Kate looks outside the window. She sees how a cat gets covered by snow alone on the road. She stops looking at it and goes to bed.


ACT III _______


"Years After"

A bird knocks into the window and is frightened away by one of the watchmen.

Mia walks into the room wearing new couture clothes. She comes to Ben who is waiting for her by hitting the table with a random music rhythm. Mia sits in front of him says:


So, as I described. Here are the

proofs, but money first.


You will have them if the information

is true.


(shows a document)

What actually happened... Aliens`

society and all of those crazy things

around her... Listen, you are much

younger than her and she doesn`t

deserve it with all of those aliens.

Ben by looking at the media files presented by Mia throws the table away and leaves the conversation. After, Mia very quietly leaves the conversation table as well.


Kate finally leaves prison. She starts to run around the backyard and runs to the flowers nearby. She smells them and looks to the skies. She whispers with the aliens.

She grabs a piece of paper from one of her clothes with words: "See you soon, dear".

The police take her to the car and drive back to her apartment. She happily looks outside the window of the car and smiles at everything happening around: a man, who is late to his work, a business lady who is trying to figure out her papers, the children playing outside, an empty garbage bag flying around through her path.

By the entry to her house, she sees graffiti with the word on it. Kate ignores it and enters her apartment, which "Cult"


became pretty dusty during her prison life.


Kate starts to clean everything and at some point sees Kennedy`s toy. She grabs it and throws it into the garbage bin.

Kate prepares herself: makes make-up over 60 years old skin and wears her best dress from second-hand. She makes dinner for two people and starts to wait: nervously sits on the couch, checks her dress in the mirror, turns on and off the TV without giving attention to the actual shows.

She starts to look outside the window. She sees how people walk through the streets and the traffic is busy. Suddenly, she sees a cat near the garbage bin. In a hurry, she wears her outside clothes and goes outside.


Kennedy, is it you?

The cat notices her and runs away. Upset Kate comes back to her place and by the entry it sees a letter. She opens it and reads aloud:


"You are the biggest mistake. My extra

year in prison doesn't cost you."

Kate looks at the letter with her empty eyes for some moment and then, by running to a balcony, throws it away.

She looks at Kennedy`s toy in the garbage bin and starts to cry. She looks at the posters of the magical worlds around her, to the alternative science books.

It brings her some energy in movements. Kate takes a chair and a table in the hall room. She turns on the camera and starts to talk to it:


Greetings, my dear disciples of the

Intergalactic Society. Today we will

cover the importance of being alone

which I practiced for the last couple

of years...


Darya was born in Kazan, Russia and before filmmaking, she spent most of her time painting and had plans to become an architect. But in a single moment, she realized that the next logical step in her intellectual growth would be a turn toward cinema. She applied to VGIK and was accepted to the animation and multimedia master department. In Canada, where she got freedom in choice in her film ideas, she understood, how many things are possible to create without being in the ideological frames. As a result, she started interested in experimental cinema and currently continues to explore this area of the film language.


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