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“Uyp had been working for the VBR for the most part of his conscious life. His first rookie job was to clean the various labs. Then he ascended to the much more interesting function of an imager for the Selectronics department. He used his deep knowledge of the genesis of natural imaging processes to create a highly ergonomic environment where he and his VBR colleagues were thriving, to say the least. The selectronic images were flooding the brains of the inner and outer structures of the VBR fractal, which had been built atop a serotonin precursor.

One day, Uyp awoke with his mind gone. His psychophysical set-up was now constituted by nothing but the images they had been selectroning so hard for the last years.

Uyp’s hands could be easily mistaken for numbers, endless numeric chains that were going deep into his neck.

Uyp’s neck was very much reminiscent of a surrealist manifesto.

Uyp’s head was eating cake and cake derivates.

Uyp’s penis functioned as a 3D-printer.

Uyp’s head was a mash-up of different stracciatellas.

Uyp’s feet combined the hairiness of thousands of insect feet with metafiction.

Uyp’s lips were going down the memory drain.

Uyp’s kadyk was an appleye by Adamovic.

Uyp’s pride was a frying pan.”

“But if you indeed process information mechanically, like we process food, then shouldn’t you experience the need to … ‘defecate’ from time to time?” the xenolinguist inquired.

“Uyp’s arse consisted of anti-signal zigmals.”




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