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I am a mournful-sublime spark

gentle such elysian seraphic wings

a glimmer that flies above the delicate homeland

I the twinkling come from balmy Luther's stars

an orb which is enchanting-comfortable

the paradise full glitter persists not far from me

the lights are hanging – a proto-marvelous seal

I am in love in the august magic mirror

the nicely sensitive native country

wrapped in my glow of sparkles

I delight in the warmth of the eternity

because my guardian angel flies for the dreams' sake

infinitely far

I will become now a bewitched moon

a superb-svelte spark-like boat

that brings muse-like dreameries

in the angelic worlds

I am never blazing fiercely

such a blistering purgatory

I am glinting only sky-high

I dream of the paradise

I am floating because of the enchantments

and I am sending poesy alway *(ever)

I am enchanting genial glimmers

pending in the ontology of daintiness

I am going to become the purest metaphysics

I luxuriate in the ethics of ancient times

I want to be dead by no means

ad infinitum to dream – to recall the dream

not wrangle with the dreaming sparks

dreamy – enchanted

eternal – fallen in love

invented – delighted in the being

leisurely home land giddy with sparkles

tarry dreaming and musing in the delight-times of muses!


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