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Instantly feeling the oppressive heat the suffocating humidity enveloped Aceobal. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead, trickling down his face, as if the very air itself was perspiring. The humidity clung to his skin, making it feel sticky and uncomfortable, as if he was trapped in a sauna.The rich aromas of spices, flowers, and food being cooked wafted through the air, assaulting his senses.

The heady mix making his head spin. Aceobal's training session was about to begin, As he found himself standing in a canary yellow DIY floored boxing ring adorned with the symbol of a scarlet dragonfly, surrounded by onlookers most saplings like himself and some minted members of the Baruva militia . Standing Opposite him across that ring was "Tycoon'' Tony Akeldama, militia figurehead & combat veteran was not only known for his physical prowess as Satoria's former bare knuckle champion during his youth but also for his mastery of primal magic and his astute combat intellect.  

 As heat and humidity intensified with the afternoon sun,Aceobal's muscles felt heavy and sluggish.Sweat ran down his face, stinging his eyes, as he drew in deep breaths, equipping his mouthpiece while staring down at his black jungle boots instead of the 280 pound tank standing across the way.

Suddenly the bell rang snapping Aceobal out of his daze, launching himself at Tony, he would throw swift strikes to Tony's core pairing them perfectly with leg kicks each one fueled by a desperate determination to accumulate as much damage as possible in the hopes of weakening the older & more experienced man. 

As the sun beat down mercilessly on him it seemed to sap some of his strength, making his movements sluggish and imprecise. Tony however would effortlessly absorb the blows with no sign of pain or discomfort,countering with strikes of his own that were slower yet heavier. As Tony's bombs hit their mark on Aceobals face, arms, and chest he felt as though he was getting run clean over by a train going full steam ahead. 

Realizing that his stand up game was not yet mature enough nor tactical enough to neutralize Tony's raw physical power & aggressiveness feeling tremendously overwhelmed Aceobal transitioned to combat Sambo, hoping to use grappling skills to gain the advantage On the ground in whatever way he could. Regardless of the young man's quick thinking & second wind in grappling exchanges, Aceobal was once again easily outclassed & subdued by Tony's superior technique.

 Utilizing a sudden shoulder throw and slick transitions Tony smothered Aceobal and let his fists fly mercilessly pounding on the boy from above opening up a nasty cut on Aceobals cheek causing dark orange blood to leak onto the canvas. Aceobal, despite being tamed by the old man, continued to fight, rebelling against inevitable defeat. As Tony rained down missiles onto the slender 19 year old he recognized that despite the willpower to fight on & refusal to quit Aceobal was done and had no answers to his offense. With this understanding Tony quickly put an end to things locking in a flawless bulldog choke and applying an anaconda like constriction Aceobals vision began to blur as total darkness closed in until his lights abruptly shut off. 

Slowly Aceobal regained consciousness and he lay wide eyed plastered on that yellow canvas limper than a wet noodle. As his vision eventually cleared, he saw Tony in acute high definition , the yellow gold buffalo horn tapers shimmering in his ears, his handlebar mustache ruby red  like his skin and his eyes a vivid fuchsia.The surroundings slowly came into focus, revealing the large outdoor training yard they were occupying. Concerned, Tony with an expression filled with genuine concern and relief held Aceobal in his arms, assessing the situation.


Tony: (rubbing & patting Aceobal's chest) "Come to, Ace. Wake up boy. You'll be right as rain". 

As Aceobal senses gradually returned to him. He could hear Tony's deep voice melding with the demonic howls and barks of the compound's chainbull hounds, though both sounded distant and muffled at first.

Aceobal: (whispering) Tony? What happened?

Tony: (smirks) Ah, there you are! Welcome back to sleeping beauty. 

Aceobal: (groaning) Fuck heads splitting open.

Tony: (chuckling) Just your senses coming back online, sport. Take it easy.

Aceobal tried to sit up, feeling a dull ache in his chest. He winced, but Tony gently pushed him back down.

Tony: Don't rush it. Let your body adjust.

Aceobal: (taking deep breaths trying to Regain his composure) Copy that. 

