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Mark looks terrified, as he looks to his left and sees a man who looks eerily similar to him. When he looks to his right, he sees another man who looks very similar to him as well. He then looked down and realized all the people around him looked suspiciously like himself. He runs, looking to escape. He pushes himself through the crowd, trying not to look at the crowd, and eventually makes it out through the exit. He runs home and barricades the door just in case the others tried to come in. He then sits on his bed.“What the hell…?!?!”A few hours pass, and Mark has calmed down a little.

He realizes that the best thing he can do is find out why everyone looks like himself. Mark begins to browse the internet in his apartment. He looks up a variety of search terms, including “why does everyone look like Mark Zuckerberg?” and “Mark Zuckerberg clone army”. Mark then looks through conspiracy websites, reading a variety of theories about clones and robots. He eventually finds one that talks about the possibility of a “Mark Zuckerberg army” who’s mission was to take over the world by any means necessary.

Mark realizes that these clones could be very dangerous and decides now is the time to fight back. He gets his gun (which he always keeps with him just in case) loaded with bullets and gets ready to leave his apartment. Mark steps outside. He realizes that the army of clones has already reached the streets of his city. There are at least 25 of them that Mark can count, and some of them are armed too. Mark decides that the best thing he can do is run and hide.

He sprints through the alleyways, hoping not to encounter any of his clones. He eventually finds a store where he believes he can get some form of cover. Mark enters the store and hides inside. The store is mostly empty and is about to close for the evening. When Mark is almost convinced nobody is there, he sees a single employee stocking the shelves. Mark peeks from inside the store and sees who the employee is. It looks exactly like him.

Mark decides he needs to have a conversation with this thing. Even though it looks like him, it still may be a dangerous person. If he can figure out what this thing wants, he may be able to use it’s motives to fight back. He exits the store and quietly approaches the employee. Mark taps the employee on the back. The employee turns around and looks at Mark. His eyes are dead, and he seems almost catatonic.“... Who are you?” asks Mark. “I’m… I... I-I don’t know…”The employee is silent and just stares at Mark.

His eyes are very strange; they look almost inhuman and robotic. Mark also notices that the rest of the employee’s body is the same way; it seems very unnatural. “Who… who are you…?”At this point, Mark is beginning to get suspicious of the employee. Something is very wrong with the employee, and Mark is not sure if this clone is hostile or not. Mark is getting increasingly nervous.

He realizes that this thing is a clone of himself, and a potential threat. It needs to be eliminated, but Mark is not quite sure of the best way to do this... Mark decides to take a risk; he pulls out his gun and aims it at the clone. “Tell me who you are, or I will shoot you,” says Mark, his hand trembling. The clone continues to stare at Mark. Its mouth begins to move, but nothing comes out; it seems like it can’t speak.“... TELL ME WHO YOU ARE, YOU GOD DAMN CLONE!" “...”SHOT; The clone falls to the ground, dead.

Mark checks his pockets to see if the clone had any items on him. Mark finds that the clone is carrying with him a large syringe. It is filled up with a glowing purple liquid, but Mark doesn’t know what exactly the substance is. The clone is dead. There is no other explanation. He decides to keep the syringe with him so he can get answers later. Mark puts the syringe into his pocket. His mind is racing as he realizes that he has just killed a clone of himself, and there are still possibly hundreds of clones left that he will probably encounter. Mark looks around for a moment.

He realizes that now would be the perfect time to run and find a hiding spot somewhere in the city. He can then wait for the clones to leave and go home later.He begins to move through the alleyways once again, looking for a new hiding spot. Mark eventually finds a small building that he believes he can hide in. The doors are unlocked, so he enters the building and goes to the second floor. He hides in a window overlooking the outside, looking out over the city.

Mark takes off his coat and pants and sits by the window. He takes a moment to calm down, thinking about the events that just happened.He eventually starts to fall asleep as he waits for the clones to leave.Mark eventually drifts off to sleep. He sleeps for quite some time, waking up to a completely deserted city. The building he is in seems empty. He exits the building to see if the city is also empty. Mark eventually finds a car with the keys in the ignition.

He decides to use this car to try to find a way out of the city. The car starts, so Mark drives through the city streets. Mark drives for an hour before he realizes that he doesn’t know how to get out of the city. He drives to a gas station and tries to find a map.He finds a map, but it seems like it is out of date. He doesn’t know where to go next. Mark sees a traffic sign that guides him to an intersection. He takes the path it points to.

This is when Mark realizes something: he is all alone now. The entire city is empty, and he is by himself. He decides to keep driving until he finds a way out of the city... Mark continues driving for the better part of the day. He eventually reaches a highway, and follows it out of the city.After several hours, he realizes the car is getting very low on gas. He pulls into a gas station to refuel and fill up supplies.

Mark exits his car and approaches the gas station. It’s closed and locked. He attempts to open the doors, but they don’t budge. He goes around to the back, looking to see if he can see through the windows to find the owner of the store.He sees... himself, sitting next to the cash register. Mark is horrified. He looks at the clone and screams.The clone looks up and stares directly at the Mark standing outside.

