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Oh how I hate you... You who stands in everlasting judgement. You who peers into my soul and reveals every weakness, every doubt, every failure, every sin.

What is it in your gaze that speaks volumes? Is it unapologetic truth or pure condemnation? I don’t know. You are my tormentor.

You are part of my life from the moment I wake until I sleep. I can not escape you. No matter how hard I try I can not walk past you and not feel the weight of you looking at me, looking into me.

In the past when we met each other’s glance there was life in our eyes. Time has not been so kind. It has changed and diminished not just outward but inward.

You show me the true nature of who I am. You bring to the surface the worst I hide within. I can not lie to you. You would see through the lie.

Judge. Jury. Executioner.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who do I despise most of all. You! You who is me and not me.

Imitation. Doppelganger. Reflection.

Our eyes meet. Mocking me.

Empty. Soulless. Refraction.

I glimpse through the windows of my mind. What I see terrifies me.

It burns like fire.

I break down in tears.




Bio:  I grew up in Boca Raton, Florida USA.  I was always the quiet kid with more imagination than friends.   A good book or science magazine was all I needed.  While in high school we had to contest in English class and each student was given a random photograph and told to spend the hour writing a short story.   Mine made an impression on the teacher, not a good one, as she had me redo the assignment with a different picture to rule out plagiarism.   I passed her test.  After graduating, I attended University of Florida and studied Journalism.   Even though I did not end up in my preferred career I have worked in management positions in several different industries.   Currently I am a property manager for a large corporation.   I can play the piano and write music.  I am happily married living on the coast.  I am exploring writing once again for the first time in years and enjoying the process.




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