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In the depths of the magmell sinkhole, time and climate seemed to flow & function differently than it did topside. While the top dwellers suffered through endless winters, Aceobal woke up every morning to the warm glow of the subterranean sun and the eerie melodies of the Vampiric Hematox birds. Safely cocooned in his four-columned Aurelia timber bed, he would check his emails on his Chain link interface, or C.L.I. , before browsing the latest world news for the egg of Nicole planet and the cosmic daily news for the entire Gorgon galaxy. As Aceobal delved into his reading, his eyes fell upon an intriguing article discussing the latest round of Aspirants arriving at Fort Frost Giant for their Crucible. Apparently, this 777th class of recruits were the most Star-studded and well-Sponsored group to grace the military base in three decades. However, as he read on, Aceobal couldn't help but feel a deep sense of intense revulsion. He knew all too well the rotten secrets that lay hidden behind the glitz, glamor, & military pageantry of the legendary & illustrious sunflower legion; in fact his profession & current life circumstances were  born from it. The residency Aceobal called his own was an enigma pocket within an anomaly zone discovered accidentally by a team of SL Scouts and supporting Stardust Knights nearly a century ago. At that time, The topside anomaly Region known as Zone Snow Cone was an uncharted and wild frontier, known only through the surviving tales of long-gone eras.. 


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And Magmell, one of the few enigma pockets with a mythical status confirmed, went on to weave a rather corrupt & grotesque tale since its discovery. The Sunflower Legion and Vishnu Solar Command from that point of discovery,attempted to exploit magmells abundant natural resources. Sadly, during the hyper aggressive 15-year attempt at mass harvest, implants were abducted from various dimensions, periods, alt earth's, & planets by the Sunflower Legion. However, some fortunate Egg of Nicole natives did volunteer as migrant workers for ten years or more, dedicating themselves to what was promoted as a valiant cause.  

The utterly futile cause of trying to extend the lifespan of a terminally ill planet that was indeed slowly wasting away to nothingness, transforming into a mere husk of what was once upon a time the diamond of the gorgon galaxy, a true paradise world. Ultimately all settlers & deployed legion personnel were on a mad crusade to win a time extension for the surface world and would gleefully accept any second father time had to spare Even if the time they earned managed to only prolong the egg of Nicole's lifespan by just a few more years.    


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The only real progress made during these hectic 15 years was the construction of Cyril, Ebisu, and Aceobals' now adopted home of Satoria.After some measure of time , the various settlements in Magmell gradually came together to unite under the banner of a cohesive entity known as the Sacred Sun's who had previously been a Band of contracted Labor Enforcers. However, despite their good standing with the sunflower legion & the financial backing of the Stardust knights, the sacred sun's were often subjected to mistreatment and excessive workloads, much like the settlers themselves. This unfortunate situation led to the emergence of militant labor unions, which were inspired by the Sacred Sun's call to action and swooned for the wet dream of a free & sovereign magmell .


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 These unions fought tirelessly for their independence & their very  futures, igniting a wave of powerful and bloody revolts that surged across the land, forever altering the fate of the enigma pocket. 

When all the chaos & strife came to pass , the legion had suffered their first and only defeat which would quickly & throughly be scrubbed from the anals of history. In the aftermath, they evacuated all reserved forces and governing guilds in Magmell. It was a bittersweet victory for all those left behind , for along with their withdrawal came the loss of vital tools, supplies, and technology that the settlements and implants depended on. 

As the infrastructure began to slowly erode, the settlers unprepared & ill-equipped found themselves struggling to survive in the merciless Magmellian jungles. With death, disease, starvation, extreme poverty, and famine running rampant, many fell victim to the harsh conditions. Meanwhile, the Sacred Sun's power only grew stronger, assuming full control of the capital city of Nightshade. Around this time Aceobal was in the summer of his boyhood which coincided with widespread upheaval precisely three years after the sacred suns had risen to political supremacy , Aceobal's present disgust was forged out of the chaos and the continuous Chain of suffering that befell his community. Cannibal gangs had emerged and violent clashes between magmells native born sons & daughters the ecliptrix, and the legions abandoned implants continued to rage on. 


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In these endless battles and skirmishes Aceobal would lose his entire family, mother, father, and three older sisters to such roaming cannibal gangs. Aceobals survival & salvation came by way of what he came to recognize in his adulthood as pure cowardice. He ran and ran until his legs failed him thinking only of himself and preserving his own lifeforce.Never once did he think of his family as he ran that desperate marathon through the dense jungle and it wasn't until much later when he realized that his whole family had been slaughtered. He became guilt ridden & full of deep hatred for both himself and the sunflower legion. It had been an astoundingly difficult and dangerous time, and Aceobal's experiences left everlasting scars on him mentally & emotionally that was his hard won reward for barely enduring.

