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Part 1: Rocky, an entrepreneur fritters away his wealth on opulent accessories to brag about his image in society as an affluent aristocrat. Obliviously, he slowly becomes a pauper and loses everything in life. Deluged with debts, he lands himself in quandary and decides not to seek further help from anyone. On seeing his pitiful condition, Wilson, a close neighbor of Rocky, gives him accommodation in his home temporarily with all comforts galore. He also pays his debts and secures a job for him in the organization in which he is not only a shareholder but also an important dignitary. Rocky’s life cruises smoothly, without crests and troughs.


Part 2: One fateful night, Rocky gets a phone call from anonymous and this ping brings a massive twist in his life. The latter informs the former to attend the death ceremony of his neighbor (Wilson) who died a year ago in a car accident. On hearing this, a chill runs down the spine of Rocky and he plans to evacuate from his home at the earliest. But the moment he opens the door to step out of that hell with his luggage, he encounters Wilson, who clasps his hand and takes him back. Wilson tells Rocky that “He is not only his neighbor but also his close friend and threatens him to kill if he dares to step out of his house again.


Part-3: On the next morning, Wilson gets a call from an anonymous person who apprises him of the death of his neighbor, Rocky, a couple of years back. The person on another side of the call tells Wilson that his neighbor hung himself from the ceiling fan owing to incurring huge losses in his business. But the latter scoffs off his talks, considering it to be gibberish, and disconnects the call. Though Wilson doesn’t exhibit any sign of suspicion towards Rocky but later eagerly waits to rescue from the former.


Part-4: A Sorceress is anonymously aware of the actual truth that she knows who among the two is gruesome? She even takes a daring step to reach Wilson's house and reveal the truth to the innocent but is killed midway. A well-known putative cop of the city comes across the old newspaper at his home in which it gave the tidings appurtenant to the gruesome incident and this urges him to motion to Wilsons’ house to protect the person who is on the brink of death. But as the shadow of bad fortune chases him, he too dies in the mishap.


Part-5: Wilson bolts the door from outside when Rocky falls asleep and steps out of the house with a few changes of clothes and personal accessories.


Part-6 -Recalling the statements of anonymous on a preceding day, insouciant Wilson ponders over the issue and decides to step out of that house forever. At 9.P.M Wilson and Rocky gather for dinner and exchange some talks with each other. Thereafter, they comfort themselves in the drawing hall watching TV for some time.


Around 9.45 P.M., Rocky tells Wilson that” He is feeling drowsy and will hit the hay”

Accordingly, When Rocky goes inside his room to retire for the day, Wilson casts a surreptitious glance at him, and around 10.00 P.M., taking a few changes of clothes and chattels, he moves out from there by bolting the main door from outside.


Part-7- At 10.15 P.M., pretending to fall asleep Rocky gets up from his bed and risks peering out of his window to ascertain that Wilson had left the place and is not in sight. But what intensifies his suspicion on Wilson is the latter’s sudden evacuation from that place too without intimation. He too recalls the statements of anonymous over the phone and prepares himself to chase Wilson. Witnessing the main door bolted from outside, Rocky jumps off from the balcony safely as the house is stationed on the ground floor only.

 Part-8- Wilson drives his way along the highway flanked by dense forests but applies brakes in distance on seeing a drunkard weaving around the road,


A small conversation takes place between Wilson and the drunkard:


Wilson: Hey man, why are you treading in the middle of the road? Are you drunk?


Drunkard: Smiles! Yes, I am drunk and lost my way home.


Wilson: Oh! Come along with me; I will drop you at your destination in my car.


Drunkard: It’s ok! I will go alone. No need to take pains to drop me.   Could please hold me and make me sit comfortably in the back seat of your car as I am in an inebriated state?

 Wilson: Sir, you seem to an elderly person and at this point of time it’s not safe to walk alone along this route!

Drunkard: Ok, gentleman. But my home is only two kilometers away from here. I think I can go on foot to my destination! 

Wilson: Sir, it seems that this entire route is haunted by an evil force and after 12.P.M. its sway will be powerful on humans.

Drunkard: Shudders! I will come along with you. Could please hold me and make me sit comfortably in the back seat of your car as I am in an inebriated state?

Wilson: Oh Sure, It’s my pleasure sir! I will wake you up when your stop comes.

 Wilson takes the charge of driving and the drunkard sleeps languidly in the back seat of his car.

Part-9- Rocky speeds up his juggernaut via a by-pass route with a motive to chase Wilson and end the conundrum forever. On the way, he turns his attention to the tombstone with engravings,

 "Way to Graveyard '' and this piqued his curiosity to divert his vehicle towards there. Situated in the interior from the main road with a pitch of unqualified darkness, pockmarked roads, bizarre sounds reverberating off the woods, and the smoke environing the aura, this macabre area trembles Rocky's hands, augments his heartbeat, and triggers facial sweating leaving him in a helpless state. He glances at each tombstone and makes a move from one tombstone to the other in search of a clue and at last finds an esoteric one with engravings on it "I will be back soon", This renders him flummoxed and speechless.


Part-10- The drunkard laid down comfortably in the back seat of the car wakes up after an hour and is flabbergasted to see a burnt person driving the car at a speed beyond permissible limits. He rubs his eyes and gazes at him again but no change. This grotesque man with crimson eyes smashes the drunkards' head into the glass window, throwing him out of his vehicle.


Part-11- The tombstone situated a few yards from the usual ones is of none other than “Wilson’s and Rocky concludes that he is the gruesome ghost who mercilessly took the lives of the sorceress, cop, and many others who so ever tried to unveil the mystery. As he pins his concentration on reading the sentences engraved on Wilson’s tombstone suddenly a hand from behind rests on his shoulder and holds him firmly. The anxious Rocky turns his head backward and yells out of uncontrollable fear on seeing the Wilson turned ghost.


A small conversation takes place between the two:


Rocky: I should have maintained a distance from you at the beginning itself.


Wilson: I know you are a self-respecting man and would not seek help from anyone despite being reduced to mendicancy.


Rocky: But you succeeded in trapping me with your fake emotions and cunning strategy.


Wilson: Yes, I know that you will follow me and take all the risks to reach over to this place.


Rocky: I came here to know the veracity of truth and your tombstone reflected your demise a couple of years back as told over by anonymous on phone.


Wilson: Yes, absolutely right and do you know one more thing, I am a psycho and eccentric by nature!


Rocky: Initially I was unaware of your true contours but now everything is clear.


Wilson: When I am not alive, I will not let others live peacefully whether it’s you or someone else! 


Saying this, Wilson lifts Rocky in the air by holding his neck and drops him suddenly onto the ground, he treads his foot on the latter’s face and wounds him terribly.

The stifling Rocky slides his foot and somehow manages to rescue from the graveyard and hides behind the bushes on another side of the road (opposite the graveyard).


When the Wilson reaches over to the main road at a slow pace, a short circuit takes place due to which an overhead electric wire falls on him and he collapses on the spot.


This site gives tremendous relief to Rocky and he immediately gets into his vehicle and leaves that place.


This is a short story based on Genre: Horror, with multiple twists and turns that attempt to unveil the gruesome ghost among the two close pals.  


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