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In honor of John Milton and Hidetaka Miyazaki.

In the boundless expanse of existence, where shadows dance in eternal tandem with ethereal radiance, there resides a figure cloaked in mystery—The Fire Keeper. A maiden of unseen lineage, she emerges as the harbinger of hope, a vestal guardian whose eyes, shrouded beneath a regal crown of ivory, perceive not the visual realm but the luminous threads of destiny that weave through the tapestry of time. Clad in a somber robe of obsidian and veiled in the sanctity of her vocation, the Fire Keeper stands as the silent sentinel between the realms of tangible reality and the intangible essence of the Flame.

Her visage is a canvas painted in hues of alabaster, a reflection of the purity that emanates from her sacred duty. The white tendrils of her hair cascade like ethereal cascades, cascading down her shoulders like a waterfall of silvery luminescence. In her ethereal presence, the very embodiment of goodness and hope converges, as if all the virtues of humanity were distilled into the radiant glow that surrounds her.

In this cosmogony of perpetual tumult, the forces of righteousness and malevolence assume corporeal forms, locked in an eternal struggle for dominion. Yet, amidst the cosmic discord, The Fire Keeper stands resolute, a paragon of unwavering dedication to the sanctity of the Flame. The Flame, an eternal beacon of virtue and benevolence, illuminates the darkest recesses of existence, its luminescence a testament to the ceaseless vigilance of the veiled guardian.

Her black gloves enshrouded hands that cradle the very essence of hope and possess the power to sculpt the destiny of humanity. With a touch as gentle as a zephyr and as potent as an incandescent sun, she tends to the Flame, ensuring its undying brilliance even in the face of dire tribulations. Through the eons, the Fire Keeper's powers have been the linchpin of humanity's flourishing, a cosmic ballet orchestrated by unseen hands.

In the symphony of existence, The Fire Keeper remains a lustrous melody, a guardian of all that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. Her story, etched in the annals of the celestial manuscript, reveals a saga of selflessness and devotion, where the blind maiden, guided not by sight but by an otherworldly insight, becomes the unerring beacon that pierces through the veils of darkness, ensuring that the Flame of hope forever flickers in the hearts of humankind.

But amidst the celestial firmament, a celestial battle unfolds a cosmic clash that reverberates through the very sinews of existence. If the Flame of Hope casts its resplendent glow upon the fabric of reality, then in its antithesis, the Abyss, a malevolent force ensconced in perpetual darkness, finds its adversary. The dichotomy of good and evil manifests not merely as philosophical abstractions but as tangible entities, entities locked in a ceaseless struggle for dominion over the cosmic expanse.

The Abyss, a churning sea of infinite shadow, seeks to extinguish the Flame, its voracious appetite for annihilation a perpetual threat to the sanctity of creation. The guardian of this abyssal maelstrom is Abaddon, a celestial figure whose very name echoes the resonance of destruction. Known also as Apollyon in the realm of ancient Greece, Abaddon is the sovereign of a plague, an infernal host whose grotesque countenances mirror the amalgamation of nightmarish imagery—an equine visage crowned with the semblance of humanity, hair cascading like the ripples of chaos, teeth sharp as lions' fangs, wings that eclipse the light, and tails adorned with a scorpion's stinger.

In the cosmic chessboard, Abaddon, the "Destroyer," emerges as the harbinger of an unyielding malaise, a force that seeks to drown the world in an unending deluge of obsidian despair. His wings, once radiant, have become the tempestuous hurricane that heralds the eclipse of virtue. With a tail tipped in venom, he orchestrates a symphony of suffering, his infernal locusts descending upon the realm like harbingers of apocalypse.

