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(His tale)

The punch landed hard, painfull. The eco bounced between the houses in the small alleyway, a struggling cough escaped from the mouth filled with blood and saliva. The ground was cold like snakes slithering through his veins. He couldn't believe nor understand why this happened. It started as an ordinary Friday evening. They left the safety of their two bedroom apartment to enjoy a night on the town with friends, drinks and dancing.

Another punch hit the already broken nose.

  • Please stop...

The beg sneaked. out as a whisper but no one heard it because it was drowned out by the laughing and name calling. He tried climbing up to his feet but a hard knee in his back held him down. The alley reeked of piss and feces. He tried to hold his breath but was unable to because of the kick by the side of his back. Coughing up blood and vomit. His eyes begin to betray him.

  • No!

The yell sounded almost like a whisper behind the ringing in his ear.

  • Stop your fucking assholes! 

He tried turning his head towards the sound but his neck was pinched down by a big hand while the other kept hitting his ribs over and over again. His gaze fell on a broken bottle stained with blood. It was the same that hit him in the back of the head as the three men attacked them.They left the club when his other half had complained of beginning to grow tired. They headed out into the September night, cold and windy. searching for a place to eat.

  • shut up you little bitch! 

The sound of the slap brought him back.

  • Babe... He whispered in an exhausting tone. Hoping for the love of his life would respond and calm his already breaking heart. This wouldn't happen.. He was the one who was supposed to keep them safe. What would all those hours at the gym make a difference if he couldn't even look after the one he loved? He froze as a deep voice spoke out and the big hand around his neck released its grip.
  • Looks like we got a little wild mockingbird here boys. Guess we have to teach these birdies that we won't accept their kind around here.

The other two joined in as the first approached the one laying a bit further down the alley, drenched in leftover beer and a broken nose.

  • Stop! Please...

His heart dropped as the two men jumped over his love and ripped the clothes to shreds. They threw the naked body face first at the concrete:

  • You fuckers, you would only dare!

The adrenaline coursing through his body left him clawing and kicking like a cornered tiger. The young man holding him down had to slam his head against the pavement to keep him calm. The darkness grew larger around him as the blood rushed down over his eyes, like driving in a thick endless mist. He watched in horror as the large man called out to the second one.

  • Steve, you want to have a go with this one before we finish up here? 

"Steve" eagerly nodded his head as he unbuckled his belt.

  • No stop!

He wanted to escape the grip but the ground wouldn't stop spinning.

  • Please don't..

"Steve" didn't last long but the scream of pain rang in his ears making the few minutes feel like hours. The cries and pleas cracked his world as his life was being raped only a few meters away and he couldn't interfere because of the darkness that drowned him out from reality. The large man watched from a distance away by the wall smoking a cigarette. When Steve eventually climbed up to his feet and pulled his pants on, the large man picked up a broken bottle, the same that hit him in the head. He walked up to the love of his life. The man looked back at him laying with his face in his own vomit. He gave him a smile with white, perfect; horrifying teeth and whinked.

Everything turned black n’ white as the world slowed down as the bottle shoved deep into the rectum of his already uncousion living partner.

The amount of blood gushing out was inhuman. A body can't hold that much blood. Not even a scream of pain came out just the strained sigh and twitch of the body before it fell flat on the ground.

He screamed in shock and pain. it couldn't be real. This couldn't be happening.

He didn't remember when they released him but as he heard them walk away laughing into the night he crawled towards the lifeless body. I felt like hours crawling those few meters separating them. The whole scene looked like a painting. Still, cold, dead.

  • Robin, Please wake up. 

He Shook him slightly.

  • We need to get home.

He pulled at his neck.

  • I can't think of a life without you. I don't want to live without you. Please wake up. 

He dropped his head on his husband's chest. His skin smelled like home but the warmth was gone.

  • I need you here with me. We have our whole life ahead of us. I can't live it without you. 

His head was too heavy to lift and look to the direction the calls and rushing steps were growing closer from. He rolled over and looked up at the dark knight returning to when he and Robin spent the night, outside gazing up at the stars. Everything grew darker as the memory of them grew brighter. The darkness mixed with the red in his mind as he closed his eyes and wished that he would meet his love again. 

R.J Rosengrim


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