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                                   (Inspired by true events)

                         Part one: The descent into darkness

 "Come on, sweetie, now is the time for a bedtime story," a man tells his daughter as he begins reading from a few papers he was carrying. "Today, David is meeting his former teacher, Pinky, after 4 years. He visits her place and gives her a present, saying that it contains a story that he had written himself for her, whose genre is dark psychological thriller. He informs her that she is in the story somewhere."As the teacher reads the story, it starts following two guys, David and Marcus, planning to murder the girl in the neighborhood. They live 200 meters from her house. Their exams are coming, and they have the habit of studying at night. So, one night, they sneak out from their house to commit the murder. Even if the boy's parents don't see them in his bed, they wouldn't get concerned as he has the habit of wandering on his roof at night to relieve the stress of exams. The boy wears a black jacket, black pants, and black gloves, and sneaks out from the back of the house."In flashback, we see them researching about it. Marcus explains to David that they will sneak out from the house at 1:30 a.m. as most people are sleeping, as it is still a bit winter, and the black attire will help them not leave any hair, fingerprints, etc., at the crime scene. The girl's house is 200 meters away, and there are 3 lights between the girl's and their house. If anyone sees them, that's not a problem, but if anyone questions anything by chance, they will just run away. It's important that while breaking in, they need to ensure that the girl and her parents are sleeping. For

that, while playing cricket, they just have to ensure that the ball goes on their roof, and it will be easy as it happens often. Then, they will go to the roof and plant the listening spy device gadget on their roof. They must remember to hide it behind the tank below the bricks so no one will find it, as they will hide it in the evening, and they will commit the crime at night of the same day. Thanks to

Ezvid Wiki for suggesting such gadgets. They will also have to order other things like other tools and a black mask, "3M Half-Face Respirator mask." They must remember to use someone's faraway relative's phone, whom they don't often contact easily or regularly. Nitrogen gas will be needed; it can be easily obtained as its need is simple. Nitrogen is less dense than normal air and hence used by all balloon sellers to fill balloons with it. Given this information, they can easily get it from a faraway city like Muzaffarpur with the help of his older brother. They must remember to take a bag to pack these things, You'll need some books on different topics which are considered

as "sensitive" you can easily get it from your elder brother's college library using his library card."

"They are now in the streets, which are totally deserted; only the sound of crickets can be heard.

The boy is not visible in the dark as the moon isn't bright, and due to his black attire, he can only be seen as he passes from the streetlights. He then opens the first door of the girl's house easily as it isn't guarded by any lock; his thin hands easily open the gate from inside. Then comes the real catch, the second door, which contains an aluminum lock. David opens his backpack and takes

out the tools and heats the door where the lockwas located. He talks to himself, 'It wasn't easy for me to pick a lock as I have never stolen anything ever.' Then, he slides a folded cloth inside the door from a few centimeters space below the door. Thanks to the books "The Complete Book of

Locks and Locksmithing" by Bill Phillips, "Locksmithing: A Guide to Locks, Safes, and Security

Systems" by Richard McDonough, and "The Locksmith's Bible" by Alexander G. Weygers, I learned a lot from them. Then, with his tools containing a soundproof regulator, he first freezes the lock and then heats it. It wasn't easy to do this by just reading those books; I had to practice by buying similar locks from the market and breaking them without sound. In afew minutes, I failed the first few tries, but hey, practice makes a man perfect. The locks, after heating, shatter on the cloth, making very little sound. The boy rechecks if someone in the neighborhood woke up and ensures that the girl's family is sleeping through the spying device, and then enters the house. He then goes inside the rooms, finding the parents' room locked from inside. Marcus says, 'Why is it locked? You know they must have done it to have sex.' David replies, 'I don't know, but they didn't have sex as I would have listened through the spying device. And please don't come; my head starts hurting when you do that. Only come when I call you.' Now the boy again talks to himself, 'No problem, I have already prepared for it. The normal air contains 78% nitrogen, and it is colorless and odorless gas and is not harmful to humans. However, if its amount is increased in

the atmosphere to 100%, then a person will die painlessly without suffocation. But if it is just increased to a level, a person can get unconscious. I know it doesn't sound real, as it could be dangerous and can lead to a person's death, but thanks to the books "Organic Chemistry" by Jerry

March and Michael Smith." Toxicology: Principles and Practice" by John B. Keller and Dennis J.


"Biochemistry" by Jeremy M. Berg, John L. Tymoczko, and Gregory

  1. Gatto

"Chemical Principles" by Peter Atkins and Loretta Jones. After a bit of research from the internet, it became clear: for 1 minute, oxygen deprivation leads to nausea and unconsciousness; for the second minute, brain cells start dying, leading to complete unconsciousness; and for the fourth minute, the person has the chance to go into a coma. But I don't need 3 minutes, 2 minutes to break the lock. The book further helped me and made me understand how much Nitrogen gas I'll need to make three people unconscious for 3 minutes. The boy wears the mask and releases the

Nitrogen gas. Now, he breaks the parents' room lock with the same method. The parents and the girl are still unconscious. He then hits the parents and goes to the girl's room to hit her on the neck with his hand with a jerk. Then, he talks to himself: "You know, I have been practicing martial arts form trainers every weekend to deal with the bullies in the school when I changed my former school, as this school was full of bullies, and I never knew this would help me someday to commit

a crime."To do this, I had to read many books on martial arts: 1. "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, 2.

