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I want to escape, 

Escape, escape from here, 

Total frustration, anger,


I want to escape, 

Escape, escape from here,

Too much confusion,

Too many tears.

I thought I was free,

Away from that darkened


Only to find myself going crazy.

Take me away,

 Away from it all,

Head is going to explode,

Someone caught the fall.

Wait a moment,

You can't go anywhere,

Look in the mirror,

Just look at that stare,

Eyes bloodshot,

From Sleep deprivation,

Muscles aching,

Total agitation.

Crazy inside,

On the outside too,

Someone pull this trigger, 

Before I it pull before you. 

Locked inside,

This prison cell,

The stretch is lengthy

Feels like hell. 

Not turning off, 

No way, no chance,

Inside this mind of mine,

I continue to fuck up the dance. 

Normality has gone,

Routine too,

Replaced with a madness,

That's familiar for me and you. 

As I sit by,

Pondering what to do,

A day goes by,

Months, another year, flew. 

Trying to fight,

The madness within,

Grey hair on my temple,

I can still, perhaps, win. 

I close my eyes,

To close another day,

Close those darkened memories,

Impossible, no way. 

Bio:  Poem about mental ill health. The frustation in dealing with it.  


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