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Twilight Sparkle! You're so pretty.

My mom says I'm beautiful, but I don't think I can ever be as beautiful as Twilight. She says I'm pretty. I think I'm pretty too, when I wear my dancing dress. I love to dance, and spin around. You should watch me spin – I'll jump too, and I can make a pirouette. I've been practicing every week. My momma says I'm sooo pretty when I dance. I go to ballet on Wednesdays, and she comes to watch me, mostly. I think I could spin all day, like that. The best thing, what I like best about spinning, is right when I stop and lean over and put my head to the floor. And everything else keeps spinning.

Jamie says that the Ponies are girls and I'm a boy and I can't be a Pony. And he says that the Ponies aren't real, cause they have magic, and magic doesn't exist in reality.

Sometimes I build Ponies in the building room. Like Pinkypie, and Rainbow Dash. And Twilight Sparkle. Sometimes they say I shouldn't wear dresses cause boys don't wear dresses.

I love it when dad reads to me about Twilight. He says there's a store where they only sell Pony-cloths and Pony-books and movies and shoes with them and everything. I already have socks with Ponies on them, although not with Twilight. I wanna go there some time, and he will take me. He says so, sometimes. He reads to me almost every night and I watch the pictures. I love seeing the unicorns, they're so pretty. I love seeing sparkles, and magic too. I love the sparkles, my mom always says.



My name is Zakarias Jonsson, and I am a Swedish grad student of literature science. I have the benefit of being able to work as a substitute teacher in different preschools and kindergartens around the city of Stockholm, and some of the situations I encounter in my work have inspired me to write this short text.


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