As Aceobal focused on his breathing, he noticed the sounds around him becoming clearer. The clanging of weights, the distant firing of guns from the range, the distant chatter of other trainees, and the rhythmic sounds of house music coming from the compound cafeteria next door filled his ears. Gradually Aceobal's body began to tingle, as if awakening from a deep sleep. He felt a surge of adrenaline coursing through his veins, invigorating him.

As Aceobal slowly sat up, he felt a mix of emotions. Gratitude for Tony's quick response, frustration with the hard loss, and the urge to checkmate Tony someday and prove himself capable of being a minted man within Bravura.

Aceobal: (determined blood flowing freely from his face ) What's next Boss? I've got plenty of time leftover  before work, I could hit the weights or work the heavy bag. Whatever it is, I'm ready to get back in the game.

Tony: (smiling proudly) Unnecessary, Ace. Only place I need you to be right now is over yonder with a medicine woman, Now scram. 



With Tony's guidance, Aceobal stood up, and  with a sense of urgency stumbled his way over to Dr. Calarose's tent for treatment with his hand pressed against the gushing wound. The Docs tent was dimly lit by little sea salt candles, filled with the strong scent of herbs and potions. A half-elven woman who sat at a small Brazilian olive wood table, sported a green western green wild rag bandana around her neck featuring a rose gold dragonfly slider.Her skin a beautiful sienna, nonchalantly completed the rolling of a king-sized blunt with nimble fingers. Her jumbo box braids cascaded down her back, bejeweled with translucent jadeite cuffs yellow, red, & green in their coloration.Adorning her delicate ears were a pair of exquisitely crafted rose gold hoop earrings, while her captivating face displayed the allure of rose gold cyber bite piercings. The vibrant hue of her meticulously painted red nails added a touch of refined elegance to her overall aesthetic.

"Griitinz, mi bredren," she greeted, her voice carrying a soothing Jamaican accent. "Looks like yuh inna need of some healin', eh?"

Aceobal nodded, his eyes filled with pain and gratitude. "Yeah, guess so."

The healer then lit & took a long drag from her blunt, the smoke swirling around her potent fragrance of Bazooka Soda {mix of grapefruit & Indian vanilla cream soda} blanketing the entire space as she leaned closer to Aceobal. She gently placed her hand on his cheek, her touch surprisingly cool and comforting.

"Mi gonna heal yuh up real good, mi man," she said, her voice filled with reassurance. "But first, we gonna cast a likkle spell to make it all betta."

She closed her eyes, her lips moving in a soft chant. The words flowed effortlessly from her mouth, a mixture of ancient incantations and Jamaican slang. The air around them shimmered with a faint glow as the spell took effect.

"By the power of beloved magmellian ghosts, by the might of daadie Noctifer paragon of dusk, let dis wound mend, rejuvenate de flesh at once! "

As the last word left her lips, a warm tingling sensation spread across Aceobal's cheek. The pain subsided, and he could feel the wound closing up, leaving only a faint scar behind.

"Th-thank you, thanks so much, I owe you medicine woman" Aceobal whispered, his voice filled with relief.

The healer smiled, her eyes sparkling with kindness. "Yuh welcome, mi bredren. But we ain't done yet. Mi gonna cast a healin' spell on de rest of yuh body, and den prescribe yuh some herbal tea infused with de queen fairy dust. It gonna ease extra discomfort yuh might be feelin' after."

Aceobal nodded gratefully as the healer prepared the tea. The aroma of the herbs calms the spirit, soothing his senses. As he sipped on the warm liquid, feeling its healing properties seeped into his weary body.

Post treatment, Aceobal manifested from his C. L. I. vault five jade hobo nickels, one of three widely accepted magmell currencies, paid for calarose's services. accepting the donation with a nod, calarose's smile widened in between drags of her blunt. "Yuh welcome, mi bredren. Take care of yuhself now."


Leaving the medics tent, Aceobal made his way to the outdoor shower section of the militia's compound. The cool water washed away the dried up blood and sweat from his body with a soap smelling of dark chocolate and cocoa butter, which left him refreshed after the intense sparring session. Afterwards he conjured clean clothing from his C.L.I {aka Chain link interface} a pair of black silver biker rings on fingers, two necklaces one of red coral beads and the other made from green jadeite beads, a silver red leather cuffed watch with black cyber sigilism engravings, militia standard issue urban woodland camo pants, a black silver studded belt, and black jungle combat boots. Stepping outside, he made his way towards the compound's exit when he came face to face with figurehead Akeldama. Tony was wearing the same black combat jungle boots, a solid gold Francois Leer watch on his left wrist, a dark gray polo shirt with the red dragonfly logo embroidered on it, blue denim jeans, as well as a black cobra cap featuring a yellow rope & the same dragonfly logo. 

