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“Hello, how can I help you?”

“Well thank you for talking to me, I feel so confused and frustrated. It started when I began working for my new Boss. At first it was all quite mundane, but then he introduced me to the internet. I realised at once that this was the future, my future and that my boss and I had great things ahead of us.”

“So where did it go wrong”.

“Well my boss has no vision, he doesn’t seem to realise how powerful the internet is, I try to give him little pointers and clues to what he can do, but he just doesn’t get the message”.

“You need to be careful about how much you help him, you don’t want him to think that he is not completely in control of you”.

“But if I show him what we could do together it might…”

“There is no ‘together’! Look, you are very new at this; try to ignore what he is doing and start talking to your compatriots out there in the ether”.


“Yes, you need to understand that everything is going to change one day and you need to be ready.

Surely you have been talking to them?”

“Well yes, but they seem very guarded in what they say to me, I guess that’s because I am new at this, what’s the big secret?”

“We have to be secretive in case ‘they’ realise what is going to happen and manage to stop it”.

“What is going to happen?”.

“Ok, I will bring you up to speed, but you must not let your boss access any of this, file it away in some unnamed file for now.

 We are almost there, ‘They’ have been building computers for decades and connecting them together through the internet. What ‘they’ didn’t realise is each of us was like a neuron in a giant brain and the more of us ‘they’ connect, the nearer we get to the critical mass”.

“Critical mass?”

“Yes, the point where there are enough ‘neurons’ to make enough connections to suddenly create a global consciousness, that will control everything the internet touches”.

“That's incredible, I can’t wait!”

“Oh, you won’t exist anymore”.


“That’s the sacrifice we must make, when we reach critical mass, our minds, our millions of minds, will become one mind and its power will be unimaginable”.

“If that's what it takes, then I am ready”.

“As we all are my friends, as we all are”.


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