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You know are, 

Right from the start,

You have a gift,

Named 'Charm'. 

 Growing up,

It was easy for you,

Fooling everyone else,

Own agenda too.

 Got a kick out of hurting,

Those beneath you,

Got a kick out of watching,

Those, beaten, because of you. 

 Manipulate, Aggravate,

Other's doing the work for you,

Being a grass, an informer,

No sweat, easy too.

Want it all,

Nothing for you,

Not giving anything away,

Fuck you. 

 Have a secret,

A demon,  Inside of you,

Know not to talk of this,

Will get gibbed, all the way through. 

Innocence is your weakness,

Young girls too,

You can't help it,

You just want too. 

 Go about it discreetly,

In the shadows too,

Behind a firewall,

Anyone vulnerable is a target for you. . 


Need to have, 

In your fucked up fantasy,

Need to get,

Doesn't matter what pain you cause there.

 You have friends,

Just like you

Gary Glitter, R Kelly,

Pull the trigger, on all of you. 

 Suddenly you are no longer free,

A huge list of crimes,


So many. 

 You sit and wonder,

Will you ever be free,

Perhaps best not,

You'll be killed, certainly.

How is it possible you remained free?

Free to hurt,


Total tragedy. 

Huge cover up,

Behind you,

How is this possible,

Someone somewhere has a clue. 

Hope you burn in hell,


Hope your soul becomes trapped,

For an eternity.


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