"Bruce Lee's Fighting Method" by Bruce Lee and M. Uyehara, 3. "Judo: The Art and Techniques" by

Toshiro Daigo, 4. "The Complete Book of Karate" by Ashida Kim. Learning more about how to apply measured force on a person's sensitive part, which is here, the neck, and to make them

unconscious for 8 minutes. It wasn't easy. I had to read books on Human autonomy also. Thanks

to 1. "Gray's Anatomy" by Henry Gray, 2. "Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy" by Frank Netter, 3.

"Human Anatomy" by Guyton and Hall, 4. "Anatomy: A Regional Atlas of the Human Body" by

Carmine D. Clemente. I found out about pressure points in a person's body, example, the neck, abdominal, etc. The neck seemed to be the perfect place for me to work it out. The vagus nerve, located in the neck, helps regulate heart rate. When forcefully stimulated or compressed, it can cause the heart rate to drastically slow down or stop momentarily, leading to unconsciousness.

This can occur through direct trauma from a blow to the neck. In short, providing a jerk on a person's neck could get them unconscious long enough to tie them up. But it wasn't easy for me. I had to practice for like a month on trees to apply the measured force needed to apply it with a jerk force. Then, I had to try it on a few people. I found these people at a wedding I visited 6 months ago. Yes, I was planning this murder for a year, as I know it's nearly impossible to murder someone and get away with it. The people on whom I tried this were faraway relatives, and this was 6

months ago. The police will never question them or find out about it."

"I failed in this many times, as I always do, but Einstein was right: practice did make me perfect.

The boy then ties the girl's parents, puts thick tape on their mouth while they are unconscious. He had to do this in 4 minutes, but he had practiced it on pillows, bags, and even on pet dogs to achieve this speed. Then, he goes to the girl's room. The girl is still unconscious. He had to do the same to the girl and then start covering the bed sheet and the walls with the plastic he had bought in his backpack. Marcus says, 'Hey, the girl is awake.' David says,

'Jeez, man, you scared the shit out of me; my head is now hurting.' Marcus replies, 'The girl is in real pain. See, the girl is now awake. That means the parents would also be awake.' He then sits beside the girl on her bed and then musters up the courage and stabs her two times in the neck. I knew how much force I had to apply; I have practiced it also. The blood starts flowing, coming out of the girl's neck. She starts pounding on the bed; she even peed a bit. The bed started making a sound. The boy tried to hold her as tight as he could, and then he became a bit scared and sat in the corner of the room. Suddenly, he stands up with full confidence and energy and starts cleaning all the blood from the plastic in the bathroom and keeps the plastic with the remaining blood in his bag. Now, he goes to the girl's parents' room, keeps something there, and comes out of the house. It was 4 a.m. now. The boy ran towards the nearby river, which was two kilometers away. He knew that even if someone saw

him, it wasn't a problem, as no one would recognize him due to his black attire. The river connects with the Ganga River. He disposes of his black outfit, tools, and backpack in the river. Now we see in flashback Marcus explaining to David: 'We will wear the black attire over our normal clothes while coming back. Anyone can recognize us, so we will come from a different path, which is no longer used due to the fear of snakes and its bad condition, the road having lots of pits on it, and no one will walk on the road, especially at 4:30 a.m.' The boy then comes to the streets through that road, closely observing that nobody is seeing him. The boy and his friend have a very cunning plan. The boy always jogs from 4:45 a.m. to 5:15 a.m. in the morning. He starts jogging on the street to avoid suspicion. Now we see in flashback Marcus explaining to David: 'Once you finish the girl, I will take off her clothes, take some pictures of her, and they can be printed out with the gadget. Thanks to internet research, it was costly, but hey, committing murder is no piece of cake.

Feel bad for the poors, but anyways.' And then leave it at the parents' room with a note explaining that this will go viral if the media is involved. The boy knows getting attention from media would

make the case viral, and maybe higher officers, instead of Inspector Shri Umashankar Ray of mufassil police station, will take upon this case, and that will increase problems for the boy. He knows that the girl's father is politically powerful, so he can easily create political pressure to avoid it from the media. The note should be left at the girl's parents' room explaining that it should be

told to the media and the neighbors that their girl has committed suicide. The boy was jogging in

the neighborhood. Now we see in flashback Marcus explaining to David about his plan: 'We'll go to the house at 1:30 and finish our work in 2 and a half hours, which is 4 a.m. we then go to the river and dispose of the evidence. At 4:45, we would come back to the neighborhood and start jogging.

By this time, the girl's parents would have freed themselves and probably called the police, explaining everything. It'll create lots of people in the neighborhood who will be an alibi for us as we jog. Remember to once again check on them before leaving the note. If they're tied completely, they'll be able to free themselves in 30-45 minutes. That's why always keep checking on them between the killing and disposing of blood in the bathroom, cleaning the crime scene, and don't forget to take the listening spying device from the rooftop." Now the boy comes home, a bit scared due to seeing the neighbors' crowd, but he's happy as he finds out that her father has told the neighbors that their daughter has committed suicide. He then goes to take a bath to relieve the stress. As David was bathing alone, Marcus says, "I think I might have miscalculated something."

