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A Mother’s Love


The depths of my life have been marked by moments;

those small instances in time that shine amidst the

chaos; they have left me humbled...embraced

in subtle but everlasting reminders of these

blessings I too often take for granted.


Each breath not promised but given.

Each beautiful sunrise I see.

Each raindrop I taste upon my lips.

Each time I'm able to wrap my arms

around my children and tell

them I love them.


The depths of my soul can be found in blond

hair and blue eyes; in the way his small

hands wrap around my darkest hour and

release the sorrow - as hand-in-hand

we have shared tears and heartache

while walking through faith.


The depths of my heart find rest in those

times I have held him close and sung

lullabies to help him sleep - in those

moments we have laughed together...

even through the stillness of night

when we have laid side-by-side and

talked of Heaven and angels wings.


"Mom, if you get to Heaven first, will you remember me?"

With my hand upon his chest, I remind him that I will

always reside in his heart; how I'll forever be

as close as his next breath and that neither

time nor distance could ever separate us.


"I love you more than my heart" he whispers

before drifting to sleep. As a tear slides down

my cheek, I pull him closer. Another moment

caught in time...another depth within

this life that I will cherish and take with me.


"I love you through the moonlit night..." I

sing softly. "I love you through the sun

shining bright. When my last breath comes

and Heaven I see, I will love you through

eternity. Many things are uncertain but

this I know, until starry days and

August snow, across time and

space my love will transcend.


For a Mothers never ends."


Stephanie Sullivan



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