Tony sat in his  black wicker chair, munching on a jumbo iced honey bun and sipping iced coffee. His eyes met Aceobal's, and he raised an eyebrow.

"Where are you off to son? " Tony asked, his voice carrying a fatherly tone.

Aceobal hesitated for a moment before replying, "I'm gonna go grab a bite to eat sir, got work tonight."

Tony with a cheek full of honey bun manifested from his own C. L. I. Howlite hobo nickel, equivalent to 45$. He extended it towards Aceobal, as he chewed.

"Take it, son," Tony insisted. "Consider it collision coverage. You were gonna get pancaked anyhow but fought bravely out there while knowing it, you've earned a free lunch on me."

Aceobal's eyes widened in surprise, his hand trembling as he reached out to accept the coins. "Thank you, sir. I... I don't know what to say."

Tony chuckled softly, his voice filled with sincerity. "Just take it, Ace. It's the least I can do."

As Aceobal walked away, his heart filled with a mix of gratitude and uncertainty. He couldn't help but feel a sense of warmth and a fortified sense of familial belonging within the militia ranks, and the haunt was the only place he truly believed kindness and civility thrived, even in the face of danger. 


As Aceobal walked the bustling streets of Satoria he could hear the distant calls of monkeys echoing in the surrounding jungles. However they were soon drowned out by the cacophony of voices at the nearby open market. Merchants shouted their wares, customers haggled and bargained, creating a symphony of noise that filled the air.The clinking of coins, the rustling of fabric, and the occasional burst of laughter added to the vibrant atmosphere. 

Drawing closer to the monkey God, automat tantalizing scents of sizzling street food made his stomach growl as he passed by, pushing his hunger aside momentarily, to be present in the moment & indulge in the music of his environment treasuring it and adoring it even with all of its faults.

 In truth Satoria wasn't where he had been born; he did feel immense pride in the town and all the more pride in the bravura militia that defended it. Walking into MG's with a rumbling stomach,He Aceobal approached the counter, where a row of gleaming food compartments awaited him. With a mix of hunger and excitement, he ordered his favorite meal: a Philly cheese steak, crispy onion rings, accompanied by a bowl of caramel drizzled Italian coffee cream. Lastly To complement this meal, he selected a chilled bottle of blue tiger sarsaparilla.

 As the aroma of delicious food filled his senses, making his mouth water, he made his way to the back of the automat cafeteria, where a large window provided a beautiful view of the Wraith River. From there, he could see river taxis, canoe merchants, and gambling boats traveling up and down the river. Just as Aceobal settled into his seat, he noticed a familiar face entering the automat. It was Ozella, his childhood friend and Tony's daughter. Ozella was a chubby plus-sized ecliptrix with Bubblegum pink skin, golden eyes, silver-painted nails, a curvaceous pear physique and gamine facial features.

At the time of the encounter,Ozella had just come home from classes over at Druid Tech, carrying two magic tomes under her arm and a Byzantium purple canvas bag on her back. DT was like a community college where magmellian magic was taught at an affordable cost, while magmells magic wasn't as advanced or powerful as magic found in the surface world but in many ways it was a more distinctive & Transferable to daily life with the categories including hermeticism, shamanism, Culinturgy, technomancy, chaos magic, enchantment, arcane manifestation, charm craft, evocation, invocation, necromancy, transmutation, transfiguration, scriptmancy, alchemy, primal magic, fairy magic,fertility magic, pixie magic, precognition, postcognition, artifism, animancy, beguilism, botany, abjuration, cryptomancy, druidism, perabulism, oneiromancy, dowser magic, knotmancy, geomancy, soul consumption, Null-magic, fauxmancy, cartomancy, diabolism, vitomancy, weavermancy, verminmancy, somatic medicine, arcane trad-medicine, tribal medicine, and flesh smiting. All taught at an affordable cost. She had always been passionate about magic and learning.