The very fabric of reality quivers under the duress of this celestial conflict. The radiant Flame, ever-resilient, faces the encroaching shadows of the Abyss, and in the fulcrum of this eternal struggle, the Fire Keeper and Abaddon stand as titans. The blind guardian of hope, veiled in the purity of her devotion, confronts the abyssal sovereign, a malevolence that mirrors the very nadir of existence. In this cosmic ballet, where light and shadow pirouette in perpetual discord, the fate of the world hangs in the balance, and the echoes of this celestial clash resonate through the aether, inscribing a saga of cosmic turmoil and celestial strife.

 The insidious tendrils of Abaddon's malevolence extend, casting a pallor upon the very fabric of meaning and virtue. Nihilism, a venomous doctrine, permeates the air, rendering the once resplendent concept of truth into a hollow echo, lost amidst the reverberating cacophony of relativism. The pillars of nobility crumble under the corrosive weight of apathy, where the noble sacrifices required for personal growth are scorned, and the forge of character lies dormant, draped in the rust of indifference.

In the wake of Abaddon's insidious influence, the virtuous bastion of righteousness becomes a shadowy illusion, a rigged game where the pawns of victimhood and the abandonment of accountability emerge as the perverse victors. The once pristine virtue now wades through the mire of moral decay, as individuals forsake the arduous path of personal responsibility in favor of the fleeting allure of unearned triumph.

The triad of physical, mental, and spiritual purity, once revered as the crown jewel of human essence, now bears the ignominious weight of shame. Strapped as a burdensome pin, purity becomes a societal pariah, eclipsed by the voracious hunger for social standing and the ephemeral applause of a morally disoriented populace.

In this desolate realm, the once-sacred concept of love metamorphoses into a transient commodity, an ephemeral transaction governed by the quid pro quo of benefit. Bonds that were once enduring become contingent upon the continual provision of advantageous conditions, and the sanctity of love is eclipsed by the murky clouds of self-interest.

Finally, the pantheon of admiration crumbles and the once noble pursuit of excellence is tarnished by the relentless erosion of merit. The quest for virtue is replaced by a grotesque pantomime of group identity and egotism, wherein tyrannical control becomes the currency of power. The celestial harmonies that once resonated with admiration for praiseworthy deeds fall silent, drowned in the discordant cacophony of an existence bereft of moral compass. In this paradigm of moral disarray, Abaddon reigns, and the world spirals into an abyss where the echoes of virtue and meaning are but distant whispers.

As the symphony of humanity descends into dissonance, a haunting lament echoes through the corridors of existence—the very nature of mankind degenerating at an unprecedented pace. The once resplendent Flame, a beacon of hope and virtue, now flickers and wanes, its radiant glow eclipsed by the encroaching shadows of moral decay. The Fire Keeper, in her veiled solemnity, stands amidst the gathering tempest, a custodian of the dwindling ember that defies the encroaching abyss.

With a heart heavy as the cosmos, the Fire Keeper tirelessly endeavors to stoke the dwindling flame, offering humanity a lifeline to rise above the abyss that threatens to consume all that is noble and true. The circumstances, however, grow ever grimmer, as the shadows tighten their grip on the collective soul of mankind. The flickering flame warns of impending darkness, a dire portent that foretells the unraveling of the cosmic tapestry itself.

Yet, in the face of this profound desolation, the Fire Keeper remains resolute. Sworn to an eternal covenant with the Flame, her unwavering commitment defies the encroaching gloom. Her faith, steadfast in creation, God, and humanity, transcends the tumultuous currents of despair. In the crucible of adversity, she becomes a beacon of indomitable hope, a testament to the enduring spirit that persists even when the world teeters on the precipice of eternal night.

"Though the Flame flickers in the face of unprecedented adversity, I, with veiled eyes, bear witness to the indomitable spirit that courses through the veins of mankind. I hear the echoes of unwavering resolve resounding in the hearts of mortals. No matter how desolate the panorama of their existence may become, the fervent embers of humanity refuse to concede to the abyss. The Flame may flicker, the tempest may rage, and the Fire may fade, but the sanctity of creation, the divine spark within, shall persist against the encroaching shadows. For we shall forever keep the Flame."


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