David asks, "What is it?" Here, we find out that Marcus is not exactly David's friend but an imagination of his brain. You see, committing a crime and getting away with it is nearly impossible, and while planning a murder and maintaining studies and grades is very complex, he created this imagination to help him cope up with this and also to give him a different perspective on the case.

Marcus then explains to David that it is a good thing that their plan has worked and it is declared to the neighbors as suicide, avoiding the media. But the girl's father, being politically powerful, will definitely give this case to a higher officer or probably to a private investigator to handle the case with their full potential. David says, "But they wouldn't be able to investigate fully to the neighbors and gather witnesses to evolve the case. Moreover, can't this case be closed by blackmailing them

again to stop this case? And why didn't you think of this before?" Marcus gets frustrated and then says, "Planning a murder and executing it isn't a normal task. You have to keep a lot of things in mind. I probably would have missed it."He then explains that maybe the witnesses can be gathered, but still, the main purpose of our blackmail will not be fulfilled. The case will still go to a higher officer, and we can't blackmail again as it will be complex and moreover it will increase suspicion, and the father will get frustrated and might not care about this, and probably would also involve the media, creating more problems for us. This is the best we have got, and I think I am missing something else. I just can't remember what 's wrong. Anyways, the police are here. We don't have time. We should probably start the investigation. So now we see the boy totally thinking like the police officer. So he will get a call from a higher officer telling him to go to a murder site and to investigate it with his full potential. Then he arrives at the crime scene, sees the first door open with lots of people in the neighborhood, sees the second door whose aluminum

The lock is broken and shattered on the ground. He then meets the girl's parents, who explain to him that after the man in black left, they had bitten the tape with their mouths and had removed it.

Then both husband and wife remove each other's blindfold with their mouths, and then they cut the tapes off each other's body and hands and legs, and his wife quickly goes to their daughter's room. He starts reading the blackmail note with naked pictures of their daughter, quite his wife.

Theneighbors woke up and overcoming the sadness of his daughter's death, he goes to the front door explaining to the neighbors that their daughter had committed suicide and that he broke the lock as he couldn't find the keys in a hurry, explaining his wife's crying, and then calls the politician to put a private case on it. Then the investigator goes to the girl's room, seeing nothing but a few drops of blood on the ceiling, and then calls the forensics who examine the crime scene and take the blood for research along with the note and take photos of the crime scene which is then sent to him along with the pic of the note. He then searches all of the house over, including the toilet, finds nothing, and then goes to the parents' room, sees some taps and saliva all over it, and consoles the mother to catch the killer as soon as possible. The forensics are still there while he leaves for the police department. After some time, the boys see the police vehicle leaving the neighborhood followed by a car, probably the forensics, the boy thought. Now the boy creates a scenario in his mind in which he reports to his senior officials, who again tell him to solve it as

soon as possible, and he realizes that the girl's parents are politically powerful. He then waits for the forensic reports. Moving on, he now thinks about how the killer would have committed the crime. He thinks that the killer first would have come and removed the front door bulb from the socket so as not to be seen by anyone. With proper soundproof tools, he would have been able to pick the lock. He notes that the killer knows about lock picking very well and writes it on a small piece of paper and sticks it on his investigating board. Then he would have knocked the parents.

But how did the killer not leave any blood stains except on the ceiling? The second point he notes is that the killer knows well about human anatomy and may be about forensics. Suddenly, the lower constable reports to him about the warrant to question the neighbors, and he goes to question them to gather more information. The boy now sees the same officer in his car again after a few hours of questioning the neighbors and re-questioning the parents. The boy thinks that the investigator has come to re-question the parents about how the killer knocked them down unconscious. He then sees the investigator asking something to the neighbor's kid and the other neighbors. Then the police come to his house asking his parents, to which they explain that their son is really stressed about his upcoming examinations and only steps out for half an hour to jog and half an hour to play. The boy hears the conversation between his parents and the police, asking his parents about the timings of his jogging and playing and notes it down. The boy gets

stressed out after the police leave, but he is consoled by his parents that it's nothing, just a regular investigation routine, and that he should focus on his upcoming exams. Due to stress and a headache, he takes a headache pill. Now Marcus again consoles him and calms his mind to think clearly. He walks out, telling his parents he's going out for a walk to clear his mind, but he overhears the neighbors talking that the neighbor boy saw someone at night at 4 a.m. David understood that the boy would've seen him while he was heading to the river.The boy now thinks like the police and notes that the killer breaks into the house at 1:30 to 1:45. The neighbor's boy starts jogging from 4:45, but he had a strong alibi as per what the neighbors told him. He again goes to the shops for CCTV footage and finds one clip, but in reality, the police haven't yet come; the boy is just considering this possibility. He then finds out about the walking style, height, posture, and body style of the killer and sends it to the forensic team to create a character sketch.

After some time, the police actually come to inquire, and the boy smiles to himself. Now the boy starts solving questions for his upcoming exams, and the next day, he goes for a jog as usual.

