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The sound of people gossiping and laughing surrounded him, as well as the smell of extremely bad body odour and cheap deodorant. Just like any other ordinary school day for Denny; or so it would have been if it wasn’t for the suspicious deaths of his girlfriend, Vanessa’s followers or ‘so-called’ friends. It is the year 2030, and things began to change after his school drama production based around the suicide of Laurel a 15 year old bully victim, who once attended his school 17 years ago.


Denny couldn’t help but notice her, her bleached blonde hair, her round blue eyes and her heart-shaped face. Vanessa. He could hear her high pitched laughter from here, she was teasing one of her many victims from the ‘teletubies’. The ‘teletubies’ are a group of kids who were born artificially in test tubes; he couldn’t help feeling sorry for them. Great – she spots him. Denny was already preparing himself for the onslaught considering he forgot to call her; even he was scared of her. “BABE!” Pronounced Vanessa so anyone within a 100m radius could hear, “Why didn’t you call?!”
“I…umm…f-forgot” Stuttered Denny.
Vanessa fluttered her eyes “Stay over tonight to make up for it?”
With that she puckered her lips and gave him an immense smooch on the cheek yelling “looking forward to it baby!” Denny quickly evacuated the scene, dreading the night to come.

Denny, turned off the engine and braced himself for the torture the night was yet to reveal. Within seconds of parking in Vanessa’s driveway he was paraded with her few remaining friends Regina, Jessica and Tamika. 
“Den you made it!” … “We’re going to have so much” … “Omg! Did you see …” The rest of the trio’s words came out in a blur, he couldn’t give a damn what they had to say. Vanessa comes out and whispers between shivers “Sweetie come inside its c-cold.” With that she leads them into the house.

After the second ‘chick flick’ that Vanessa had forced upon him Denny began to become drowsy. “Ness! Let’s make an Ouija board!” pronounced Regina
“That’s the perfect idea!” After the hassle of finding the right materials to make the board, the girls all put their fingers on the corner of the cup and chanted 
“Ouija Ouija Ouija, are you there?” At first nothing happened, and Denny once again began to close his eyes, only to be rudely interrupted by a squeal of excitement. Sure enough, the cup moved around the ‘yes’. “Omg, Tamika that was so you,” demanded Jessica.
“Was not!”
“Girls! Shut up, only one way to find out.” Vanessa interrupted, “If you’re there give us a sign.” At first nothing happened, and the girls began to giggle. Denny was tired of this and started to say
“Babe, I’m going to go …” But he was interjected with the flickering of the candle lights. The room was filled with a series of blinking, until everything was completely dark. Everyone was holding their breaths; the sound of the wind whistling through the trees in the growing storm filled the room. The room exploded with light, the candles were re-lit. “Where’s Regina?!” whispered one of the girls.
“It’s not funny Reg!” yelled another “Just come out.” After a silent two minutes of waiting for Regina, the small group decided to look for her.
“Reggy, if you come out, I’ll buy you that lip gloss you wanted!” squealed Jessica.
Tamika continued, “… and I will buy you that pretty top!”
Vanessa rolled her eyes, “… and if you don’t come out, I’ll punch you in the face!”
It was no use, Regina was gone.

The shock was yet to settle in; the remaining four were huddled in a corner thinking of what to do next. Vanessa broke out in hysterical sobs, Tamika was chewing her nails, Jessica was rocking herself and Denny was the only one thinking rationally. “You girls stay here; I’m going to see what’s going on.” Denny set off into the darkness unknowingly. “Is anybody there?!” yelled Denny over Vanessa’s sniffling. The door up the hall from him began to creek. “Answer me!” CRASH. Denny ran to see the commotion but was left to find a blood trail, he caught his breath, and he became numb. He was broken out of the trance by the girl’s screams. Denny ran back down the hall to find only Vanessa in the corner. She scrambled to her feet and fell into Denny’s arms. “Baby, where are they?” He stroked her hair trying to soother her, “baby?” Vanessa looked up at him revealing her tear stained cheeks and puffy eyes,
“They’re gone.”

Denny scooped Vanessa into his arms, “it’s okay sweetie we’re getting out of here.” He placed her into his car and roared his engine to life. 
“Where do you think you’re going?” whispered a strange croaky whisper from the back seat. Denny whipped his head around to find a girl, maybe 1-2 years younger than him. The temperature began to drop; Vanessa was cowering in her seat and visibly becoming paler. “What are you doing to her?!”
“I will not let the cycle repeat itself,” whispered the intruder.
“What cycle! What are you talking about?!” A blue luminescent light shown all around the stranger, and her features became more clear revealing the cuts up her arms and her mascara running down her cheeks from obvious tears.
“She’s destroying people like me.” Blood began to emerge from Vanessa’s lips; her eyes were staring at the ceiling. 
“Ness? Nessy, talk to me!” His desperate pleas were useless, her body went limp.

The stranger began to squeal with delight, her red lips turned up into a crooked smile.
“You’re sick,” sobbed Denny. She twirled her cherry red hair around her fingers and leaned in closer, “No, I’m Laurel.”


I'm currently a highschool student entering my final years, I previously wrote this story for an English assignment and I received an 'A' for my efforts. My English teacher then suggested that I share my story with more readers. From the moment I could write I've been constructing different worlds from our own and creating characters to live in them. My interest in writing gives me the opportunity to escape day to day life as we know it.


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