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Emma was cuddled up to Robert, the dirty deed they had set out to do was done. “Your sister will kill us both if she finds out we did this.” Emma said.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the first brother to have sex with his sister's best friend.” He said grabbing her ass firmly.

The two of them were in immense delectation. Her eyes wandered down to his missing leg. “Fannie said you lost your leg for being careless.”

Robert feared his sister's admission truncated him in Emma's estimation. “Yeah, that’s true.” He confessed softly.

Tell me how it happ—“

She was interrupted by the sound of footsteps creeping up the hallway. Emma felt apprehensive, she was sure that Fannie was going to find her and Robert. “She’s going to catch us,” Emma whispered sitting up, reaching for her nightdress that was lying on the foot of the bed.

They heard the creaking sound of Fannie’s bedroom door being pushed open. They heard her bedroom door close, then they heard it lock.

I should get back to her room,” Emma said, putting on her nightdress. “Would you like for me to help dress you?” She asked.

He shook his head chuckling as he sat up and grabbed his clothes. Their eyes landed on one another. Both smiled softly. “I may have lost my leg, but there’s still a lot of things I’m capable of doing. I just showed you a few of those things too, didn’t I?”

They heard a thump coming from Fannie’s bedroom along with a small groan. Emma looked over at Robert. He pulled the blankets over them. She gulped staring at his bedroom door. Robert put his arms around her, trying to keep her calm. He did not care if Fannie saw them. If only Robert was dressed, maybe she could delude Fannie, Emma thought to herself.

The rattling sound of Fannie’s doorknob being gripped rang loud, but louder to Emma as she was greatly paranoid. She then heard the door unlock, and the rattling sound started again. “Maybe we can get your underwear and pajama pants on.” She said.

Robert sighed “I’ll do it.” He said, hastily putting on his underwear and pajama pants. Emma crawled out of the bed slowly walking towards Robert's door.

Robert stared at her backside with suppressed longing. Someone tried opening Robert’s door. Emma gasped still on-edge as she saw the doorknob being twisted. Thankfully, Emma locked it when she snuck into his room.

Emma unlocked the door, she stepped back. When the door got opened, she was surprised by what she saw standing in the doorway: A person who was tall, broad, wearing a black trench coat, matching combat boots, a bandanna over their face. The person unsheathed their bloody hatchet. The blood dripped off the blade.

Emma screamed out in terror and ran back to the bed. She wasn’t thinking clearly. The person entered the bedroom.

Is this the only bitch left?” The person asked Robert, in a gruff voice.

She is.” Robert responded, looking up at Emma with a sinister grin plastered on his face as he gripped her wrist.


Austin Spradlin is a 22-year-old writer, who resides in Flatgap Kentucky. His work can be found in issue 26 of Serial Killer Magazine.


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