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I have 8 seconds to live.

When I reached out you didn't reach back

With each second that remains I'll tell you of what I am and how I ended up here.

I came to be on a brumal autumn night, in the second bedroom of a halfway house. A night of intrinsic magic abubble with passion I was born. The exasperation of life was blithesome, like many new born before me I demanded nurturing, care and patience. I was loved by almost all that knew of me, although some shot disdain my way because they saw the jubilant bliss within me and envied it for themselves.

About 5 seconds left now I should hurry, well years went by and the gleam I garnished on my first day shone even brighter now. Then along came this girl and like all things that fleet, she was a brisk distraction. One that seemed to shine brighter than me, her fire blazed hotter than me. With that I was shelved, metaphorically speaking - dust gather while she lathered in love.

Damn 3 seconds to go, as she departed the cut she left wounded even me. Cold, dark, alone, you saw me there but just left me to bleed. The light I once beamed had become bleak, as you looked for another to bring you glee I resumed my decay. I regret none of it, I only wish I could have been what you always wanted me to be.

Because I reached out but you didn't reach back.

Only 1 second now but maybe there's a chance of revival, I hope when you sleep you see me and with this last second have the courage save me.

Many like me perish everyday and don't get to live the long life I lived.

Don't feel bad for me... I'm only a dream.


Bio: Inspired by the marvels of The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and a Manga by the name of One Piece, I've unearthed a passion for writing and am currently working on a Science Fantasy series. I realised that it's not always about breaking the mould, sometimes you use the mould to continue creating greatness.



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