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Sam receives a phone call, breaking sad news of his Uncle Ben’s death in a car accident. He immediately leaves for his home. He attends the funeral and tries to console his father who is deeply hurt by his brother's demise. He asked his Mom about the accident. “Your dad received a phone call from the police in the middle of the night about the accident. Later we came to know that he had a heart attack that caused him to lose control of the car and caused the accident,” she says. Sam was surprised to know this because his Uncle had no heart condition. On asking about his mobile phone and his belongings, he comes to know that the mobile phone had been sent for repair. There was a bag in the backseat of the car. He gets that bag, takes it to his room, and unzips it quickly. He was having a strong feeling that something terrible had happened with his uncle that night. He is looking for some clues to support his doubt. He checks the bag properly but finds nothing suspicious. There was just a painting. His uncle owned a store of items for interior decoration, finding that painting in his bag isn’t a big deal. He has been working with his uncle at his store. He never saw that painting there before leaving for the trip with his friends. He was gone for just five days. When he goes to the store, he takes that painting with him. He feels sad at the store in the absence of his uncle. A lady is also working there, her name is Jennie. Ben was a nice man; everyone associated with him liked him. He finds Ben’s laptop on the counter. He takes it with him that evening after closing the store. At the midnight he receives a notification of CCTV on Ben’s laptop. He is afraid somebody is trying to break in. He is carefully checking each footage, but everything seems okay. He is amazed why is he getting these notifications if there is nobody in the store. He noticed a statue moved by itself a little bit. He rubs his eyes and looks again, nothing. He shrugs it off, thinking his mind is playing tricks and goes back to sleep. When he goes to the store the next day, he finds that painting on the floor. He puts it back on the wall. He attends to some customers. In the evening, Jennie is arranging the stock when suddenly somebody pushes her. She falls on the floor, turns to see who was it and screams to find nobody. Sam rushes towards her, she looks scared and shocked. He asks her what happened.“ It pushed me! It pushed me again.” She says while getting up. “Who pushed you?” He asked. “After you left, some creepy things began to happen here. Your uncle was also upset. I got pushed by something unseen just like today. I asked him to contact a priest.” She is almost crying. Sam allows her to leave early that evening. Now he is alone in the store. He passes near that painting, he notices from the corner of his eyes as if it moved. He looks at it and finds that it has moved from its position a little bit. The painting is of a girl wearing a black dress. Her eyes seem like she is staring right at the person looking at it. He finds it creepy. He realizes something weird has happened here in his absence. He decides to check all the CCTV footage. He directly jumps to footage of the days when he was away. He watches his uncle receiving the same painting from a man and notices many poltergeist activities started after that day. In one late-night footage, he saw Ben coming to the store. He was checking everywhere in the store as if he doubted that somebody is hiding there. That creepy painting falls, Ben puts it back and after looking around again he leaves. Just after he leaves, Sam noticed a shadowy figure standing exactly where Ben was standing. Sam skips a heartbeat. In the next footage, he saw Ben entering again late at night. Again he is searching for someone. He goes to the attic but there was no camera in the attic. So he couldn't see what happened there. Ben comes out in panic and leaves the store. He also watches Jennie getting pushed by an unseen force. He checks last night’s footage. He is shocked to watch the same shadowy figure lurking in the store. He plays the footage of the night of Ben’s accident. He watches Ben putting the painting in the bag and leaving. When he reaches the door, suddenly a table moves and stops in his way. He quickly moves it and leaves the store. Suddenly there is a knock on his door. Sam’s dad has come to give him Ben’s phone. He snatches it from his dad’s hand and starts scrolling the screen anxiously. He plays a video recorded on the night of his accident and shows it to his dad as well. This video is recorded by Ben. He is in his car alone and time is 1:00 am. He is saying,” Since I have got this painting, crazy things have been happening. I am going to get rid of it. Yesterday night I saw something horrifying in the attic.” He starts driving. “ I hope it doesn't follow me tonight.” A nerve-racking scream is heard and Ben stops the car. He is shaking with fear. "I just heard a loud scream." He whispers, drenched in sweat. A loud bang is heard, he looks at the roof of the car. He stays there for some time, nothing happens. He takes a deep breath and starts his car again. After driving for a while, screams are heard again. "I have to get rid of it fast." He increases the speed of the car. The screams become louder. Suddenly he sees something on the road and in a try to avoid hitting it. He loses control of the car and there is a crash. Ben is injured but he is conscious and trying to come out of the car. A chill went to Sam and his dad's spine when they see what happens next. A dreadful entity appears in the backseat. It has a white bony face and hollow eyes. It is moving towards Ben, he is petrified. The video ends there. Sam and his father are looking at each other in shock.


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