Then he sees the main officer again questioning the girl's parents. Now he thinks as the investigator and creates a very strange scenario in which he finds lock-picking, human anatomy, and chemistry books in the father's secret home library safe, which the father strongly disagrees with, telling the police that someone is framing him. The police take the books and read them. On

the second day, the boy sees the officer taking something from the girl's house to his car, and he smiles again. As his mother calls him, he then goes to his house. The boy thinks that the police officer would have now known about his attire and the mask he was wearing, which the girl's parents would have told him. Further reading the books, he would have found out that they contain information used in the crime scene. But the officer, who is here, the boy himself as he's thinking like the police, finds these books odd as they're not in order and look like someone has kept them in a hurry. And the second day passes on.On the third day, the police come to question all the kids in the neighborhood who are in contact with the girl to find the motive of the killer. The police now come to David for investigation. He told the constables that he wasn't really close to the girl, just classmates, and competitors in studies, but he really enjoyed that. As he explained, competitors are the ones who push a person outside of their comfort zone, so he was always friendly to her.

Then, in the evening at playing time, all the kids were discussing all these things instead of playing.

He also told them about his experience with the police and their questions. All of them start guessing, and those guesses seemed to be ridiculous to the boy, but he finds that the police wouldn't have gotten any valuable information from these kids, and that the police were also ensuring that the kids were saying the right things by questioning other kids about other of their neighbors and other kids. The boy then went to his house and studied for his exams. The point to notice is that both days he studied mainly at night, further making his alibis strong. The fourth day, the forensic reports come, and the boy thinks as the police officer as he would have found the height of the black attire person and his characteristics, and he guesses that it would have matched the girl's father. Now, we see in flashback Marcus explaining to David to plant the books in the girl's father's safe, as he knew his father had political information in a safe that he guessed while playing with kids of the neighborhood. A few months ago, he saw that the father was angry at his wife due to the opening of a lock when some political faces left his home. It was normal for the girl's father, as he has connections to political faces, and they often come to their house. Marcus explains further that you just have to find the safe on the murder night, find the lock, break it with the same method, and keep those books. You'll also have to attain the girl's father's highest by wearing high boots and filling plastics in your body. For doing this, you'll need to practice and read

books on it, thanks to "Body Language" by Allan Pease, "The Actor's Handbook" by Robert, and

"The Power of Body Language" by Tonya Reiman. Method Acting.

David says according to the internet this would be the most difficult task, but it's the most easy for me. I don't know if I'm a good actor, but it's not difficult as it was explained, and my practice was easy, and I didn't even fail while doing this as I did in other things. And then you will have to study a lot about his father's body structure and walking style from the beginning and prepare a suit and copy his walking style

by closely observing him. And besides, it'll be dark, and due to your black attire when the police will see it in the camera, they'll only suspect the father, and it'll be enough as the books will be the main catch. You see David, it either needs solid evidence to suspect someone or many small indications towards a person to suspect him or her. As you know that at some point the case needs to end, so now either the father will use his political power to stop the case so as to get away with it or will confess and go to jail. The thing is simple; he'll stop the case as he doesn't have anything to confess and wouldn't go to jail, and the case will be left pending this way we can get away with this. Now, the father would have denied it and used his political power to stop the investigation. They think this as the police also don't come to the neighborhood or the girl's house. After that, on the fourth day while playing with the neighbor's kids, the boy realizes that a strange man telling the kids as the relative of the girl is playing With them, it was normal as the adult neighbors often join the kids in cricket and badminton. But today, he realized that the ball was taken by the strange man to the girl's house while the ball belonged to another boy. He was telling him to return it tomorrow. The boy now finds it fishing and realizes he had made a mistake.

Marcus thinks that the father must have used his political power to hand the case to a private investigator who is going to cooperate with the higher police officials. Marcus further says that he knew that it was sounding a bit convenient in his mind that this case would go pending that easily,

considering the father's political background. I am sorry I missed it, and buckle up, it's gonna be a long drive, my friend. Seeing the new private investigator, that casual David realizes that he is going to be caught as the investigator has got potential and is far, far more intelligent than him.

The way he came, played with the kids, and started a conversation with them was brilliant. There was no suspicion that he was an investigator, but the boy, being a genius, found it odd that why would a relative want to play with a ball in the house where their relative's daughter had died. And also, it wasn't like he had kids that would explain anything, so he must be taking it as evidence for forensics. The boy understood that he had been screwed, and he was really afraid, but again, he cleared his mind and took the meds and started thinking about what to do next as now his competitor is much smarter than him. He loses hope, but remember, his teacher once told him that need is the mother of invention, and that he has to get out of his comfort zone to face the next challenge. So now, the boy tries to think as a private investigator, but it's in his mind that he is much more intelligent than him because of which he can't do that, and instead starts studying for his exams. The next day after coming from jogging, he finds that the investigator is in his house. The private investigator explained to David's parents that to find the motive of the girl's suicide, it is necessary for him to ask questions, and that they can wait outside. David can call you guys if he feels uncomfortable. The investigator says to David, "Do you know she is murdered?"

David says, "If you are asking me this then definitely, I wasn't sure, but it confirms now."

Investigator: "See, I know you are smart and perhaps capable of murdering someone aren't you."

David: "No, I guess you are deeply mistaken." Investigator: "No, I don't think so. I see you are reading the book. You (pointing to the boy's bookshelf). It's a thrilling book you like to read about these kinds of stuff, don't you? The girl was a competitor in your studies. What more do you need me to prove that you have killed her?" David: "Lots of people like thrilling books. That doesn't mean

I can commit such a hideous crime. It doesn't prove anything." Investigator: "Of course not

(smiling). You are right, you wouldn't do that. Or would you?

