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As we enter the seaport guided by shadows and lights used by boats and ships to enter and leave the harbor, we pass a series of boats tied to their docks, the sounds of ship horns and the clanking of channel markers fill the night air.  Leaving the seaport’s harbor, we visit the ever populated city of New York, where tall buildings and crowds of civilians move through the streets like waves in an ocean.

In this city lives a man named Jay, a 28 year old student who attended Queensborough Community College with a slim build, dark hair and metal frame glasses. He has a friend named Alexis , who he met when Jay was visiting the American Museum of Natural History to write a research paper on the Paleo- ecology of the Green River Formation. She’s a 33 year old woman who volunteers as an exhibit explainer, working at the fossil halls. Jay’s mother was staying with her friend Carl, while he was at home with his girlfriend, working on publishing his paper to a scientific magazine.

Alexis has a friend named Lilith, who is married to a lawyer named Gary. Lilith is a 35 year old woman who is tall and curvaceous, with flowing black hair. She has an intense love for wild animals and got a job at the Coney Island Aquarium as a docent, studying the biology of aquatic vertebrates during her training and educating the visitors on preservation and conservation of habitats in which these species thrive in. Lilith has loved everything about her life, except her lawyer husband who is a business lawyer, who views his wife as the barefoot and pregnant type of a  person, who must submit to him. An abusive tyrant her husband was and he tends to harbor a traditionalist mentality when it comes to women, even his own wife. Jay and Alexis received an email from an editor from Discover Magazine named Elisa. The email described the submission guidelines for submitting articles into publication.

Alexis also considered changing the title of the article to make it more “people friendly”, keeping the scientific knowledge written as the information as taught by scientists, while also adding other information to it and making the article more accessible for laymen and museum visitors to enjoy. Alexis and Jay decided to promote their work as a  book on paleoecology, and submitted the work to a publisher who specializes in books on nature and science. Later, Jay told his mother all the good news about his book. “Ma, I have some good news today? He said smiling. “What’s the good news? his mother asked. I just promoted my new book and submitted it for publishing” Jay said. “Well, that’s great, it good to see you doing something you love, I always supported you” she said. After visiting his mother, Jay and Alexis went to see Lilith at

Bellevue Hospital to make an appointment with Dr. Gonzalez, her psychiatrist... that’s right, Lilith, because of the stress of her hazardous relationship, she requested the help of Dr. Maria Gonzalez, her psychiatrist who specializes in relationships and family services. Dr. Gonzalez asked Lilith to come and join her in a roundtable discussion with other abused women to talk about their own relationships and share solutions to problems. “Alexis, I’m not embarrassed to say, that I don’t hate men at all, and I ‘m not a feminist , but I just hate my husband... he is an asshole and kills my vibe in any way possible, and he’s very abusive to me mentally... a toxic mix of destruction and sexiness... he is” she said. “I know is hard, but you’re trying to do the best to keep from breaking down emotionally and physically as you can Lilith, especially with these psychiatrist visits with Dr. Gonzalez... I really hope they help. ” Alexis replied. “ Yes it does.” Lilith replied.

As night fell upon the city, Lilith was asleep, having visions of her husband’s abusive nature of a history of beatings, forced sex and berating, which made her angry, and she thought to herself that she took a trip. Lilith went along to seek her prey, the alpha male bastards she called “unsavory”. And so, she stole through 42nd street pursuing men who reminded Lilith of her husband Gary. As she came closer and began to ease herself in on her enemies, only to find them inside sex clubs and prostitute rings. Lilith witnessed a young man beating his girlfriend in the face, with a tire iron.  When the man left her, he strolled into the alley where Lilith waited for him. As a woman bent on vengeance,  she began attacking him with claws and fangs rapidly as he screamed, where Lilith began to cannibalize the man’s body from his head to his toes. Hours later, with the woman lying on the ground bleeding from her head, Lilith then returned to her and escorted her to Bellevue Hospital in an ambulance, where she would receive medical attention for her wounds. The horrific images of abuse have been clamoring in Lilith’s mind, had long subsided... At least for now.

