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Jennie has been having recurring dreams for years in which a man provides care for her, buys her favorite coffee, gives her affection, but the man's face is kind of hazy. She believed to herself that the man in her dreams is the one meant to be with her, like a soulmate, a twin fire. Von, Jennie's best friend, is the person she vents to about everything. And Von never stops advising her that if someday, she doesn't meet the man of her dreams, it might all have been a dream or a subconscious desire. 

Until one day…

Jennie blinked, unable to comprehend what she was witnessing. Von stood before her, a warm smile playing on his lips as he handed her a steaming cup of her favorite coffee. Her heart raced, and a mix of confusion and realization washed over her like a tsunami.

"Von...?" she stammered, her voice barely a whisper.

He chuckled softly; his eyes filled with affection. "Yes, it's me, you look like you’re seeing a ghost.”

Jennie's mind spun in a whirlwind of emotions. How could her best friend, the person she had known for years, fit the description of her soulmate so perfectly? She had never thought of Von in any romantic context before as she always cherished their unbreakable bond, protecting their friendship. But now, her heart told a different story.

As the haze of disbelief began to fade, Jennie found herself unable to resist the possibility that her dreams had somehow transcended into reality. The connection she felt with Von had always been special, but she had dismissed it as platonic. Yet here he was, embodying her subconscious desires.

Von gently brushed a lock of hair behind her ear, his touch sending shivers down her spine. "Jennie, I've liked you for the longest time. The dreams you described to me were visions of my own hopes and wishes too."

Jennie's voice trembled with uncertainty. "But... why didn't you ever say anything?"

He sighed, his eyes holding regret. "I feared losing our friendship. I didn't want to risk it, so I chose to continue being the supportive best friend you needed. But lately, it became too much to bear, seeing you search for someone else when everything you longed for was right here."

Tears welled in Jennie's eyes as she realized the depth of Von's unspoken emotions. She had been so preoccupied with finding her elusive dream man that she had overlooked the person who had been there all along, loyal and caring.

In that moment, the blurry image of her dream man became crystal clear. It was Von, the one who knew her inside out, the one who had seen her at her highest and lowest, and loved her unconditionally.

Taking a leap of faith, Jennie stepped closer, her hand reaching out to intertwine with Von's. "I like you too, Von. More than words can express."

A mixture of relief and joy washed over Von's face, and he drew her into a warm embrace. The pieces of their puzzle fell into place, and Jennie knew she had found her twin fire, her soulmate, in the person she least expected.


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