Anyways, we'll meet soon." David: "I guess we'll not." Investigator: "You know, actually we will because you have committed a murder, haven't you?" David: (smiles) "Even if we did, that would be the last time, and I know this because I wouldn't even think in my dreams to kill a human being." The investigator goes away, and the boy

(David) complains to his parents about the way the investigator was accusing him. The neighbors also faced the same problems. They decided to talk to the girl's father so that they understand their situation, but it is affecting their kids, and if they want to meet their kids, they'll need to come up with a proper legal notice. David was now freaking out.

out. Marcus tries to calm him, saying that the investigator is fast; he must have guessed that the killer is a kid, someone the girl knew. That's why he was questioning all of the kids or why would he. So now, due to the neighbors' demand, no questioning was asked after that day. The boy followed

his normal routine. He didn't even see the investigator around the neighborhood and thought due to their parents' demand the case must have closed or at least slowed down. He had no idea how to put an end to the case once and for all, but after a few days, one fine day when he was going for a walk in the evening to clear his mind, he found the investigator in his van, convincing the boy to get in the van by apologizing to him about the other day and telling him he needs his help to solve the case. They can talk in his van, and he'll drop him home. But the boy finds it odd as the van was looking like a garbage disposal. But being curious how the case ends, he gets in the van. The investigator instantly injects him. The next thing, he finds that he was in an iron steel industry, having been locked by an old chain. The investigator explained to him that it is very far away from the city as it's a heavy industry. Due to the lack of market and high expense of transportation, it was in loss and it was closed, and that it belongs to his grandfather but none comes here now. He himself is coming here for the first time in years. And then explained to him that all his black attire and mask were found way far in the river as it struck with a turning of the river. The locals found blood strains on the plastics, and called the police there. I found a small piece of hair. Most of the evidence was destroyed, but it was enough. Do you know whom it belongs to? Right, it was a 15-17 year old boy. Then it became all clear. I found the other route which is unused by locals due to snakes fear, where I found the real footprints of your shoes which totally matched with your

jogging shoes. Most of the footprints were destroyed, but as it is used by very or no people it was there and I found it. Your game was outstanding, the way you planned to keep this away from the media involving an innocent father. But the truth always comes to me. David asked him then why I am here if everything is clear to you. The investigator explains that I've solved hundreds of cases and it's my reputation. I solved it fully but one thing that I still couldn't find out the motive why you killed her was it because she was your crush or competitor in studies. No one commits murder due to such small reasons and no one plans all these to get away with it. I know there's something more to it. What is it then? And she didn't have a boyfriend so who were you jealous of huh if I close the case it'll still be a mystery what was the motive and I don't want to break my record and reputation not knowing complete about this case so tell me. He started beating the boy and threatened him that he'll kill him and dispose of his body near the great Ocean in which the waste of this industry was disposed of. No one will find you. I'll put you in a bag full of stones so you don't come up. The mistake that you made you should have put the evidence in a heavy body so it doesn't come up but I'll not make this mistake. When the boy tells the investigator that the police would be looking for the boy as he's in the same neighborhood where a girl was murdered a normal missing case is registered after 24 hours but for me the police will immediately take action. The investigator says yes I know and who do you think is supervising it damn right I am it's a normal garbage disposal van none will ever suspect it and I'll handle the case easily. Hey, see here's the call. He talks on the phone and then tells the boy people are finding you and if you wanna be found then explain your motive. I have to go as it's urgent for me to report but if I come back and your motive is not ready it looks like we're gonna have a problem buddy. The investigator then leaves for two days, none saw the boy but on the third day the police get a message from the investigator explaining that in search of the criminal he became one. He killed an innocent kid in the blindness of investigation. He'll always regret it and can't live knowing he killed a kid so he's giving this world for the good of humanity and that they'll never find him. The police realize it's a suicide letter where the investigator was confessing his guilt and that the boy is probably dead as considering the suicide letter they decide to inform the boy's parents but the boy has just reached his house the whole family and police are in turmoil now. The boy explained that he was kidnapped by the investigator and that he was convinced that the boy was the murderer. As the boy didn't know anything, he didn't agree with him. In result, he tortured the boy, which explains his being beaten. Then, to make him confess, he locked the boy in an iron melting container and increased the temperature. The lock being very old, it instantly broke down and shattered on the ground as the container started heating. That explains the burn on the boy's feet. In a hurry, he must have forgotten the fact that the lock is old and can break, as he also told me that it belongs to his

grandfather and he hasn't visited here since his childhood. When the lock broke, I came out of it.

The boy explained that by that time, the investigator was already gone. And then he broke the temperature regulator, and because of which the irons in the container instead of heating began melting. The boy did that to ensure that when the investigator comes back, he thinks that I am dead and that the temperature regulator being old must have broken as soon as he switches it on.

And this will help me to buy time so I can figure out my way home from a very far unknown land.

The boy saw the investigator finding that the container was melting when he came back, and he didn't have the courage to look up and began crying and screaming. And then he left. After that, the boy walked in the desolate place and finally found a truck driver which dropped him in the city. The police rechecked this and questioned the truck driver, finding what the boy was telling was right and proved him as a victim. And the girl's father had to eventually stop the investigation as it became complex, involving danger to neighbors especially the kids, and the case was closed. Even the girl's father's political power couldn't reopen the case as the situation was severe. This was exactly what the boy wanted. Everyone thought that the investigator, thinking the boy dead, that he had killed an innocent, committed suicide and didn't want to be found as even dead he couldn't face the world after committing such a hideous crime. Now all the police, neighbors, and the boy's parents think that he is a victim. His parents told him to drop the exam if he doesn't feel good, but he explained that he had put an effort into the preparation and wouldn't like to waste it in vain.