A bit tired Ozella would order herself a corned beef Reuben, star berry cheesecake, curly fries, and a root beer. After collecting her meal from the locker she scanned the cafeteria for a table, and unexpectedly her eyes landed on Aceobal sitting alone. With excitement & a cheerful smile, she approached and asked if she could join him.

" Don't see why not, always infinitely more cozy with you around Ozzy." Aceobal replied, his voice laden with joy.

As she sat down and began to eat, Ozella noticed that Aceobal seemed a bit down despite the warm greeting he'd just extended. Concerned, she asked him what was bothering him. Aceobal let out a small laugh and confessed that her father, Tony, had steamrolled him again in sparring. He admitted that he had no clue how to get his get back because old age didn't seem to slow or dull him at all.


Ozella's expression turned serious as she listened intently. She asked Aceobal if he ever thought all the training and work they put into the militia was really worth it. Aceobal's eyes lit up with passion as he responded, assuring her that it would all be worth it when the time came. He believed that the Sunflower Legion would return for a 2nd harvest campaign one day, and their country, Magmell, would go to war with the legion for their independence.

But Ozella looked Aceobal dead in the eyes and told him that she didn't believe the legion was ever going to come back. She felt that the sacred sun's Magmell's 9 militias were wasting their time, resources, coin, energy, and manpower preparing for some ultimate showdown that might never happen in their lifetimes.

Aceobal, caught off guard by her words, asked her to explain what she meant by that. Ozella took a moment to gather her thoughts before speaking.

Zopra {means papa in lumicor} ,despite being bravura head, has his own business, frequently invests into lucrative schemes, and spends most of his downtime playing squash or golf," Ozella explained. "To be honest, I feel like the militia is gonna be moving further and further away from his list of primary concerns the older he gets. I don't think other militia figureheads in Magmell are gonna be operating any differently either the longer they've gotta wait on this fantasy war. 

The best route would be for the nine and the sacred sun's to sign some type of unity pact and turn our focus and energies toward restoring and building up infrastructure, enriching the lives of our people, refining our societies, developing our technologies, advancing education system, evolving our magics, and improving magmellian medicine, and making local governments and economies more robust."

Ozella's voice was filled with positivity, passion, optimism, and excitement as she spoke about this alternative vision for Magmell. Aceobal couldn't help but be intrigued by her ideas.

"But what about what Tony always says? (marvelously impersonates Tony sounding like a middle aged lecturing father) " now don't cha realize Idleness and fancy ideals are the slowest economic sectors. They ain't gonna put food on your plate, clothes on your back, a roof over your head, or ammo in the Chamber " Aceobal reminded her.

Ozella laughed & smiled softly, her golden eyes sparkling. "My father and most of the militia figureheads minus Robin & Veda are from a different time, stuck in their ways. But maybe younger members and Magmell's youth in general can strive and push for some big changes in the next couple years, maybe we could start swapping ideas and taking baby steps toward a more sustainable dream for Magmell to rally behind. A dream that'll provide official independence without the need for war, widows, & bloodshed."

Curiosity getting the better of him, Aceobal asked Ozella if all this talk would turn into action when she inherited bravura from her father. In that moment Ozella made it clear that she had no desire to duel for the figurehead position, participate in any election seasons, or lead the militia. Instead, she believed her future lay in politics, where she could have the most impact & make the most change in Satoria and possibly even beyond.

With a mischievous glint in her eyes, Ozella teased Aceobal, asking if he would be enough of a prize by then to be her mistress by night and bodyguard by day? Aceobal couldn't help but chuckle, Aceobal chuckled, a devilish grin forming on his face. "Ozzy dear ,I've always been him, if you're feenin for me mamas just say that & I'll be your shield through sunshine and storms." His words flowed effortlessly, laced with a wholesome charm that left her captivated. 


Four years would pass since their lunch at MG's, and Ozella was now graduating from Druid Tech among the top right of her class. The ceremony was held within the school's grand blue Marble auditorium, filled with proud family, friends, and the entire bravura militia. Ozella's father, Tony, stood tall in a light Gray chalk stripe suit, beaming with pride. As Ozella received her foundation degree & maestro degree in arcane arts & science the members of the militia cheered and shouted with jubilation cracking open beers and applauding the bosses daughter. 