Aceobal firmly believed that the arrival of the legion was the beginning of his family's downfall. Had they never come, his people & homeland would have remained hidden and untouched, and his loved ones wouldn't have been mercilessly hunted down and devoured like wild game. As he rose from his bed peeling back the protective mosquito netting, a seething anger simmered just beneath the surface. However, his emotional discomfort was completely erased by the sound of his two-year-old daughter, Acie, innocently crying out for attention. As Aceobal left his bedroom he walked down the long hall & entered acies nursery bathed in soft, warm light emanating from the delicate, glowing orbs suspended from the ceiling, resembling miniature stars. The walls were adorned with murals of whimsical creatures, fairies, unicorns, satyrs, serpentine dragons, Pegasus horses, emperor butterflies, thunderbirds, flower pixies, & phoenixs which came to life for a few minutes on the coral pink walls during the eventide. 


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The centerpiece of the nursery was a beautifully crafted crib fashioned from a superbly rare & ethereal wood known as "Aurelia" , a precious timber that originated from the "Luminara Arborosa" known locally as royal fairy trees. These magnificent trees could only be found deep within the enchanted eldoria forests of magmell where the fairies built their hives , the  tall and slender, Luminara Arborosa trees possessed a radiant golden bark that shimmered and glimmered in sunlight, resembling molten gold.Aurelia timber as a result had a mesmerizing golden hue, suffused with delicate swirls of amber and honey tones. Its surface is smooth and polished, exuding a warm and inviting glow. When held, Aurelia emitted a captivating natural warmth, almost as if it carried the sun's radiance within. The most enchanting and distinctive aspect of Aurelia, however, was its fragrance. As soon as the wood is touched or begins to burn, an intoxicating aroma, reminiscent of a sweet and spicy melody, fills the air. The scent of Aurelia had layers of complexity that unfolded like a symphony. Initially, there is a prominent scent of magnolia , intertwined with a tinge of citrus, creating a harmonious balance of freshness and elegance and this was the scent that filled the air of acies nursery providing both an everlasting natural incense boosting & fortifying the toddlers immune system, respiratory health, along with her brain health as well as she breathed it in. Along one wall of the nursery, a growth chart displayed the young girl's progress, each mark accompanied by a tiny illustration of an imp. Nearby, a sweet mobile hung  from the ceiling, displaying a delicate array of winged creatures such as butterflies, hummingbirds, and swans, which gently rotated as if in flight.


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As Aceobal gently awoke his daughter he took a few moments to gently rub her back in a soothing manner and play one of their favorite morning songs Mac miller's "hand me downs"on his C. L. I. thus letting the room fill with  the soft gentle melodies. As the music played he changed her, he'd kiss her on the forehead, and he'd happily wish her good morning asking her what she wanted to have for breakfast not long after. Acie though was still too groggy to voice any requests and ultimately she was only able to make one request vocal before falling back to sleep in Aceobals arms wyvern eggs. With a loving smile Aceobal would carry his daughter to the kitchen along the way the two would pass rooms painted dragons blood red, a wealth of art deco furniture and artwork, various hunting trophies, collections of potted plants and flowers, & various aquariums containing expensive fish native to magmell among them Nebula Nymphalis, Aquavida Prismas, & the luminaire Spectrus . 

Once in the kitchen Aceobal would make acie hemp milk formula and blend it together with kiwi and red bananas then he'd place her into her high chair with the bottle and commence fixing their breakfast. Aceobal would end up making fusilli macaroni with aged cheddar cheese & diced maple boar bacon. In addition to this he'd also make a light side dish of dandelion salad with pan fried mushrooms and Acie's request of overeasy wyvern eggs which had a rich scarlet yolk. When the cooking concluded Aceobal would serve a modest portion of the food and would make himself a matcha milkshake with imported African vanilla.


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 As they ate their breakfast they'd use the constellation app to watch the 3D holographic version of the earthen film who framed  Roger Rabbit on Aceobals C. L. I. Generally Aceobal was not at all fond of the Sunflower legion not one bit but he was however thankful for the miracle that was Universal intergalactic streaming which was only made possible due to the legionaries being the greed stricken 

exploration addicted colonizers that they were. Alas without access to this type of technology he'd undoubtedly have a harder time keeping his daughter entertained throughout the day. 