After the exams, he then goes to that industry area to get something as a few days have passed and the police have successfully investigated the boy's story. Then he comes to his home where he hides that thing at a secret place in his bookshelf. He knew that the police had already checked his house and wouldn't do it again. However, even if they did, it's a secret place below the bookshelf so they wouldn't notice it. But nothing happened. He continued to be a victim, and the police were convinced of his story and didn't again check his house as the girl's case was also closed. Then to celebrate the aftermath of the exam, the boy and his parents go to his maternal grandmother's house, which was in the village. In that village at night, we see him disposing of some human bones with acid which was brought from the store for cleaning the house. No one is awake at night in the village as people fall asleep very early there and also there are big fields of crops so no one suspected and nor did they see anything. Then in flashbacks we see that after the investigator goes away, the boy tries to get away.  Now in flashbacks we see that after the investigator goes away, the boy tries to get away from there and from the chain he was bound into. Marcus says to David, "See at your back, this part of the chain has really rusted. It's on your back, so the investigator must have forgotten or couldn't have looked at it in haste. You can try to break it."

David tries to break it by hitting it on the walls for 15 minutes, but it felt to him like almost a year.

Then Marcus thinks for a bit and explains to him, "You see that heating container over there? If you could just switch it on, then you can easily break your chain from this part. Don't worry; the switch will work. I know it's old, but the investigator must have done something about it, maybe to torture you to get the truth out of you. As you can see, these irons have been put in the container, and it looks like it has been put in a hurry just before sometimes, as you can still see the rust dust coming out of it. In all this hurry and due to haste, he may have forgotten to look at the chain completely and picked this one in haste." David has already lost hope. He says, "There is no way

I'm going to reach the switch. It's impossible, and besides, he must have put a camera or something to keep an eye on." Marcus explains, "He was able to pick all the pieces of the case in 1-

2 days. This means he did this really in a hurry, which explains why he has made these mistakes in haste. There's no way he would have gotten the time to fit a camera. Even if he did, then it's worth a try as your life is at stake now. Come on, do you wanna go to the juvenile or wanna die here?"

David says, "I would like to just die here." Then Marcus further musters courage for him, motivating him, "Either they'll put you in jail, or he'll kill you by torturing you. Do you wanna die like that or at least try one last time?" Here David comes up with an idea. He quickly takes off his pants and then tries to reach the switch, but every time he does that, the pants, being not rigid, fall down. But then he took some pebbles lying near him, binds it with a stick to make the pant rigid, and starts trying

to switch it on. He failed many times, but due to Marcus' motivations, he kept trying, and at last, he was successful. It was like he had gotten another life. He quickly starts heating his chain at the most rusted part of the container. It breaks easily. Then they thought. Marcus then explains to David that they don't know where they are, and it's impossible for them to go to the city in time, and that the investigator would be arriving soon. You can't defeat him in a fight. But he then takes over David like he did before after murdering the girl when David was feeling listless, and it would have ruined their murder plan. So now Marcus creates a trap for the investigator. As he comes back, he falls in the trap which was set at the door and hidden well under the chains and other stuff, and the nails went into his legs muscles, which he had planted by digging the ground, and the investigator couldn't walk. Marcus then hit him in the legs and hands so that he couldn't move. And then he had already broken down the temperature regulator because of which the irons were melted. He then put the investigator in the melting lid and disposed of it in the ocean through the disposal. He then cleans the evidence. Then David takes over the body. Marcus further explained to him as the industry wasn't really running for a long time. The boy knew the police would just go and check it to verify. There will be no involvement of forensics because of which he'll not be able to get caught. You see who knew at some place the investigation has to end, and this is our best shot.

We'll write a suicide Letter to the police officers explaining about it, then you'll go to the world as a

victim of the investigator's obsession of solving the case as you are in danger. The whole neighborhood will be alarmed due to which the case will have to be closed as soon as possible so that no one else gets hurt. As for the world, the girl still committed suicide and that the father will not deny it as now he is also a suspect. He'll only be able to use his political power to ensure his safety but can't reopen the case due to the severity of the situation and neighbors especially the kids being under danger as the neighbors will find all of this useless just to find the motive of a girl's suicide and that it shouldn't keep others' lives in danger. Finally, due to all the pressure and considering the situation, the case will be closed. The investigator will be gone, and the police will only come here to re verify that everything you were saying was right. There will be no forensics involved, so you don't have to be concerned about it. But a few bones were hard and large like the femur and the skull and some teeth didn't fully melt. David then grinds the bones and breaks it with the grinding machine and cleans the evidence and then buries the bones a few kilometers away.

After that, he went to the truck driver who dropped him in the city. He then keeps the bones and teeth hiding it below the bookshelf and then destroys it when he visits the village. The story is now completed. "Honey," the father tells his daughter, to which she replies, "It was a good story, but it didn't give me the satisfaction at the ending by not explaining to me the boy's motive and giving the story to his teacher and where she fits in all of this?" The father says, "Sorry, my bad. It has a how-

to-read page where it is written that you'll get all your answers. Maybe this contains answers to your curiosity. Let's read it.