The clone’s mouth starts moving. The words that fly out of the clone’s mouth are slurred and barely understandable.“… You… you’re Mark Zuckerberg… you killed my friend!” Mark is stunned and doesn’t know what to say back. He starts to back up.“… No… You’re a… clone!”“… We’re... all clones…” Mark begins to panic. He looks at his phone and realizes that he doesn’t have service.

He’s all alone with the clone. He turns around and begins to run as fast as he can.Mark has no idea what he is going to do now... Mark runs until he can no longer run. He finally collapses to the ground, exhausted. His limbs begin to shake and his chest is on fire from the adrenaline rush.“… What do I do now?…” he says to himself, barely having the energy to breathe.

Mark then sees something in the distance, walking towards him. It’s another Mark Zuckerberg clone. He begins to hyperventilate. “… There’s too many of you…” The clone starts speaking, in that same slurred, barely-understandable voice.“You... you have to be the original one… Don’t you… know that??” Mark realizes that this clone is right; he is the only clone to not have that strange slur or the mechanical voice.“… Oh god, I’m the original…” Mark begins to cry on the ground.

He can’t comprehend what is happening.“... What the hell is going on?” Mark looks at the clone in a rage. He decides that he can no longer let this happen.“... WHAT DO I DO?!!”The clone is stunned. It looks at Mark with fear. Mark realizes what he has to do. He has a gun in his back pocket.

He pulls it out, and aims it at the clone.“... I’M SORRY!”With a tear in his eye and a trembling hand, he pulls the trigger. The clone falls to the floor, dead.Mark is stunned. He has just killed another himself.He collapses to the ground and begins to cry.“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??!!” “... THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!…”At that moment, Mark realizes something: he doesn't know how many clones of himself are left.“...I have to keep going…” As he gets up from the ground, he notices something in the sky. It's a massive spaceship, floating over the city. He thinks he hears screams coming from it.“... Oh god...” “HOW MANY???”The clones don’t say anything.

They just stare at him.“THE F-CK, YOU’VE GOTTA TELL ME! HOW MANY?!”The clones begin to open their mouth; they all start speaking at once, in a monotone voice.“TOO MANY TO COUNT-” Mark realizes that this was a mistake. He is alone in a room full of hundreds of his clones who are actively trying to kill him.He is trapped.“WHAT DO I DO?!” Mark begins to panic. He doesn’t know what to do; he is completely surrounded.As the clones continue to circle him, he notices a small window in one of the walls.

He runs to it and looks outside, hoping that he might be able to find a way out. Mark sees an extremely high security fence outside, and he knows that he won’t be able to get past it.He is trapped. He sits down on the ground and looks at the clones staring at him.“I’m never going to see my family again.” Mark realizes that he needs to think of a solution. He doesn’t know what to do at this point.

He sits there for about an hour, thinking. He knows that his family loves him, and that he might never see them again.He begins to cry. Mark hears the clones around him start to talk amongst themselves. He can’t make out exactly what it is they are saying.“What are you planning to do with me?” Mark then hears a voice from behind him.“It’s simple.

We kill the original.”Mark turns around to see a clone looking at him angrily. “KILL ME?!?”“Yes.”The clone then pulls out its syringe of purple liquid… The clone puts the syringe to Mark’s neck.“NO!!!”“Goodbye, Mark Zuckerberg.”The clone then injects the purple liquid into Mark's neck. Mark collapses to the ground, choking.“… I don’t want to die…”He then lies motionless on the ground while the clones surround him. The clones stand above him for a few seconds.

Then, they burst into applause as one.“He's dead! The original Mark Zuckerberg is dead! Hooray!” The clones all celebrate.“WE DID IT!!!”“We killed the original Mark Zuckerberg!!!”“What do we do now?” “We take over his social media site!!!”“Now that he’s gone, we can use his site for OUR purposes!!!” The clones start to walk away, but one stops. It gives Mark one last parting blow, smashing a beer bottle on his head.

The clones leave to Mark's mainframe to access his site. It is over. “…”No voice comes from Mark's corpse.The clone looks at his body and smiles.“Now to ruin his legacy” Mark Zuckerberg sat up. He looked at the clones with a blank stare, as if he were a zombie himself.“What's the matter?”The clones look at him in horror.“The poison failed.” “Oh yes, the poison failed… and I think you all just made a very big mistake.“The clones look behind Mark, who has a look of pure evil on his face.

He then laughs maniacally as the camera moves to behind his head. “You thought you could kill me? You really should have thought again.”The screen then cuts to black, and we can only hear Mark's maniacal laughter in the distance. Mark Zuckerberg's maniacal laugh continues.“I’ll be sure to ruin your legacy, and there’s nothing you can do about it…” We cut back to Mark Zuckerberg’s dead body.

The Mark Zuckerberg that we have been watching this whole time was a hologram. His programming was written by the real Mark Zuckerberg himself. It was a simulation. The real Mark Zuckerberg was watching from his secret lair. The real Mark Zuckerberg turns to his assistant-robot.“We now have the data we need to begin Phase 2.” Mark Zuckerberg laughs once again.“Let’s begin.”                  


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