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John was driving down the desolated roads of Pressman Avenue. It was almost midnight. A storm was blowing and leaves were creaking. There was a heavy rainfall and a strong wind which made the whole weather cold. The road ahead couldn’t be seen because of the mist covering the whole atmosphere. Far ahead on the end of the road was a bungalow. John was looking for a place to stay for a long time. He couldn’t afford the houses in town, so he looked for an accommodation on the outskirts of New York. This bungalow looked more like a witch’s castle with pointed sphere like chimneys. The bungalow looked quite dilapidated and aged. The paint was coming off and the plaster on the wall was ripping off as well. Everything seemed to be spooky. There was a moor right near the entry of the bungalow. John drove through the driveway of the bungalow to reach the parking spot. He parked and locked his car and made way to the entry. He rung the bell and the door creaked open slowly. As the door was opening, he could see the shadow of a hunchback lady. As he went close to the shadow, towards his right, he could see an old hunchbacked lady standing with a torch in her hand. She was keeping the torch too close to her face that only her eyes and nose were to be seen. She had non-expressive eyes and a sharp and pointed nose. “Follow me!! I will show you around the bungalow.” the old woman croaked. Without uttering a single word, John followed the lady to see the bungalow. “To your left is the kitchen and to your right is the utility area.” the lady said in a hoarse voice. “Ok and where are the rooms?” John asked. “The rooms are upstairs.” the lady said. While they were talking, the main door of the bungalow started to creek and closed harshly. When he turned back to the old woman, she was gone. Somehow she had vanished into thin air. “Hello ma’am, where are you?” John cried. He felt a hand on his shoulder, when he turned back, he saw nothing. He started to go towards the rooms. The floorboards were creaking. John was getting scared by every passing minute. He found the bungalow to be very spooky. As he started climbing up the stairs, the carpet which was laid on the stairs started slipping and made John fall down. He tried again, but in vain. He tried to climb over the railing of the stairs to go up, but he slipped and fell again. He felt as if there was oil on the railings. After a while, John stopped trying and thought of leaving. When he went near the door to open it, it was locked. On the door, in blood stained letters, it was written that ‘If you try to leave, you will not be spared.’ This made John freak out. He was feeling very thirsty so, he ran into

the kitchen to drink water. It was very dark inside the kitchen. Out of nervousness, John started shivering and sweating. He took a glass from the drawer and pulled the tap to drink water. He brought the water into the main lobby where there was light. As soon as he looked at the glass, he saw blood filled in the glass. He threw the glass. He was now completely spooked. He had no other option but to stay in the bungalow. He went into the utility area to see if there was any mattress or blanket but there was none. As he was exiting the utility area, he saw blood stained footprints on the wall. He started screaming at the top of his voice. He ran into the living room and hid in a corner. Immediately, from one side of the living room, he could hear wicked laughs and spooky music. The voice wasn’t clear and was cracking and it felt as if it was a music player which was not used for ages. In the corner where he was sitting, he could see small spider webs dangling from the dusty and dilapidated ceiling. As soon as he looked above to trace the corner of the spider web, he saw 3 big bold letters written with blood. It was DIE. He shut his eyes to control his fear but nothing worked for him. It felt as if he was heavily traumatized by the events inside the bungalow. After 2 hours of continuous prayers to god and keeping eyes shut, he mustered courage and opened his eyes. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw an old woman hurling towards him with a sword in her hand. She looked like Granny from the horror game GRANNY. He felt as if this was his end. He bashed GRANNY on her face with a punch and ran towards the door. The door was surprisingly unlocked and he ran towards his car. Granny from nowhere came in front of him and started chasing him with a sword. He and Granny were running. Nobody understood as if Granny was running behind John or John was running behind Granny. He ran towards his car but to his surprise, the car caught fire and blasted. Granny was right behind him and was about to kill him with the sword when suddenly, he could hear voices from above. “Wake up John, wake up. Don’t you want to go to office?” and that’s when he got to know that this was his dream.



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