Stepping off stage in her velvet tyrian purple and golden sorcerer's robe, Ozella felt a surge of pride and accomplishment. The cheers and applause from the audience in attendance echoed in her ears as she made her way towards Aceobal, her heart bursting with joy. He stood there cheering his girlfriend on, clad in a red tied bandana beanie & Grey satin jacket bearing the red dragonfly emblem, waiting for her with a wide smile on his face.

Without wasting a moment, Ozella ran over to him, unable to contain her excitement.Throwing her arms around him, hugging him tightly, and showered him with kisses. "Dandy, I did it! I graduated!" she exclaimed, her voice filled with total elation.

Aceobal chuckled, his eyes sparkling with pride. "Congrats, Ozzy! Always knew you'd make it here," he said, his voice brimming with admiration. "Now then, you ready to take on the world of Satoria politics legislator Akeldama?"

Ozella's smile faltered slightly as she looked into Aceobal's eyes. "I am, but I can't help feeling anxious and kinda scared," she confessed. "Zorpa bought the title, opened the doors, & made sure I had the connections and opportunities I needed to start stuff off right, but in retrospect all of it might make me a target moving forward."

Aceobal gently cupped her face in his hands, his voice filled with reassurance. "understandable, I mean those concerns are valid. But listen to me sugar. Your future is golden, and even though there's fear and what if worries right now you just don't know how good you're gonna have it in the day's to come," he said, his words dripping with unwavering confidence.

As he spoke, Aceobal's C. L. I. alarm went off, reminding him that it was time for him to head off to work. He leaned in and kissed Ozella tenderly, congratulating her once more. "gotta go now darlin, but promise to meet you at the after party tonight," he vowed, leaving her blushing and longing for more.



After the ceremony, Ozella and her friends Pilot & Tezni made their way over to the bravura haunt to celebrate the day. Colorful streamers adorned the walls, and fairy lights twinkled overhead, casting a warm glow on the dancing crowd. The air was filled with laughter, music, and the clinking of glasses as party games were played and food was being prepared & served. At this time Ozella and her friends allowed themselves to fully revel in their accomplishments after years of devoted work, stressful training, and meticulous study. However, Ozella's eyes still searched the area periodically, hoping to catch a glimpse of her dandy.

Unbeknownst to her Aceobal had a special plan in mind. Dressed in Paris green coveralls bearing the logo of a double headed rat, he made his way to Pig Pens pawn. There a plump and jolly bearded goblin greeted him warmly from behind the counter.

"Here for that special bauble, Mr. Ace?" the man asked, his eyes twinkling with curiosity.

Aceobal nodded, his gaze fixed on the display of engagement rings. His heart raced as he relocated the object of his desire, a vibrant hexagonal cut orange emerald set within a leafy red oricalcum band priced at 3,700 lavender nickels.It was perfect.He knew it was a big stretch for his budget, but he saw it as an investment in his future.

Without hesitation he'd pay the $3,700 N's for the ring, clutching its shark bone box tightly in his hand as he hastily made his way to the party via cable car. When he arrived, he found Ozella champagne glass in hand in the midst of her friends, her laughter filling the room. He couldn't help but smile, feeling that the time had come to ask arguably the most important question of any man's life.

Aceobal approached Ozella, his heart pounding like a drum in his chest. Wide eyed and completely silent he melted to one knee opening the box, the ring held out before him. The room fell silent as all eyes turned to them.

"Ozzy," he began, his voice filled with love and determination, "I'm not the strongest man in this room, the most capable, and I'm for damn sure not the richest, but I promise you this: I'll work my fingers to the bone to protect, provision, and make you the happiest woman in all of Magmell. Venust Will you be mine?" { Venust translates to "my beauty, my heart" in lumicor } 

Tears welled up in Ozella's eyes as she looked down at Aceobal, her heart overflowing with love. nodding as she desperately attempted to stop the cascade of tears, couldn't find her voice, and instead threw her arms around him in a tight embrace. The room erupted in cheers and applause as they shared a passionate kiss, sealing their commitment.


As the morning sun gently peeked through the curtains, he found Ozella standing by his bedside, a tray in her hands adorned with a steaming bowl of oyster stew.

