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Her first tear was a pleasure. Now, her eyes red and puffy, he felt somewhat disgusted but still satisfied with what he had done. Her sobbing was pleasing, but when she would open her mouth…He just wanted to punch her, stifle her or whatever it would take to shut her up. 

It is not up to her to tell him what he is, what he can and cannot do. She’s not his mother, despite the long hair and the same wrinkled nose when she smiles. Her role is to be a thing to use, to be a pleaser, to wait, to accept, to do the chores and stay silent. He chose her just for this, he could have settled with someone better-looking, better-off and better-rounded. He did her the honor by giving her a part of what he had. Wasn’t it enough? She’d never have it all without him. She has been taking his money, living under his roof, enjoying his status.

Who was she when he first set his eyes on her? Nothing but a girl of no promise. He dragged her out of her pathetic environment. What else could she want, an ungrateful thing? A woman must enrich a man’s life, serve a nice accessory, multiply everything she’s given. I gave her enough, I just want my gain. She never did what she was supposed to. I hate her squeaky crying voice. I swear, if she’s not going to drop it… I’ve been patient with her for long enough. These women… No god could have created them, but a spiteful demon.

I was trying to stay calm but she just wouldn’t stop! This noise… It makes my head hurt, just as unbearable as the ringing ears I used to suffer from in childhood. I’m fed up, I need to stop it. Now!

A vase flies over the room, losing on its way the water and the narcissi it kept. It lands with a shattering noise and a shriek.

How stupid of her to like these unprepossessing flowers! She has never had a sophisticated taste. I would always get her bloody lavish red roses… What now, did she fall? Serves her right for being such a nuisance! At last she went silent! Finally I can gather my thoughts.

But first I need a smoke. Should I go out for this? She’s always nagging me for smoking inside. And I’m always being my best, she could be more appreciative of that! But this time I’m too tired to play by her rules.

A puff.  A relief. I needed this so badly. Should I check on her? She’s not moving. What if I drop some ashes on her hand? Will a sting bring her to her senses? No, no reaction. A useless log she has always been. I’ve spent so much time on her, and yet, after all this time, she hasn’t even managed to learn the simple rules! 

She should have known better than asking wrong questions, my business is none of hers, she should have stayed out of my head. She made me do this! Now, if that sting hasn’t worked, what about a kick? Still no. Alright, I’ll leave her to it, I still have more important matters to attend to rather than lying around. 

The door shuts. One of the narcissi is soaking red.


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