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A Month Of Yesterdays


Somewhere in the timeless space between lines

etched in return to me.


A simple word.

A subtle phrase.

A symphony of verses.


In the midst of these memories, I remain

hushed in the overwhelming depth of what

was lost and the revelation of what has

come. And as my soul sings to me in

dulcet tones from a broken page...

I'm with you once again.


Here amongst the first brush of ink

and the breathless echo of closure...

I am raptured.


A fleeting touch.

A whispered submission.

A promise of forever.


You are the remnant of days cast in a

multitude of moments. From the first

caress upon skin to the last lingering

tremble before dawn. From each

breath in between to every dream

that follows...I am yours.


Tethered to tear-stained pages, I cling

to you when my body is weak and my

mind is weary. Set adrift in words

left unspoken, I gather pieces from

treasures bound in fragile

reminders where I once

was loved.



in this lifetime laced in scribe.

A passion once penned in prose

upon a heartache engraved.


Within a month of yesterdays

that mattered.


Stephanie Sullivan


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