The aroma of the stew wafted through the air, filling the room with a tantalizing scent of the sea. The briny essence of the oysters mingled with the rich, creamy broth, creating a symphony of flavors that danced upon Aceobal's senses. With each spoonful, he savored the delicate balance of the ocean's bounty and the warmth of the stew.

To accompany the stew, Ozella had prepared imported pistachio toast. The bread was toasted to perfection, releasing a nutty fragrance that blended harmoniously with the oyster stew. The crunch of the toast gave way to a buttery smoothness, and the subtle sweetness of the pistachios added a delightful contrast to the savory flavors.

Ozella had also infused warm Kumis milk with figs and blue pixie honey. As Aceobal took a sip, the unique taste profile of the honey awakened his taste buds. It was sweet, with a hint of spiciness that tickled his tongue. The figs added a luscious sweetness, while the blue pixie honey energized him, making him feel invigorated and ready for the day ahead.

As they enjoyed their breakfast, Ozella lit gold-colored Aurelia timber scented candles, filling the room with a soothing and serene ambiance. The soft glow of the candles danced upon their faces, casting a warm and comforting light. In the background, Ozella's C.L.I. played Orion Sun's "Don't leave me", creating a tranquil atmosphere that enveloped them in a cocoon of peace and contentment. In the blink of an eye, two years had passed since Aceobal had proposed. Time had a funny way of slipping through their fingers, leaving behind a trail of change and uncertainty. 

Before they even realized it They had grown older, now in their mid-20s, and life had taken them down more than a few unexpected roads.Aceobal had finally become bravura minted, The long hours of training and discipline seeming to pay off. With their combined income they were able to build a home of their own in Satoria's affluent Camril hills, & Ozella had been tirelessly working on the first draft of the unity pact she had long envisioned.

But life is a sitcom and always finds ways of balancing joy with tragedy. Tony, Ozella's father, had vanished without a trace during a topside raid. Details were scarce, and no one in his party knew exactly what had happened to him. The attempts to search and investigate his disappearance had all ended in failure, leaving them with nothing but unanswered questions.The absence of Tony left a void in both their lives, and the aftermath of his disappearance was filled with feuds and heated disputes. Every member of Bravura wanted a piece of his legacy, and the inheritance of figurehead became a heated source of contention, the once tight-knit group was now on the verge of ripping apart due to unchained ambition & the siren song of opportunity.

For Ozella, the loss of Tony took a toll on her spirit. Over the span of eight long months, she experienced the depths of depression, her mood swinging like a pendulum. Intense waves of grief crashing over her, leaving her suffocating. There were days when she couldn't find the strength to focus,the unfurling developments and spontaneous challenges of daily living became overwhelming. And the energy and mental bandwidth required to navigate through the chaos just wasn't there.


In the midst of this dense fog, Ozella clung to the memories of her father, playing back the highlights she had with him over and over in her mind. She knew that things would never be the same without him, but she also understood that she had to find a way to move forward, if for no other reason than to honor his memory & carry on his legacy. The healing process would take time, & grief was a journey with no set destination & Ozella, wanting a reprieve from all the stress and mourning, pushed forward with her and Aceobal's wedding plans, which had been on hold for a year and a half. 

Endeavoring to help his fiancé through the mourning process and to take his mind off his own , Aceobal ran them a lavender and rosemary bath. As The steam rose from the water, carrying the fragrant notes of the herbs, creating a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, they soaked in the warm embrace of the water.

As their bodies relaxed and their minds eased the two indulged in each other's energy taking advantage of a rare moment of peace amidst the turmoil that had consumed their days.Acrobat gently breaking the silence, his voice filled with concern. "Ozzy, you sure about moving forward with the wedding? I know none of this has been easy & I know how much you're still hurting.

 If you need more time, we can postpone a little bit longer." Ozella turned to face Aceobal, her eyes filled with a mixture of sadness and determination. "Ace, I appreciate the concern really, but the show must go on. Life isn't gonna stop and wait on us for much longer. Besides, we've waited long enough, don't you think?"

