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His time has come to present himself through her. To push from deep inside her body to the outside of her skin, and to transform her into himself.

Living with him for her sixteen years of life, came with her own battles of self-identification. Not once was she ever rid of him from inside of her.

The demon had been lurking for years from within herself, and was first presented truly, when she turned twelve. And since then, the fractures in her brain had become prominently, as a result of her ruthless mother: who had the chance to protect her, but who brought more pain than she could handle.

The lighter fragments hold memories of a happy place she had made for herself in her mind. But the most long lasting and unnerving fractures were demons inside of her head, that would transform themselves into her own emotions and personalities.

What bothered her was that she could never see him. She could only feel him. Inside of her, his warm breath against her, his voice making every decision for her.

She could not think of anyone, but him. In a room full of people, she was stuck with only him, breathing on her.

The silent, but deadly beast had formed a heavy weight on her mind, and on her body, making sure that she couldn’t leave her bed when she was lonely, and that she must be with him, and only him.

She never got what she had needed, all she ever had was him, him instructing her, on every move she must make. But she had held him back her whole life.

When she knew it was his time to come, she was so completely finished with her battles that she had decided to let him come without holding him back any longer.

When she saw her eyes in her mirror, she knew that it was him. She knew that she had given him her life. That he had taken over her body.

She had lost the fight to him. After all this time, of holding him back, she had finally let him take over her body, and transform her mind completely into his.

And she was sure that he would do as he pleased, which she was convinced was to kill her: the weaker mind.

And that is what he had decided he would do. To be the stronger one out of the two of them and take their lives together.

When he was finished, she lay on the ground with him: her demon, and they lay there until death would destroy their bodies. In their last moments, the lighter fragments of memories played through their heads, and she thanked him for making the decision for her, as she could not have made it herself.

He told her that he would always take care of her, and their shared body. They will be together till they stopped breathing, and they will stop breathing together, as one.

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