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When The Night Breathes Shallow


When the night breathes shallow upon weary bones,

and the promise of dawn weighs heavy in the

nighttime long seem the hours

when the heart is burdened and the soul

clings desperately to the hope of

a brighter day.


'Serenity to accept the things I cannot change'

echos against these walls built from cherished

memories - those where as a child I danced

upon my fathers feet, staring up into blue

eyes that shone bright as the midday sun;

where peace was found in his kiss upon my

cheek and the sound of 'I love you' as

he turned out my bedroom light and

ushered me to dream.


'Wisdom to know the difference'

rains upon a life spent searching for acceptance

that never came - where as a youth I walked the

dark and lonely corridors of a place where

as an adult I have still yet to find; where

what began years ago as the anticipation of

a road less traveled ended with only tattered

shoes from the tiresome journey.


Though the path has been arduous, and there

have been more nights spent in sorrow than

days spent in sunlight, my spirit continues

to cling to the tranquility promised at the

end of my flight - when my wings will find

rest on the horizon, and I will again

breathe deeply.


For now I find grace in the whispers of a

new sunrise and calmness is found in my

hand upon my childs heart - in the

comfort of each beat as he drifts

to sleep, and in the reassurance

of another day - of second

chances and new beginnings.


My refuge is built on the hope of things

to come - those things I reach for that

are felt just beyond my grasp; those

wished for earnestly but which remain

unseen, and yet I feel them such as

the wind that brushes against my

skin and the arms that cradle me

during the longest of nights...


especially in those hours where it's darkest before

the dawn - when my eyes are weary but can't

sleep and where the darkness finds respite

in my tears.


Yet peace still rests in the promise of  tomorrow

...even when the night breathes shallow.


Stephanie Sullivan


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