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In the time of King Matthias in one comitat in the village lived a brother and sister. Brother was rich, he sold bulls to Vienna, for the Emperor. Because the Emperor loved delicious perkelt (roast meat and vegetables with paprika). A poor sister lived near. She was poor, and lived without her husband. Without a husband, she was, because she was smart. Neighbors said, “a bad brother. He is rich, but his sister is poor.” Then the brother gave his sister the worst cow in the herd. He thought the cow would die. But the clever sister raised a cow. The cow grew, grew and gave birth to a beautiful calf. The brother wanted to take the calf, he said,“I gave you a cow, and not a bull.” Sister disagreed. The neighbors said that “her brother is a bad person.”

Brother went to the judge. The judge was very fond of veal percolate. He thought for a year what to do, and the calf grew into a beautiful, big bull. Because the rich brother did not want to share it with the judge, he involved the king. But then came King Matthias. He told everyone that he was going to see how his people live, but in fact, prepare to fight the Czechs or the Poles or the Germans. King Matiash was very fond of veal percelts. He saw a handsome bull and asked, “whose is that bull? I'll buy it.” The judge was frightened and said, “I do not know.” The judge pointed to the brother and sister. Brother and sister again bitterly argued over whose bull. The king ordered to stop and asked for a riddle.

What is the fastest in the world, who are richer than anyone in the world, What is most desired in the world?” The rich brother said that “his horse is the fastest in the world, the richest of all is King Mathias, and the most cherished are the money-gold florins of the Emperor of Austria.” Smart girl answered, “The fastest in life is a human thought, so I think about Buda, next about Vysehrad, and in an instant from Buda to Vysehrad. The riches of the world are the land. Gives us water and food and does not get poor. The most desirable thing in the world is the sun, it illuminates the world and heats the land and all people.” King Mathias loved smart people because he was smart himself. He rewarded the smart girl the bull and got a free delicious perkelt. The girl is appointed to gather taxes in the province. She quickly discovered that her rich brother did not pay taxes to King Matthias. After that, the rich brother became poor.

Conclusion: never offend a smart woman.

Good day! My name is Lev. I have been writing stories for around 10 years.By chance, I found out that I have the opportunity to publish stories in your journal and I would like to try. I have written many stories on various topics. Both large and small. I am attaching one of such story for you.


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