Following a satisfying breakfast, Aceobal would attend to Acie's hygienic needs, gently bathing her and carefully selecting a delightful summer dress adorned with a vibrant combination of canary yellow and Egyptian blue hues. Meanwhile, Aceobal would tend to himself, indulging in a hot refreshing shower and meticulously applying his morning skincare products. Once refreshed and revitalized, he would don an exquisite Egyptian blue unisex suit, featuring a striking black window pane cheque pattern that conveyed both sophistication and style. Aceobal would select a stunning lotus silk dress shirt in a rich eggplant purple shade, perfectly complemented by a bold red momentum folded pocket square that exuded confidence and flair. Impeccably dressed; he'd make the additions to his stunning ensemble with vibrant red dress socks and a pair of eggplant purple Titanoboa skin cowboy boots of the designer deadly dandy brand. He adorned his neck with a striking carmine turquoise bolo tie and his fingers with a set of bejeweled rose gold biker rings. On his wrist, he wore a rose gold Francois Leer Archer watch which boasted a vermillion dial. To complete his look, he adorned a pair of dangly rose gold dragon earrings in both of his pointed elven ears along with a pair of imported black Ray-Ban shields guarding his teal colored eyes from the sun. 


Kiara C.McClary                             9                                                                           

With gentle hands Aceobal joyfully gathered his beloved into his arms and stepped out into the world. After lovingly settling her into her car seat he'd hop into his car an imported oxblood red 1953 series 62 Cadillac coupe one of three wedding gifts bestowed to him by his father in law. Beyond the confines and zen of his home Aceobal would drive to the haunt of the Baruva association.. The militia he inherited & led with the undisputed blessing and full financial backing of the sacred sun's themselves. With his C. L. I. Synced to his car he would listen to the slow /riverbed iteration of tek it's " Cafune '' and he'd enjoy the blissful peace that came with a casual weekend drive on smooth roads. As Aceobal drew closer to the designated meeting area, he took note of his comrades as they busied themselves with preparations for the day's festivities. The "Revelry of Flames” was a time to celebrate their victory over Undine, a fearsome river dragon that had long been a scourge to the surrounding  area .

 Despite the excitement and energy that surrounded him, Aceobal was filled with a sense of unease and reluctance to participate in the revelries, as he felt weighed down by the weight of his daily obligations & the very  mantle of militia figurehead. Aceobal, though bestowed with a lofty title, never quite lived up to the expectations that came with it.

 His subordinates, privy to his fumbling & shortcomings, considered him to be unsuitable for the role he held. Despite his apprehensions and unease, Aceobal would compose himself, gather up his daughter, take a few deep breaths, and lead the charge in overseeing the arrangements for the upcoming party. He even went a step further by hosting the event in person, alongside his trusted lieutenant, determined to ensure that everything went smoothly. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as he assumed control of the occasion, his posture exuding confidence and determination. 


Kiara C.McClary                             10                                                                          

Standing steadfastly beside his right-hand man, the renowned Lowell "War Dance '' Cornelius, Aceobal spared no effort in ensuring that every detail was meticulously attended to, leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of perfection in regard to honoring his lieutenant for his hard fought victory against the dragon. Aceobal for the first few hours of prep demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence in hopes that the event would be nothing short of unforgettable, leaving a lasting impression on all those in attendance. The air was thick with excitement as Aceobal put on this well-crafted facade of total perfection. He believed that a true leader had to exude an air of flawless confidence and control in front of their subordinates. However, it was apparent that Aceobal was trying far too hard to maintain the  facade, and it came across as forced and insincere. In stark contrast, Lowell was a commanding figure, standing tall at an impressive 7'7". He had a deep and authoritative voice that demanded attention, and his charismatic personality was impossible to ignore. Lowell was not only physically imposing, but he was also highly capable and battle-savvy, having served with honor in the famous earthly war known as Vietnam prior to being implanted down in Magmell. Moreover Lowell had the complete respect, loyalty, and trust of the militia whereas he did not. 


Kiara C.McClary                             11                                                                            

Aceobal's rise to leadership was not by choice but by duty. His wife Ozella had been the previous leader of the Baruva militia, a position that had been passed down through her family for three generations. When she tragically fell in battle, Aceobal was thrust into the role of figurehead, not because of any particular skill or desire, but simply because he had been Ozella's husband and had trained under her father. Despite this, he stepped up to the challenge, struggling badly but at the same time as gracefully as he possibly could to carry on the legacy of his wife and her family before her. At the time of his coronation, the traditional democratic vote of the militia members was voided and the traditional Crown Duel was prohibited for the first time in the militia's history, one cannot help but imagine the devastating consequences that would have ensued had those two events actually occurred. Aceobal would have undoubtedly been voted out unanimously in favor of Lowell or even worse, killed during their duel. This would have left Acie, a mere child, as a freshly minted orphan destined for exile upon her 10th birthday, as was the distressing and unjust common practice for all sires of slain duel competitor's down in Magmell. Nonetheless with the event preparations nearly done Aceobal would take a brief recess for himself and relaxed with a Brandy Smash in hand, while reading to his daughter under the shade of a magnolia tree, he briefly glanced up and noticed many of the militia members approaching Lowell to give their heartfelt congratulations. Although he was a bit late to the party, Aceobal took this as the signal to muster up his courage and follow suit.

To be Continued….


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