                                 * How-To-Read-Page*

Question 1: What was the boy’s motive or his backstory?


​From the beginning, we see the boy as a very complex character, his genius-level intellect is impressive, and his actions are vivid. Still, being a minor, what would have brought him to do such a hideous crime? The most predictable answer could be revenge or jealousy, either from the girl's parents or from her. But if it was the case, he could have used her naked pictures to take revenge or bring down the girl's family's reputation if it was for jealousy. It also couldn't be lust, as we see him not doing anything to her after taking her naked pictures. Moreover, being a teenager, we see him planning the murder for almost a year, so he wasn't in a rush or impulsive. He was more dedicated to his goals, eliminating all possible motives. His reasons seem somewhat more tragic, so let's hear it from a piece of his own memory.

"Me and my four-year-older brother tried to commit suicide when I was nine. I can't remember the reason why we did that. The only guess I can think of is my life didn't seem to have any purpose, and I was bored of my life and this world. It's funny; I was only nine. My family is normal, like any other brown family. I don't think they have anything to do with it; it's the result of my own interpretation of life. At that age, I thought I was too young to find the purpose of life. Maybe when I grow up, it will become clear, and I was right. As I grew, my brother explained different ideas of philosophers and explained the perfect meaning of life. It was simple: pain is bad, and pleasure is good. This is the most fundamental thing upon which any logical person would agree. So to live a perfect life, we need to minimize pain and maximize pleasure. But it doesn't mean in doing so we increase pain in others' lives. Our aim should be to maximize pleasure and minimize the pain in society as a whole, in which we are living. Doing so, pain will surely increase in our life, but it will decrease the mean pain in society, leading to a better life. Being good means also to take care of others. But as I grew up, I found the world isn't what it looks like. It's full of evil, from the government to its citizens, all are corrupt. But hey, there are good people also, but they are always suppressed by evil. In reality, evil rules over this world. This rotten evil prevented me from doing what I wanted to do, what was right. But still, there was hope to turn this world into right, to contribute good in it, until I found out there is nothing like good in this world full of evil. You see, the world which is created in terms of good and evil can't ever prevail good in it. Who are good people? The ones who help others, who are kind, calm, composed, lovable. But you see, people do good to show others or to get away from their guilt or to feel good about themselves. There's nothing else anyone would do any good thing except these reasons. But what about relationships? They seem fine until they don't. The most holy relationship is considered love of mother and love from your partner. There is nothing as love in partners in reality. As Rick Sanchez said, love is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. And for love from Mother, there are millions of cases in which a mother has done horrible things to their child, including murder, selling their child for money, beating them to death. But not all mothers do that, right? There's no such thing as mother instinct. Mothers only love their child because it has been put in their mind from society that they have to protect their child. But I could be wrong about this. You see, animals also love their children. But in reality, I am never wrong. It can be explained as every mother loves their own child, not others. It shows selfishness. Parents, especially mothers, love their child as they think of the child as part of themselves because it was for nine months. They adore them. They try to do everything to make their child what they want to be, which is to be a good person. But once a child hits puberty, they fall apart, as now the child explores the world in their way. The mother only loves the child as they are possessive about them and nothing else. I know it doesn't sound convincing, but let me break it for you. You are right; they only fall apart, but the mother still loves their child as they did before until you become what they think is wrong. If you don't think of this as the truth, then tell them to the people who married in love to partners that their parents didn't want them to, the person who didn't do what their parents wanted them to be, the people who went abroad to live, not leaving their parents but they wanted them to come, but they didn't, and that's reasonable. But they do everything still, their parents have a scar in their hearts, and there are millions of cases that go on and on as long as the society praises the mother for what their child is doing. They love them, but if it doesn't go as planned, they start to hate their child further, proving my first point. What about animals? For them, it's mainly possessiveness and selfishness. But there are still some mothers who have this scar on their hearts. But beneath that, there is still some love hiding there. But that also breaks when you apply pain. A mother can die for their child, but they can't bear pain because once you torture them with immense pain, they will let their kid die because you see, pain is that thing to which every relationship, every moral person comes to their knee. That's why I wanted it to end from me, my friends, my family, from the society, and from the whole world as much as I can but No matter how much you try to make something right, whether it's the government, society, or relationships, it can’t be perfect because nothing's perfect. We only go for the best option we have, not the perfect. Then what is the purpose of the lives of billions of people in this world? Even by contributing to the world, they're just surviving in this rotten world, providing each other services. But if you see from a new perspective, not a single person in the world is doing anything meaningful. They’re trying to make the world a better place, even if they can. What next? They don't know. They are just a bunch of dogs chasing cars. They don't know what to do if they catch one. Do you still think that living this meaningless life full of pain and suffering, getting bored by everything, chasing dreams which are meaningless just for a couple of minutes of happiness and joy, is worth it? Then consider that you die right now, and if it's painless, it's for the best. Then, for you, everything will be over once and for all. Sure, your loved ones will grieve, but for you, it will not matter as you are dead. You don’t have concessions; you can’t see the grief so you can't feel guilty. So you see, everyone should die. If painless, it's for the best. Then why am I still alive? You see, I am always making possibilities of my death, either committing suicide before getting caught or if I am not able to clear the entrance exam because if I can't do that, I don't think I am that intelligent to do what I want to do. You see, I am always challenging my life. As seen earlier, how powerful is pain, I will use it to show this world that they’re nothing but miserable, having no purpose. I will show them beneath all these goods and their morals that there is nothing but a monster. All their moral codes, ethics, are just another lie that they show themselves. I will put a mirror to their faces, to this world. I will show them that to cover up their meaningless life and miserable relationships, they form all these religions, ethics, codes, and morals, and nothing else. Don’t talk to me about God. He said it right, if God is all-powerful, he can’t be all good, and if he is all good, he can’t be powerful. I will show that to protect the family reputation, a father will let the killer of his daughter get away, a teacher will let a killer out in the world without informing the authorities just to save herself, and this is just the beginning. There is more to come. I will show the real faces of this world to them. But I know truth always trumps, and this is not the truth. The real truth is to minimize sufferings and maximize happiness, but the world isn't good enough to do so. But by not doing that, I am doing wrong. But the society and the world are so rotten that here there is nothing right and wrong, and it doesn't even mean anything. Maybe when I grow up, I will understand, but there is nothing to understand. The truth, the facts, and the right perspective are here. All these turmoil and opposite perspectives split my mind into two, David and Marcus. David does all the good things because he has hope that his understanding of the world might change in the future. Marcus is one who is on his mission to reveal the truth of the world. David also helps him because at last he knows the real truth that the world is rotten and the society is just rotten as it is. While both agree on their suicidal thoughts because at last they know that doing anything is meaningless, either helping people or showing the truth of the society to the world. This is why all the turmoils in David’s mind lead him to say the world might be better off without him because if he reveals the truth of the world, sufferings will increase, or shall I say, caused by him to its saturation point to show the world its ugly truth and what they deserve, which is nothing but pain. So don't feel bad when I die. (I explained all these in easy words; sure, I could have used heavy words to make it cool and to show that normal people can't understand it, but I try to explain it as simple as it could because as Einstein said if it can be explained in the simplest way, you have its best understanding.)