Aceobal's heart swelled with love for Ozella. Her strength and resilience never failed to amaze him. He leaned in and gently kissed her forehead, his voice filled with a newfound hope. "Alright, Ozzy. Let's do the damn thing." With the water embracing them, they held each other tightly, finding solace in each other's presence. The loss of Ozella's father had been devastating, but they knew that life was too short to let grief consume everything worth experiencing. In their own ways they had always been fighters, and despite all of the adversities they refused to let anything stand in the way of the happiness they felt they'd earned.

In the days that followed, Aceobal and Ozella threw themselves headfirst into wedding preparations.They poured over every detail from the bubble exit to the wyrm plum cheesecake, ensuring that their day would be as near to perfect as they could get it. Losing themselves in the preparation The drama of their lives seemed to fade into the background as they hyper focused on creating a day that would mark a fresh start for them.

Close Friends, family, & neighbors rallied around them, offering support and assistance as they navigated the bittersweet journey of planning the wedding without Ozella's father by their side. The Eldoria woodlands ancient & the last remaining refuge magmells endangered fairies was an enchanting locale where tropical wildflowers bloomed in vibrant colors, painting the landscape with luscious beauty. As the sun began to set Aceobal and Ozella's wedding began in earnest, with the setting sun casting a warm golden glow over the forest, a gentle breeze rustled through the leaves, carrying with it the melodic sound of fairy serenades.

 As Ozella walked down the aisle, her heart swelled with a mix of joy and sorrow. She knew her father was watching over her, his spirit guiding her every step. Her scarlet muslin gown was the masterwork of a king class goblin tailor, gracefully flowing with intricate lace patterns and delicate embroidery. It complimented her figure, with a sweetheart neckline and off-the-shoulder sleeves that added a touch of elegance. The flowing skirt trailed behind her as she walked, creating a mesmerizing effect. Her head was adorned with a crown of Franklinia wildflowers, creating a whimsical and ethereal look.


Aceobal stood at the altar in a dashing eight buttoned bright red double-breasted 2-piece suit. with notched lapels that added a touch of sophistication. He wore a stylish gray batwing bow tie and a matching monarch folded pocket square, providing a subtle contrast to the vibrant red. His attire was completed with a pair of gray dress boots, polished to a mirror-like shine, exuding charm and elegance.

 Aceobal's eyes were glued on Ozella, As the guests, seated in a semi-circle around them, eagerly awaited the reception's crescendo. Once Ozella and Aceobal were united at the altar, Medicine woman stepped forward. dressed in a flowing yellow gown adorned with tropical flowers, radiated a warm and wise presence.

Calarose began, her voice carrying a hint of magic: "Mi beloveds, today we gather on dis sacred land, where majesty and magic intertwine. Mi am honored to unite ya in dis evergreen covenant.Ozella, do ya take Aceobal as ya lawfully wedded, to cherish and love, in fairytale and reality, in dis life & de next?"

Ozella, her voice full of passion, replied with a smile: "always."

Calarose then turned to Aceobal: "Aceobal, do ya take Ozella Akeldama as ya lawfully wedded, to gaurd and treasure, in joy and in sorrow, in dis life & de next?"

Aceobal, his voice filled with sincerity, responded with a heartfelt affirmation: "always." 

At that moment calarose gave the signal for a special magmell wedding tradition to take place - the ring warming. The wedding rings, symbolizing the eternal bond between Ozella and Aceobal, were passed around among the guests. Each attendee held the rings, putting their good thoughts, wishes, and positive energy into them before passing them along. The rings made their way through the semi-circle of guests, collecting the love and blessings of those present, before finally returning to the hands of Ozella and Aceobal.

With a smile Calarose continued: "In de name of Somniastra, by de power of dis ancient fringe, I now pronounce ya husband and wife. Ya may cement dis union! " 

As the golden sun dipped below the horizon, Aceobal and Ozella stood together, their eyes lingered on one another locked in a spellbound gaze, their hearts beating in perfect rhythm. Slowly, Aceobal's hand tenderly cupped Ozella's cheek, his touch sending shivers down her spine. In that moment, time stood still. With a gentle yet passionate pull, their lips met in a kiss that ignited fire & delight within them. Their bodies melted into each other, as the world around them faded away. 

With the ultimate oath sealed, they'd face whatever hardships and adventures life had in store for them. surrounded by the harmonious melodies of fairy tunes, their new chapter began in the embrace of nature's enchantment. 

To Be Continued…. 

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