The next morning after her harrowing ordeal, it was time for Lilith to go to work, with a few hours of rest, she managed to get to the Aquarium and decided to take Jay with her. During his visit, Jay watched with amazement as Lilith showed her people skills as an educator, in teaching visitors every aspect of vertebrate ecology in aquatic habitats and it can be preserved.  After she was done, Lilith decided to pick Jay’s brain about his experiences at the aquarium.“What was the training program like at the Aquarium, after you graduated Jay? She asked. “ I can say with great certainty, that the program was an eye opener, being that it was a 6 week course on conservation, zoology and habitat ecology” he said.   “Were there any homework assignments that you had to do?  Asked Lilith.  “Yes, participants were responsible for doing an assignment each week, plus a research paper on an animal at the aquarium.” Jay replied. “But, how did you get the job, Lilith? “I was trained as a biologist at the Bronx zoo during an ambassador program, then I was contacted by the Aquarium’s volunteer coordinator for an interview for the job I have now.”  So, what do we do after you get off tonight? Jay asked. “We can go to a hotel later, I have money saved up for rainy’s enough to get a room for the night” . “Sure, why not? Jay asked. “Because I’m bored with my abusive husband and I wanna bang one out a few times” Lilith  said.  Make sure, you take your medication, I wouldn’t want you to go psycho”. “No need, I already took some this morning”. Lilith replied.

At the hotel, things were getting hot and steaming between Lilith and Jay, as they frolicked in the hotel bed naked, exploring all positions of sexual nature, even those her husband wouldn’t even try. The night ended with both of them spooning one another, while Lilith, still sweating from the vigorous sex, felt the tip of Jay’s erected penis stroking her buttocks.  Lilith touched his penis again was immersed in its still erect form... she wasn’t going to let this penis go to waste... so Lilith placed a condom on the tip and began to perform fellatio on him, before Jay turned her over performed anal sex on her and then in one last effort, he ejaculated inside the crease of her buttocks. However, Lilith wasn’t through, she grabbed the back of his head and opened her legs and positioned his head and tongue into her waiting vagina, and Jay laps her clitoris as she began to orgasm. During a wet night of steamy sex in a hotel suite, things can still get dangerous.

After her vigorous night of pleasure, Lilith still had a score to settle with her husband. Lilith returned home without any sight of Gary, apparently he was finishing up a trial. So, she looked for a suitable weapon to defeat Gary with. She then remembered her uncle was a research chemist working for a lab at Columbia University, and he wanted to study the uses of red phosphorus- an explosive substance found in meth on certain materials. The funny thing is...he left a bottle of it in the linen closet.  She also got some G. H. B - a date rape drug, which some of her college friends used once, and carefully dipped her husband’s favorite chocolate in some red phosphorus, while putting the G. H. B in his wine.

Lilith drove Jay back to the Bronx, and as he was about to leave to go to the apartment, she called him over to the car and told him if he wanted to get away for a while, just call her up and she’ll come running. Jay thanked her and said she can get him anytime and they’ll hang out together, whenever she gets off work. Lilith leaned over to Jay, kissed him and slipped her phone and cell number in his pocket. Meanwhile... when Gary returned home, he was expecting to find his wife in bed. His jealous thoughts brimmed at the notion of her with another man. However, Lilith did care about him enough to leave his chocolate and wine. As he took a sip of it, Gary noticed it tasted funny. Within a few hours, Gary found himself feeling dizzy from drinking too much wine. So, he decided to take a bite of chocolate, unaware of the mysterious substance that it was dipped into.

Suddenly, Gary’s jaw ignited the weird substance and ... his jaw exploded, hemorrhaging the cerebral cortex and causing him to bleed out.  Before long, bits of teeth and the lower jaw fell to the floor and the abusive Gary soon expired.





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