Question 2: How was the boy’s relationship with his brother ?


We see the elder brother of the boy as a very supportive character; looks like the boy and his brother are close, as from helping him to get dangerous books to commuting suicide at a young age, he is along with him. Let me explain it to you. The boy and his brother both come to the conclusion of life, but after that, how to live it, both have different perspectives where the boy has begun his mission as Marcus and left David for future hope. His brother thinks that finding the love of his life could complete all his world, where the boy is more nihilistic and doesn't believe in relationships. From the beginning, we see him calculating precise moves for the future. Here he has done the same; he knows very well that his brother knows almost everything about him, from his killings to his motives, and we also know that the boy doesn't trust anyone and he also believes any kind of relationship is meaningless. So he has planned that if he gets caught or doesn't clear the entrance exam and in many situations, he can die as he is always challenging his life, then his brother would live, maybe finding his partner and fulfilling everything in his life. But as long as the boy is alive, he is likely going to kill his brother due to many reasons, but two are the most important. First is to keep his secrets safe, and the second is that, as he explains earlier, that life is full of misery and relationships are meaningless, and people should die painlessly. He will kill his brother painlessly as a mercy to protect him from the misery of life and meaningless selfish relationships. As long as his brother hasn't found the love of his life, he will have no problem with his brother's decision, as he also believes all these and thinks life is meaningless and dying painlessly is the best decision. But if he found the love of his life, he is most likely to reveal the boy's truth to protect himself and his relationship, but somewhere he knows that finding a meaningful relationship in this rotten world for him is nearly impossible.

Question 3: Who was the man telling his daughter this story and how he knew all this?


​As told earlier the boy is very calculating and precise about his moves in the future. The man could be either him or his brother depending on the future. If the boy is still alive in the future getting away with the authorities then he must would've eliminated his brother and other obstacles in his way and must have telling this story to his daughter while if the boy gets caught or commits suicide his brother will make it out alive in future and must would've telling this to his daughter as a story to teach her principals of life.

Question 4: How does the teacher Pinky fit in all of this?

Answer:--- Earlier, we saw the boy reaching his conclusions, so now he is most likely to prove his conclusions by implementing them in horrifying actions. While committing his first murder, he proves relationships to be meaningless between a father and his daughter, as his father chose the wrong path just to save himself and to protect his family’s reputation, which was the reason for his downfall. Now, to do so, he is visiting his former teacher and giving the proofs of his crime as a story to the teacher to see what she does next, sort of like to test her because if she reports to the authorities, it will become very difficult for her to prove it as it’s not in the media, and the boy giving her all these proofs and seeing his calculated moves for the future, he must have woven a trap for the teacher which can cause her problems, even her life, and danger to her family because who knows what the boy is up to. He must have considered different perspectives with the help of his two split minds David and Marcus and must have prepared for the consequences, but if she will not tell it to the authorities, she will prove him right that there is no good in this rotten world and that all of its people just show their morals and deep down when it comes to their own life, they don’t care if a minor innocent girl gets justice or not.

Question 5:Is the teacher still alive when the man is telling the story to his daughter?

Answer:---It depends on the boy’s thinking and the teacher’s future actions. If she goes to the authorities, there’s a high possibility that she will be killed either soon or sometime after. But even if she doesn’t do that, there’s a slight chance that she may die as she didn’t care about the innocent girl’s justice and is a bad person. And we know that David still has good in him and future hope, so it’s a little chance, but still, her life could be in slight danger.


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